Idioms for “wow” in British English

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These phrases come from the British Bingo game

Saying “wow” (or “I won”)

have 100,000 percent of energy • going 100 miles-an-hour • 100 percent ding-dang sure • I gave 100% • 100%+ • my 11 minutes of vainglory • 11 out of 10 • 120 percent • 12th woman • everyone will have 15 minutes of fame • it's going to be like the 1920's: moonshine and sparkly dresses • a 2.0 version of msself • 2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate? • it's a 21-gun salute • 3, 2, 1 we have ignition • a 9 out of 10 day • I don't [ussyfoot around • all A grade • A-lister • an A+ performance • an AAA pass • aargh • able to dig into my toolbox • I'll always be able to say I was there • an abomination • above board • abracadabra • absolute corker • absolute delight • an absolute dream world day • an absolute humdinger • I'm an absolute knob • absolute life-saver • absolute perfection • absolute star • an absolute stormer • an absolute whizz • absolute zingers • absolutely corking • absolutely ecstatic • absolutely eternal • absolutely fabulous • absolutely here for it • to absolutely no one's surprise • absolutely nothing and no one is going to stop me • absolutely slams • absurdly talented, supremely flawed • abuzz • aces high • if you want to achieve big things you have to focus on the small things • we can achieve greatness • acing every test • acquitted myself well • get across the line • gets in on the act • an act cf kindness • maybe it's an act of God • got my act together • all action • get in on the action • actions speak louder than words • what the actual hell • add 'jackpot • add to my portfolio • added that bit of zip, zip • adds a little je ne sais quoi • adds an extra level of special • adds much needed levity • adds some pizazz • adds to a hugely impressive CV • it all adds up • adorable • adrenaline and confidence surges through every fibre of my frame • adrenaline fuelled • advantage me • not afraid to stick my foot in • after all the boxes have been ticked, dream up some new ones • after years of surviving on meat and potatoes • against-all-odds • against the run of play • coming of age • age is just a number • age proved to be no barrier • set the agenda • one for the ages • all agog • ahead of the game • ahead of the pack • ahead on points • we aim to please • aiming to push the boundaries • an air of confidence • aircooled • one for the album • comes alive • alive and kicking • gave my all • I like to do it all and have it all • I want it all • It's All. Just. So. Meta! • all's fair • all's well • all's well that ends well • allays any fears • allow it • an alpha dog • already pencilled in • alright, Jack • altruistic • amazeballs • have the ambition of a Roman emperor • keeping my ambitions in check • amen to that • that makes amends • won't go amiss • there's no amount of money or fame that will change my mind • amped up to the max • our angel without wings • animal instinct • an animated figure • one for the annals • annihilator • announced myself on the world stage • an answer to my prayers • answering the call • anything but a shrinking violet • anything but ordinary • I don't take anything for granted • I'll try anything once • go ape • I make no apology for that • the apotheosis of Bazball • is to be applauded • the apple of my eye • I appreciate the sentiment • much appreciated • approaching my final destination • couldn't be more apt • no argument • an army of fans • I've been around the block a bit • arrested our slump • have arrived on the big stage at last • arriving with a hive's worth of buzz • art of the deal • artful dodger • ascended Mount Improbable • ascended the buzz staircase • in the ascendency • ascending another step of the ladder to sporting heaven • put aside my woes • who could ask for anything more? • asking the questions • assume control • assume the seat of power • there is no asterisk besides this glorious achievement • astonishing • astounded • ate, partied, bed • I'll atone for that now • attack, attack, attack • an all-out-attack-have-no-regrets-approach • with attitude to burn • keeps the audience on its toes • had the audience rolling in the aisles • not another autograph session • avada kedavra • like an avalanche • more than the average Joe • getting away with murder • awe inspiring • awesome, and then some • awesomesauce • awestruck • awoken a sleeping giant • babyface assassin • I'm back, although I never truly went away • back from the brink • back from the dead • back in business • back in my stride • back in the fast lane • back in the fold • back in the game • back in the hunt • back in the old routine • back in the race • back in the swing • back into the groove • getting back into the swing of things • a back of an envelope project • back of the net • back off the floor • back on a firm footing • got back on my feet • back on terra firma • back on the prowl • back on the rails • take a back seat, superhero • come back stronger than ever • brings back the smiles • back to back winner • back to my best • back to my imperious best • it all goes back to Robin Hood • back to the future • back where I belong • back with a bing • back with a vengeance • back with the big boys • backed to the hilt • a backhanded compliment • backslaps all round • not backward at coming forward • some will be doing backward somersaults • bad ass • there's no such thing as bad publicity • come through bad times • in the bag • a bag of tricks • bagsy it's me • finding that balance again • balances the books • a balancing act • having a ball • on the ball • did make it to the ball • have the ball in our court • balling my eyes out • balls of steel • ballsy enough • bananas • band of brothers • like a band on the run • and the band plays on • bandwagon rolling along • go out with a bang • more bang for your buck • bang goes the theory • bang on • bang on the money • bang on trend • bang the drum for it • bang tidy • banged to rights • banging • been banging on the door for some time • keep banging that drum • she bangs • banishes the demons • keeps the bank account topped up • you can bank on that • banzai • bare easy • a bare knuckle ride • a bare-kunckle street brawl • bare our teeth • barely broke sweat • barely credible • more than you bargained for • that's barking • a barnstormer • baseline • trying to bash that door down • a basket case • basking in success • bat away • like a bat out of hell • batted away • batting above my average • the battle axe • battle-hardened • battle of wills • a battler extraordinaire • our battling qualities are undimmed • kept at bay • well I'll be • a beacon of hope • a beamer • beaming like a Cheshire cat • bearing my fangs • bears fruit • we can beat everyone on our day • the beat goes on • beat old foes • beat that • you can't beat the original • beat you in your own backyard • like Beatlemania • beats the odds • beats to another drum • the beautiful game • you beauty • a thing of beauty • beauty in the beast • just because • becoming more comfortable in my own skin • put to bed any doubts • it gets us out of bed early • I don't get out of bed just to turn up. I'm here to win • bedding in • that's the bee's knees • made a beeline for it • beer today • bees are buzzing • all before teatime • not before time • before you can say 'Jack Robinson' • begin to stem the flow • beginner's luck • it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas • a come-from-behind victory • quite something to behold • not to belabour the obvious • have belief • I believe in affirmation and if you don't believe it you won't achieve it • I believe in it with every fibre of my being • I believe in miracles • I don't believe it • believe it or not • would you believe it? • I'm a believer • belle of the ball • bellicose • belligerent • bellissimo • all the bells and whistles • with bells on • the bells ring out • a bellwether • my belly is doing cartwheels • belly laugh • belt it out • a belter • sets a benchmark • bends it like Beckham • like Benjamin Button • doing what I do best • best bar none • on our best behaviour • all the best bits • best day ever • best days of my life • making the best fist of it • best foot forward • be the best I can be • sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones • best in show • best kept secret • I get the best lines • the best man wins • had the best night's sleep • the best of a bad situation • best of both worlds • best of British • best of class • the best of my generation • best of the best • best of the bunch • we're the best of the nation, the one per centres of our country • best of the rest • best on the planet • best one • my best shot • best thing since baked catfish • best thing since sliced bread • had the best time ever • be the best version of ourselves • being my best when my best is required • my best years are still to come • I'd bet my shirt on it • that's better • no better feeling • getting a better handle on it • getting the better of things • in a much better place • it doesn't get better than this • sometimes it's better to be lucky than good • it gets you between the ears • beyond compare • beyond excited • beyond happy • beyond my wildest dreams • going beyond techspectations • beyond the point of return • beyond the realm of everything I thought possible • beyond the stuff of dreams • bided my time • big and bigger • big bang • a big bash • a big brouhaha • a big cheese • it's a big deal • big dog • big finish • a big fish in the pond • big games are for big players • something big has landed • big hearted • big hitter • the big hoorah • make a big impact • made such a big jump • a big moment • big money deal • go big or go home • big party on the cards • a big realisation for me • taking a big scalp • big signal-booster • big-sky thinking • a big song and dance about it • a big step in the right direction • a big tick for me • we're going to need a bigger boat • that's bigger than big • bigger than God • things don't come much bigger than that • biggest 'doh' moment • the biggest name of all • the biggest of smiles • it's a biggie • biologists call it symbiosis • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? • bish bash bosh • would make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window • got the bit between my teeth • it is a bit nuts • bit of all right • bites back • bitten by the bug • I'm blagging it • blam • what a blast • a blast from the past • go out in a blaze of glory • blazing a trail • bless my soul • so blessed • blessed dream • a blessing in disguise • a blessing or a curse? • a blessing to me • blew away my rivals • blimey • blimey, O'Riley • blindingly obvious • I won't blink first • blistering • blistering barnacles • blitz through • blockbuster • blood, sweat and tears • a blood and guts performance • blood and thunder • bloody-minded • will bloody my kunckles • giving out a few bloody noses • coming into bloom • it just bloomed • bloomin' heck • bloomin' marvellous • blow by blow • blow me down • blow my own trumpet • I'm blown away • there she blows • blows away the doubters • blows it wide open • blows my mind • blows the doors off • out of the blue • blue chip • my blue-eyed boy • a blue riband event • blue sky thinking • blueprint for success • a blunt instrument • blushes are spared • on board • gets on the board • a boatload of fun for all of us • bob's your uncle • it bodes very well for us • bodes well for many years • an out-of-body experience • bog standard • bogeyman • there's no bogging me down • boing! boing! I bounced back • boisterous • bold and beautiful • bold as brass • bolsters the ranks • a bolt from the blue • a bona-fide new start • a bonanza • we have a bond that can never be broken • make no bones about it • bonkerooney • the boo boys stay silent • doing it by the book • one for the book • book-ends golden haul • book the hotel for next year's final • bookends all the good things • bookie's favourite • boom, got it • boom time is here again • Boom! Boom! • boomerang back • it is a boon • boosts belief • born ready • born to be wild • born to run • bosh • like a boss • bossed it • bossing it • gave it both barrels • no bother • bother • what a lot of bottle • you'd like to bottle these emotions • the bottom line • bottoms up • that puts the bounce back • bounce back • bounce back like a coiled spring • bouncing off the walls with joy • a boundless pleasure • in bouyant mood • a bow wave of momentum • bowled over • can't put me in a box • box clever • box of tricks • in a box seat • that boxes my socks • boy • a boy can dream • boy oh boy • Boy's Own stuff • boys are back in town • the boys done good • boys in the band • boys with their toys • I've bragging rights • brain-melting • brain of Britain • no-brainer • brava brava • only the brave • a brave new world • brave or stupid • braveheart • I took a bravery pill • the bravest of the brave • bravo • a bravura performance • breaches fortress • bread and butter • I want to break free • a break from tradition • break the stranglehold • break through walls and kick down doors • breaking new boundaries • breaking new ground • breaking news • breaking point • breaking ranks • breaking the boxes that we put ourselves in • breaking the glass ceiling • a breakout role • breaks resistance • breaks resolve • breaks the bank • breaks the ice • breaks the impasse • breaks the mould • breaks the spell • takes my breath away • a breath of fresh air • breathe a sigh of relief • breathed new life into it • breathing fire • breathing new life into it • gives me some breathing room • got some breathing space • breathless • breathtaking • it's a breeze • something brewing • brews up a quiet storm • a brief encounter with a true hero • all is bright • all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed • bright shining star • bright spark • that's a bright spot • bright spots amid the gloom • a bright start • one of the brighter lights on the stage • it was brill • brilliant • a brilliant tightrope walk across the wild side of life • brimful of derring-do • brimming with belief and fight • brimming with confidence • bring grist to the mill • bring home the trophy • bring joy to my heart • bring my experience to bear • bring on the big guns • bring to the boil • bring to the fore • a lot to bring to the table • brinkmanship • bristles with intent • Brit of grit • the British Messi • broad shoulders • a broadside • if it ain't broke, don't fix it • broke free from the shackles • broke my duck • broke the bridge • broke the deadlock • brushing aside • buccaneering • buckets of panache • bucks the trend • won't budge • is a building block • building bridges • we built this city • no bull • that takes the bull by the horns • bullish • bullseye • bundle of joy • buoyed by an abundance of riches • buoyed by that • my burgeoning reputation • buried it • we buried them • that buries the hatchet • going for the burn • burning the candle at both ends • burnished my reputation • burst clear • bursting at the seams • bursting with pride • bursts onto the scene • they came to bury me • this is the business • business as usual • gets the business done • we're at the business end • there's no business like show business • a busman's holiday • busting a gut • busy bee • puts butter on the bread • really on the button • buying time • the buzz is gathering at a rate of knots • by common consent, the finest performance • by eck • by fair means rather than foul • by George • by gum, chuck • by hook or by crook • by jove • by Jupiter • by the finest of margins • by the grace of God • by the seat of my pants • c'mon guys, it's just decent innit • like a caged tiger • a cagey affair • I'll have my cake and eat it • cakes all round • made the call • when they call action, it's like I've got some magical light inside me • calling a spade a spade • my calling card • calling time • the calm before the storm • calm heads • a cameo • in the can • I will because I can • canary in the coalmine • do the cancan • like taking candy from a baby • a canny move • the cap fits • cap that • caped crusader • capital • captain fantastic • a captain gives others the wheel • captain sensible • captured the imagaination • captured the imagination of the nation • caramba • isn't the only card up my sleeve • I don't care what anyone says • my career could skyrocket • career defining • brings my career full circle • careful, we byte • a carnival atmosphere • carried aloft • sometimes I get carried away • carried the fight • carried the greater threat • carrying the torch • carved open • on the case • case closed, put your feet up • case in point • it was just a case of when • cashing in • cast-iron credentials • now cast my own shadow • casts a spell • that put the cat among the pigeons • put the cat among the pigeons • cat who got the cream • that's the cat's whiskers • a catalyst • catapulted to fame • catch me if you can • what's the catch? • in a category of one • cathartic • caught dead to rights • caught everyone a little off guard • cause for optimism • caused havoc all night • causes a few palpitations • causing a racket • causing a stir • cautiously optimistic • cavalier from start to finish • cavalry is on its way • you can't put a ceiling on us • celebrate with a scone with clotted cream • our celebration definitely won't be a cup of tea and a biscuit • celestial • cement my place • cemented my reputation • the centre of attention • centre of the universe • the centrepiece statement • it's certainly all go • certainly lived up to expectations • certainly value for money • a chain reaction • chalked up another victory • a challenge to my oven-readiness • champagne moment • champion • take my chance • chance of a lifetime • took their chances • taking no chances • chancing my arm • I wouldn't change a thing • a change for the better • wouldn't change it for the world • change maker • change of gear • change of plan • a change of tack • we can change on a dime • I've changed my tune • changed people's lives forever • changes the narrative • changing of the guard • changing tack • channel David Beckham • they'll chant your name • well in charge • a charm offensive • charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul • we chase the shadows of the shadows • cheats death • keeping in check • a bit of cheer • cheers and tears • get the cheers in • cheers to that • more chemistry between us than Marie and Pierre Curie • cheque's in the post • takes the chequered flag • a cherry atop the cake • chief conductor • like child's play • chimes in • chin chin • a chink of light • a chip off the old block • it is about chipping away • chiselling the rough edges • I didn't choose bingo, it chose me • the chosen one • all I want for Christmas • like Christmas everyday • Christmas has come early • all my Christmases have come at once • chuckles abound • chuffed to bits • a cinch • claims the lion's share • don't clap, throw money • going like the clappers • class act • a class apart • in a class of my own • the class of the field • classic • classy • claws way back • clean as a whistle • clean bill of health • a clean break • a clean getaway • a clean sheet • a clean start • clean sweep • clean up • cleaned up my act • in the clear • all clear • clear and obvious • clear break • with a clear conscience • clear-cut • puts clear daylight between myself and my opponents • a clear-out • a clear vision • someone who clearly means what she says • clears the fog • clears the way • too clever by half • clever like that • clever Trevor • climbing my personal Mount Everest • clinched it • clinical • a close call • a close shave • too close to call • quite close to perfection • put the 'closed' sign up • closes the deal • closes the gap • this is the closest we'll get to what The Beatles experienced • closing the gap • a cloud burst • I'm on cloud nine • clouds parting • what the cluck? • like taking coals to Newcastle • the coast is clear • coasted to a win • cock-a-hoop • I'm a cock-eyed optimist • a cocktail of scars and celebrations • cocktails tonight • a cocoon and chrysalis moment • coining it • what a coinkydink • had the cojons to make big decisions • come in from the cold • collective elbow bump • colossal • a colossus of the game • colour me happy • colour me shocked • gives colour to the cheeks again • a comback worthy of Hollywood • combustible • so much more to come • comeback from oblivion • comeback kid • comeback kings • the comeback of all comebacks • cometh the hour, cometh the man • commanding victory • our commitment is never in doubt • the communion between players and fans is important • make compelling arguments • compelling show • no complacency from me • a complete 180 • a complete 360 • not a complete clown • a complete unknown • completed the demolition • completely done a U-turn • completes the set • composed • concerns were allayed • get the confetti • gives me confidence, more than any kind of swagger • a confidence boost • confidence trick • a conflation of the jazz and classical • conjured up one of my signature finishes • conquer demons • conquering hero • consider it done • consign defeat to history • the most consistent cog in the machine • a constant in an ever-changing world • consummate top order • in contention • no contest • I'll continue to do my talking on the pitch • continued to press my case • continued where I had left off • in control of our own destiny • controlled chaos • convincing • cook up another upset • cooking up a storm • now we're cooking with gas • if you have to try and be cool, you're not cool are you • it's cool Britannia • cool doesn't even begin to cover it • how cool is that? • cool running • cooler and wiser heads prevail • the coolest cat • cor blimey • core belief • the corinthian thing to do • like a cornered lion • cornered the market • no corners were cut • a cornerstone • doesn't cost the earth • count my blessings • can't be counted out • coup de grace • a coupon-busting moment of local folklore • courage of my convictions • courtesy of the tooth fairy • cover star • covered some ground • covers all bases • the cowboy rides into town • crack open a bottle • crack open the champagne • cracked it • cracked the case • cracked the code • that cracked the nut • that's a cracker • cracker jack • a cracking performance • make it in cracking time • crackles with a genius it's hard to put your finger on • cranks up the dial to eleven • crash and burn • crash bang wallop • crazy • the Crazy Gang • how crazy is this? • cream of the crop • the cream will rise to the top • created a grin right across my face • creates an incredible legacy • creating a Super Bowl-style buzz • creating banner headlines • creating chances • not creating too many moving parts • a creative force • getting credit I deserve • all credit to the lads, they've put in an incredible shift • the credits roll • creme de la creme • on a crest of a wave • a cri de coeur • crikey • criminally good • cripes • a crock of gold • the crossbar came to the rescue • crossed swords • something to crow about • as the crow flies • and the crowd goes wild • have the crowd in the palm of my hand • the crowd is on its feet • a crowd pleaser • the crown fits • crown jewel • crowned Godlike genius • crowned king • crowned the queen • crowning glory • it's a cruise • in cruise control • cruising • crumbs • I crushed it • And all should cry, Beware! Beware! His flashing eyes, his floating hair! • crystal clear • cue car-horn orchestra blaring out well into the early hours • cue rejoicing • cue the fireworks • cue the music • cult-hero • cup is still overflowing • my cup runneth over • cures hangover • curtain call • brought the curtain down • cushti • on the cusp • makes the cut • a cut above in a sea of mediocrity • I don't cut corners • cut from a different cloth • cuts it fine • that cuts the mustard • cuts through like a knife through butter • cuts through the noise • cutting edge • cutting right to the bone • a dab hand • Daisy pulls it off • did the damage • can't dampen joy • like Dan Dare • dance 'till dawn • dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee • got you dancing • there will be dancing in the streets • dancing on top of bus shelters • everyone is dancing to my tune • dancing with joy • dancing with the devil • that's dandy • dang • danger man • to dare is to do • dare to dream • dared to believe • daring • a dark cloud looming • a dark horse • darn tootin • have my day • another day in the sun • a day like no other • a day to tell the children about • one day wonder • daydream believer • brings it out into the daylight • dazzling • a dead cert • dead clever • dead right • deadline day • deadly • deadly combination • a deal without the spiel • dece • gave a decent account of ourselves • the decibel level has just increased • decision made • if only every decision was this simple • the decisions we make come to define us • deck the halls • all decked out • I decked you • deconstructs it • a decorated team • a dedicated follower of no fashion • defiant • defied age and expectations • defies gravity • defies second-guessing • defies speculation over future • a defining moment • definitely come to the party • definitely tracking in the right direction • deft touch • defy the odds • delays coronation • delectable • a delicious entree • like a delicious wedding cake • delighted to get through the door • delightful • a delightful aperitif before the banquet • delightful hi-jinx • delirious • delivering the goods • delivery man • in demand • demob-happy • demolish • not to be denied • the denouement • puts a dent in the universe • a bit of a departure • I deserve my chances • deserved the rapturous reception • deserves a pat on the back • deserves greater recognition • deserving of our victory • despatched in double-quick time • just desserts • it's all in the details • determined to go the distance • what the deuce • developed at supersonic speed • devil-may-care • diamonds can only be made under intense pressure • what the Dickens • Dickens of a win • dictate terms • can dictate the narrative • the die is cast • makes the difference • in a different league • a different level entirely • how difficult was that? • like digging up buried treasure • she digs and digs and digs • brings another dimension to it • I can dine out on this forever • a ding-dong battle • ding dong dandy • dining at the top table • one that does not disappoint • like discovering fire • dishing out the punishment • dishing the dirt • there is much to dislike for the jealous • dislodge you • dispatched • that's not to diss you • go the distance • puts some distance between us and the competition • isn't that divine • divine intervention • dizzying in its scope and brilliant in its execution • that'll have to do • that'll do • just what the doctor ordered • a doddle • dog days • that's the dog's • doggedly stuck to the task • the domino effect • this is how it should be done • well done, team • done a half-decent job • I've done an alright job • all done and dusted • a done deal • we have done enough • done it • been there, done it and wore the T-shirt • done more than enough • done our best to stay in the mindset • done properly • that's done right • done the heavy lifting • we have done this dance a few times • doo-bee-doo-bee-doo-ing • all doolally • door-busting • door's open • double down • do a double-take • double whammy • doubters are silenced • the doves fly high • that's dowhill • I can take you down • goes down a storm • goes down a treat • how do I get down now? • got it down pat • down to a T • got it down to a tee • it's all downhill from here • that's downhill with the wind behind me • downright bonkers • doyen of players • the doyenne • dragged back from the edge of heaven • dragged out of the dark ages • dragged us back into the conversation • dragon slayer • draws an appreciative audience • don't ever not dream • keep my dream alive • if you don't dream big, you won't become big • like a dream come true • it's the dream I didn't have coming true • a dream isn't some sparkly diamond we get. Sometimes it's rough, it's not pretty • dream result • dream team • it's the dream ticket • still dreaming • in dreamland • dreams can come true • dressed to impress • drink it in • I'll drink to that • drinks are on me • driving force • drool-worthy • drop-dead stunning • dropped anchor • drove a horse and coaches through that • drum roll • drunk with power • not a dry eye in the house • duck and dive • like a duck to water • dummy run • I dunnit • dynamite • eager beaver • eagle eye • where eagles dare • early '90's bombast kind of thinh • the early bird catches the worm • an early Christmas present • made many of the early headlines • earn a crust • earn my spurs • earn my stripes • earned my keep • earned my key to the executive bathroom • earned us a legion of new fans • earns a reprieve • earns some Brownie points • what on earth • how on Earth • feel the earth move • earth-shattering • the one thing I was put on earth to do • an earthquake • ease nerves • ease past • eases the pressure • it's not getting any easier • easing through the gears • easy, this lark • as easy as 1,2,3 • as easy as A B C • easy as cake • as easy as falling off a log • easy as pi • easy as pie • as easy as riding a bike • easy does it • easy money • easy on the eye • easy peasy • easy peasy, lemon squeezy • an easy rider • on easy street • easy to slot in • let them eat cake • eat them for breakfast • eat your heart out • ecky thump • gives me the edge • edge it • edge-of-the-seat drama • edge of your sofa stuff • edge over line • eee by gum • it takes effort and it takes failure to become a success • with egg on their faces • El Clasico • like El Dorado • elated • I got my elbows out • electric • electrifying • in my element • elementary my dear Watson • elephants can dance • give 'em what they want • an embarrassment of riches • embracing my chance • get all emotional • kept emotional control • what an emotional rollercoaster • emotions running high • emphatic • an encyclopaedic knowledge • this is not an end, but a beginning • the be-all and end-all • the end is nigh • end odyssey on a high • the end of an era • end on a high note • end poor run • end slump • ended in dramatic fashion • endless sass and wit • ends drought • ends hoodoo • ends on a high • my most enduring work • energised • brings energy and lights up the room • England's beating heart • an engrossing game • I can't get enough • enraptured • ensures firecrackers • entente cordiale • entertaining the hoi polloi • enthralling • puts an entirely new complexion on it • another entry for my highlights reel • envelope-pushing • the envy of everyone • epic • epic win • had an epiphany • the epitome • epoch-defininng • epochal • equal to the task • maybe equalled, but never bettered • err on the side of caution • escapes from their grip • the establishment had their chance. Now it's our turn • et voila • etched my name into imortality • an eternal youngster • as the eulogies are written • euphoric • eureka • quite an event • eventually it clicked for me • eventually won through • evergreen • everyday amazing • it's not everyday you learn something new • given their everything • have everything at my fingertips • everything can be done in moderation • everything else is fluff • everything everywhere all at once • everything has come from this • everything is beautiful • everything was smooth sailing • everything's swell • everything's under control • gets me everytime • eww • exacted revenge • excellent application • the exception that proves the rule • exceptional • like an excitable puppy • I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it, I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it • as excited as a child on Christmas morning • like excited little bunny rabbits • my exciting broken-field run ended with a fumble on the goal line • exclamation mark • exemplary • an exhibition • exhilarating • the Exocet option • expand my repertoire • more expansive game • you expect the unexpected with us • expect this to run and run • no expense spared • experience in bagfuls • the kind of experience money can't buy • experienced campaigner • explode onto the global stage • explodes into life • explosive circumstances • expunges the taste of defeat • exquisite • extend my honeymoon • there's an extra frission • extra special • going the extra yard • extra! extra! • extraordinary • taking it to the extreme • exude confidence • exultant • eye candy • eye-catching • keeping an eye on the prize • eye-opener • eye-popping • eye-watering • my eyeballs certainly got a stretch • a bit eyeballs-out • my eyes are on stalks • eyes golden future • all eyes on me • fab • fab things • fabuloso • fabulous • in your face • my face fits • face of defiance • face saver • a face worth a millions words • I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way • factor 50 result • set fair • a fair crack of the whip • fair enough • it's fair game • fairly bullet-proof • my fairy godmother • a fairytale finish • keep faith • you've got to have faith • faith repaid in abundance • doesn't fall far from my tree • sometimes things just fall into place • like falling off a log • a false alarm • a false negative • familiarity breeds contempt • make my family proud • a famous victory • fan fave • well fancied • fancy footwork • fancy free • fancy that • the fandom feeding frenzy never let up • fanfare for the common man • the fanfare is not unmerited • the fans go wild • giving fans something special • fans' favourite • fantabulous • fantastic specimen • a fantastic use of my time • fantastica • fantastico • far better • far more brains than brawn • far out • so far so good • fast and furious • the fast and the curious • I couldn't get here fast enouth • a fast learner • faster, higher, stronger • our fate is in our hands • can't be faulted • finds favour • we don't fear anyone • fear replaced by fearlessness • everyone feared or followed them • fearsome • quite a feat • a feather in my cap • feather my nest • got my features twerking • a febrile atomsphere • I'll feed off it for the rest of my career • feeling a warm glow • got me feeling all nostalgic • feeling fruity • the feeling is good • feeling on top • make my feelings clear • it feels as if I'm waking up after a horrible dream • it still feels like a dream and I don't want to wake up • feels like a ton of bricks came off my back • feels like nothing that came before • feels like the closing of a circle • no need to get to your feet and applaud • keeping my feet firmly on the ground • feet-tappingly good • a feisty affair • I nearly fell through the floor • ferocious • fetch • feted • at fever pitch • having a field day • field of dreams • fight like I never fought before • the fight of our lives • fight to the finish • taking the fight to them • fighting fit • fighting like a lion • fighting my corner • fighting spirit • a fighting spirit that could single-handley win a war • fighting talk • fighting the system • we've had our fill • I want to fill that space, fill that potential • fills my boots • that fills my sails • it is final after final after final after final after final after final after final • final berth • a final bow • make final cut • the final hurdle • the final lap • the final piece in the jigsaw • the final piece of the puzzle • I have the final say • final touch • the final whistle • had the final word • finally coming out of my shell • finally slaying the dragon • not to put too fine a point on it • fine and dandy • a fine art • a fine display of artistic synergy • in fine fettle • in fine nick • fine up to a point • my finest hour • my finest role yet • finger-linkin good • put my finger on it • finger on my button • my fingerprints are all over this • having fingers in lots of different pies • we have got to finish it off • finish with a flourish • finishes the job • made it to the finishing line • finishing touch • fino alla prossima volta • fire and fury • fire in my belly • I have fire in my eyes • we all have a fire inside us • keeps the fire lit • fire starter • fired up • my firefighter act • came out firing • out of the firing line • firing on all cylinders • firing on all fronts • firm favourite • first among equals • first and foremost • first blood • first class • a first class drubbing • the first cuckoo of spring • the first mountain we climbed was Everest, it's only going to get flatter and better • first of many • first past the post • on the first rung • first to the buzzer • like a fish to water • fit and firing • fit as a butcher's dogs • fit for a queen • fit for the purpose • fit to burst • fit to fly • fits like a glove • fits like Cinderella's slipper • that fits the bill • a fitting end • a fitting farewell • a fitting send off • five card trick • five star tear-jerker • five stars • don't fix something if it's not broken • been a fixture • fizzed in • a fizzer • fizzing • flabbergasted • a flag-bearer for a new crop • a flag-waving Brit • a flair player • flash, brash • a flash of brilliance • flashpoint • going flat out • flattered by praise • flattered by the scoreline • if you've got it, flaunt it • flavour of the month • a flawed genius • flawless • fleet-footed • flew out of the traps • flexing muscle • a flicker of hope • flicks my switch • takes flight • take flight • flight of the imagination • flipped the script • flippin eck • flippin' amazing • flirt with disaster • still floating • that floats my boat • a floor filler • floored • floored the throttle • flourishing • fluent • fluffing my feathers • a fluid outfit • no fluke • flushbunkingly gloriumptious • makes you want to fly • lets fly • fly • fly under the radar • flying blind • flying high • Flying Scotsman • flying solo • flying start • flying the flag • flying through the air with the greatest of ease • focus is key • focus on the next game • focused 110% • fog is clearing • fog of war clears • follow the leader • following a different soript • fond memories • foolproof • one foot and three toes in the final • have my foot in the door • will not take my foot off the accelerator • I won't take my foot off the gas • foot-stamping • not a foot wrong • football's coming home • give what for • a force of nature • a force that can't be denied • a force to be reckoned with • forced to bring on the heavy mob • a foregone conclusion • the foremost • it's like a forest fire • forever young • forging ahead • forgive my immodesty • forgotten how to lose • in-form • form counts for nothing • a formality • formidable • fortuitous • fortunate • forward thinking • somehow found a way to win • found fifth gear • found my bearings • found my rhythm • found my voice • found our banker • four quadrants • I'm in the frame • freaky freaky freaky freak • I'm free, my vision is clear, I can see • I get a free pass • given free rein • free-roaming • I'm just having a free swing at anything that comes my way • freestyling • fresh as a daisy • given a fresh lick of paint • fresh pickings • had fresher legs • frighten the pants off everyone • frighteningly good • frightfully good • no frills • there's more from where that came from • front and centre • on the front foot • front page • it came froom outerspace • fruitful • brought to fruition • fuel to the fire • has my full attention • full-blooded • in full bloom • full bore • full disclosure • full English • in full flow • going full gun • a full head of steam • that's the full monty • full of attitude • full of beans • full of cheer • full of gumption • full of joy • full of life • full of unbridled joy • full on • the full package • a full peacock-tail display • at full-pelt • going the full reverb • full spec • full steam ahead • full stop, end of story • at full strength • at full stretch • in full swing • full theatrics mode • full throttle • at full tilt • full time • the full works • fully focused on the task at hand • fully invested • fully loaded • fully prepared for that eventuality • could not have been more fulsome in praise • so much fun • such fun • fun and games • it's the most fun I've had for a long time • it's been fun while it lasted • funny as hell • a furore • further my claim • the fuse is getting closer to the dynamite • no fuss, no drama • the future has arrived • gadzooks • gain further kudos • gained an extra piquancy • gained immortality • galactico • gale force • galloped on • galvanised • gamble pays off • game, set and match • game-changer • game for a laugh • the only game in town • game on • game over • gangnam style • the gap is humongous • been a garden full of roses • garlanded with praise • garners praise • gasp • gathers pace • gazooks • gee whizz • we just gel and go together • well-gelled • genesis • the genie is out of the bottle • genius • a gentle giant • gerrin there • as a gesture of goodwill • go-getter • one giant leap • makes the giant panda look positively commonplace • giant stride • giantkilling • going giddy • as giddy as a kipper • giddy with excitement • a gift from the gods • a gift from the heavans • gift of the gab • the gift that keeps on giving • gift wrapped • gift-wrapped • the gig is mine • gilding the lily • a gimlet eye • gimme, gimme • a gimme game • ginormous win • are you having a giraffe? • here comes the girl • this girl can • girl crazy • you get the gist • I have given all I have to give • so much more to give • I was glad • glad all over • my glass is always filled nearly to the top actually • I'm a glass-two-thirds-full person • glides through • really glistens • a glittering career • all that glitters • glitz and glam • glorious • gloriumptious • glorius absurdity • glory be • the glory I have long craved • puts the gloss on it • glowing reports • glowing with pride • goal • goals galore • the Goat (greatest off all time) • I'm gobsmacked • God-given gift • gods don't take curtain calls • the gods smile on me • a godsend • there she goes • gold at the end of the rainbow • like gold dust • gold plated • a gold rush • the gold standard • gold stars • a golden age • golden boy • golden day • a golden era • it's a golden flurry • golden generation • golden girl • golden legacy • golden nugget • golden oldie • a golden opportunity • golden ticket • the golden touch • golden wonder • goldmine • golly • golly gosh • going, going, gone • gone and done it • gone balls to the wall • gone big again • gone full cycle • gone full tonto • gone nutty • gone one better • gone out in style • gone out on a limb • gone out there and given it a good go • gone through hell • gonna be well pro now • all good • come good • it's all good • well good • so good • good, bad and ugly • when they are good, they are very very good • good as gold • good as hell • gave as good as I got • as good as it gets • gave as good as we got • I've got good butterflies about it • a good buzz • a good day in our history • one good deed leads to another • we've got good direction of travel • in good form • really good fun • good going • good golly, miss Molly • good gosh • good grief • in good heart • good heavens • made a really good impression • had a good innings • good is not good enough • how good is that? • that's a good job done • good Karma • it gave me a good laugh • for good measure • do you want the good news or the good news? • a good news story • good nose for it • a good omen • I'm in a good place • a good place to ply my trade • you can't keep a good player down for long • good progress • in good shape • good shout • in good spirits • in a good spot • good start • puts me in good stead • feel-good story • good stuff • more of a good thing • I only have good things to say about it • I'm here to have a good time not a long time • good times never seemed so good • keeps the good times rolling • too good to miss • good to stay in the rhythm • good un • been good value • it was good while it lasted • in good working order • a goodie • goodness • goodness gracious • goodness knows • goodness me • goody goody • goose is cooked • goose-pimply goodness • the goose that laid golden eggs • that gives me goosebumps • Gordon Bennett • gorgeous • gosh • gossamer-beautiful • gotcha • gourmet stuff • gr8 • grabbed by the scruff of the neck • grabs the moment with both hands • gracious • gracious in victory • grafted and grinded • a grand day out • grand finale • grandmaster • grandstand finish • grasped the nettle • grateful for small mercies • like greased lightning • greased the wheels • with great aplomb • great chutzpah • great escape • doing great guns • go to great lengths • we're in a great place now • a great powerhouse • great pretender • a great run • great Scott • gave us one of our great stories • making great strides • great stuff • how great was that • for the greater good • greater than the sum of the parts • the greatest show on earth • the greatest showman • one of the greats of the genre • gives green light • green-lit • green shoots of recovery • on the grid • grieving over, time to go again • grind out victory • grinning from ear to ear • grinning like a lunatic • gripping • a gripping storyline • more about grit than attacking verve • gritty • groovy • groundbreaking • grow in stature • we grow old but we never grow up'  • growing old disgracefully • given a guard of honour • have my guard up • brings guile • the guiltiest of guilty pleasures • gung-ho • gunning for • all guns blazing • gunslingers • got some gusto • gutsy • go-to guy • let's make a habit of it • hail Mary • hail to the king • not a hair out of place • hair raising • makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up • not half • doesn't half help • it ain't half hot • hall of fame • hallelujah • go hammer and toogs • hammering home • the Hand of God • hand on heart • have one hand on the trophy • hand over fist • handed the world on a plate • handle with kid gloves • hands me a lift • hands up in the air • a handy pointer • more than just a handyman • not hanging about • it nearly didn't happen at all • did that really happen? • happenstance • couldn't be happier • the happiest man alive • happiness in any language • always be happy, never satisfied • happy and glorious • happy as a sunbeam • happy as Larry • happy bunny • I'm a happy chappy • happy Christmas, war is over • happy clappy • happy days • happy days are here again • happy ending • happy ever after • happy I'm living rent-free in your head • so happy it hurts • a happy man • the happy one • in my happy place • a happy return to the fold • many happy returns • so happy to be back • happy to be in the hat • happy to keep the battle lines open • happy to lose my head • I'm in happy valley now • hard-fought • hard graft has paid off • hard-headed • hard to beat • doing it the hard way • hard work pays off • hardcore • hark the herald angel • no harm done • there's no harm in that • Harry Houdini • hat-trick • hate to say I told you • really is a must-have • make hay while the sun shines • like a hazy dream • keep my head above water • a head for heights • head for the checkout • head girl • head held high • head honcho • my head is like a sponge and I will absorb everything • my head is still spinning • head over heels • a bit of a head scratcher • a head-slapper • makes my head spin • got my head together • head turner • I kept my head when all around were losing theirs • heading in the right direction • headline act • kept our heads • won't be getting out of our heads anytime soon • heads we win • headstrong • made more headway • a heady brew • heady cocktail • heady days • heals scar • heals the scar tissue of defeat • a healthy dose of good fortune • hear hear • can you hear me? • take heart • it gives me heart • heart-melting • at the heart of a world-class orchestra • heart of stone • my heart sings • my heart skipped a beat • my heart was bursting • puts my heartache behind me • the heartbeat of the team • will be heartened • heartening • feel the heat • heat is off • heat was cranked up • like heaven on a fluffy cloud • like heaven on earth • heaven sent • heavens • heavens above • it's just so heavy • she ain't heavy • heavy-metal • a heavyweight battle • what the heck • one heck of a comeback • one heck of a journey • brought to heel • a well heeled hippy • the height of my ambition • at the height of my fame • at the height of my game • held in very high esteem • held nerve • held on with relative ease • held sway • held up our end of the bargain • been to hell and back • hell-bent • going hell for leather • hell froze over • hell of a finish • one hell of a ride • come hell or high water • to-hell-with-it attitude • hellbent • hellfire and brimstone • hello possible • a helping hand • helps move the ground a little • a helter-skelter classic • Her Majesty's pleasure • a Herculean effort • have-a-go hero • hero of the hour • hero-worship • not all heroes wear capes • heroic and historic • hey hey • hey presto • in my heyday • heyyy • hi five • a hidden gem • hidden in plain sight • it's not like I can hide behind a lamppost • you're on a hiding to nothing • going out on a high • on high alert • high and mighty • a high art • sets a high bar • high-calibre • high drama • high emotion • high-end finish • give me a high five • high flyer • takes the high ground • high hopes • high intensity • high-jinx • high octane performance • high performance, low maintenance • this is a high point but I hope it's not the highest point • taking the high road • in high spirits • high-tempo • my high water mark • it's about not getting too high with the highs or low with the lows • a higher calling • a higher power • the highest of highs • highly commended • always hip • from the hip • hip hip hooray • historic moment • history beckons • history boys • history favours us • history made • history on our side • history repeats itself • hit full power • hit maker • it hit me full pelt in the face • hit my stride • hit parade • hit paydirt • hit the right beat • hit top gear • one hit wonder • hits all the right notes • hits dizzy heights • hits the front • hits the mark • hits the mark like a Tom Brady pass • hits the nail on the head • hits the right note • that hits the spot • hits top form • hits top speed • hits twaddle overload • hitting back • hitting new heights • hitting out • what ho • hocus pocus • hoist our flag up high • isn't just hokum • can't hold a candle to me • hold everything • I want to hold medals, I want to touch it. For me, it's podiums that matter • more than hold my own • hold on to your hats • we can hold our heads up high • hold the front page • hold the mail • no holding me back • holding up well • holds all the aces • holds all the cards • hole in one • holy cow • the holy grail • holy kryptonite • holy mackeral • holy moly • holy smoke • feel at home • have home advantage • home and dry • get home fires burning • home from home • on a home run • got home safe and sound • on the home straight • that brings home the bacon • on home turf • home with only a few layers of skin to spare • homework pays off • honest to God • an honourable mention • keeps them hooked • hooray • what a hoot • hop, skipped and jumped • hope not fear, light not darkness • hope to see the beers flying • keep hopes alive • hopes hanging by a string • hoping to put my name in lights • a one horse race • horsing around • hosanna • some like it hot • hot dog • hot foots it • hot hot • hot property • in the hot seat • hot-shot • hot streak • hot streak continues • hot stuff • a hot ticket • too hot to handle • hot to trot • hotly anticipated • hotshot • hotter than the sun • the hottest property • hottest tickets • in the house • brings the house down • like a house on fire • a household name • made me howl • howzat • huge • a huge influence • a huge lift • huge moment • a huge plus • hugely creditable • a hullabaloo • not human • from humble beginnings • one hundred and eighty • one hundred percent • that's all hunky dory • we hunt in packs • going through the hurdles • hurray • the hype is going to be stratospheric • hypnotically good • i'm all cut and thrust • an ice-breaker • ice with that • that's the icing on the cake • iconic status • so idiomatic • idiot savant • your ignorance is no defense • illustrious • imbued with gravitas • immaculate • immensely gratifying • made an impact outside rarefied circle • so impactful • impeccable • impeccable timing • our imperial phrase • it's the most important least important thing • impose myself on the opposition from ball one • impossible is nothing • impossible to ignore • makes me impossible to overlook • impressed • making an impression • an improbable victory • I'm in • incendiary • won't give an inch • an inch away from being perfect • inch perfect • incomparably better • an incorrigible scamp • incredibly urgent • indefatigable • indescribeable • an Indian summer • an industrious showing • as inevitable as pudding following the cheese and port • inked an early win into the calendar • inks deal • making inroads • it's insane • insanely great • an insatiable appetite to keep moving forward • on the inside track • inspiration strikes • inspired • an inspired choice • inspires wanderlust • Insta-overload • made me an Instagram star • an instant fix • instant gratification • instant hit • a bit intense • interstellar genius • an intriguing contest • intuitive improvisation is the secret of genius • invincible • the invincibles • involved in more great escapes than Harry Houdini • Irish eyes will be smiling • a will of iron • an iron fist • irons in the fire • ironside • irreplaceable • irrepressible • irrepressible joy • ISAWITFIRST • there you have it • that's more like it • make most of it • still got it • I like it • an itch I just had to scratch • itched that itch • Jack the lad • that's our jam • jam today • jaw droping • all that jazz • jeepers creepers • jeez • a jewel • a jewel in the crown • jingle all the way • the jinx, it's all over • jive talking • just the job • just doing my job • job done • another job well done • jock • joie de vivre • joined at the hip • joined-up thinking • jolly hockey sticks • just jollying us along • jolted into action • just joshing • journey's end • what a joy • no joy in life is small • joy to the world • joyful and triumphant • joyous news • jubilation • juggernaut • jump start • jumped before I was pushed • jumpin' Jack Flash • jumping for joy • jumping in with both feet • jumping jelly beans • jumping on the bandwagon • jumping up on the chairs, demanding an immediate encore • a Jurassic Park-scale triumph • justice was done • more than justifies their faith • kapow • on an even keel • keen as mustard • keen to fill the void • ker-ching • what a kerfuffle • ketchup effect • key man • key players in the fight against global zombiefication • a key weapon in our armoury • kick ass with kindness • kicked back • kicked into touch • get my kicks • kickstart • it's like being a kid again • I kid you not • it's a kid's dream • kid's stuff • tha's kidding right? • the kids are alright • in for the kill • kill them with kindness • all killer and no filler • killer blow • making a killing • that kills two birds with one stone • one of a kind • I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal • king of the hill • king of the jungle • king of the singers • I'm the king of the world • the kiss of life • having a knees-up • knight in shining armour • knock me down with a feather • a knock-out line-up • knocked for six • knocked it flaming out of the ballpark • knocked it on the head • knocked me sideways • knocked off their pedestal • came a-knocking • I'll always be knocking on the door • knockout • we don't know how to quit • know it like the back of my hand • know my onions • I know no boundaries • know the lay of the land • know the right button to hit • know the ropes • we just don't know when to give up • knowledge is power • really knows where that spot in my heart is • kooshty • la dolce vita • la forma a temporanea ma la classe e permanente • a labour of love • one of the Labours of Hercules • it lacks only party poppers • land-grab • it did not land in our laps • land knockout blow • land of hope and glory • landed a few punches • landmark moment • lands top honour • the landscape has changed • do a lap of honour • lapping it up • a large plus for us • larger than life • laser like focus • lashing home • last gasp victory • last grasp winner • a last hurrah • the last laugh • last man sitting • last of the big spenders • last of the summer wine • have the last word • late, late show • a late bloomer • late developer • late surge • late to the party • a laudable achievement • much-lauded • lauded by the cognoscente • a laugh a minute • laugh in the face of adversity • laugh out loud • laughing all the way to the bank • a launch pad • a law unto myself • lay bogey to rest • lay it on the line • lay waste • lays down markers • lays down the law • lays the groundwork • Lazarus-style recovery • taking the lead • lead people down the garden path • lead the frontline • lead the line • lead you a merry dance • take me to your leader • leader of the pack • leading candidate • a leading contender • leading by example • leading from the front • a leading light • leading the pack • leads the way • in a league of my own • leagues apart • lean and mean • a leap of faith • leapfrogged • leaping around like a bloody idiot • leaping into history • coming on in leaps and bounds • sometimes you have to learn on the job • it has been a learning curve • the least we deserve • leave with head held high • leaves an indelible mark • leaves door ajar • leaves it late • leaves more than a fleeting impression • leaves no avenue unexplored • leaves the critics eating their words • left, right and centre • there's a lot left in these legs • left purring • where I left the paved surface • legend in the making • legit • got legs • had put in the legwork • like a leopard changing its spots • lethal • not one for letting the green grass grow • doing my level best • it's a leveller • levels the playing field • keep the levels up • levitating with excitement • quite liberating • license to thrill • I have this licked • licking my lips • gives lie to the idea • set for life • this is the life • makes life a little easier • life affirming • life and soul of the party • life at the top can be lonely • feel like I've got my life back • life changing • when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade • life imitating art • for the life in later life • life in the old boys yet • there's life in the old dog • life is full of surprises • life is really good • life is sweet • taking on a life of its own • a life well lived • a lifeline • we have lift off • lifted out of the doldrums • lifted the veil • lifts a black cloud • lifts crown • lifts doom and gloom • lifts the curse • lifts the lid • lifts us out of the mire • light at the end of the tunnel • light lies the crown • light on my feet • at light-speed • makes light work • light years ahead • light years ahead of my time • a lightbulb moment • with the lightest of touches • lightning in a bottle • a lightning rod • at lightning speed • lightning strikes twice • keeping the lights on • lights the way • lights up the stage • what's not to like • there's a lot to like • go out on a limb • in the limelight • get the limpet off the rock • limping over the line • the line between genius and reckless has been nigh on impossible to see with the human eye • in the line of fire • lion-heart • lion tamers • lions roar • lip-smacking • lisn op • so lit • lit the fuse • it's literally banger after banger after banger • that literally was my year • a little bit more in the tank • I've still got a little bit of a devil in me • taken a little bit of a punt • a little bit of relief off my shoulder • a little bit of special • a little bit of Zebedee in my step • a little bundle of energy • little gem • with a little help from my friends • a little more besides • live a charmed life • like Live Aid • live at the Apollo level • live my dream • we live by the sword • live wire • lived dangerously • lived to tell the tale • lived up to my billing • lives up to the hype • livin' la vida loca • living dangerously • living like a king • living my best life • made a living out of making the impossible possible • living the dream • lke a cat on heat • lo and behold • locked horns • going loco in Acapulco • lofty ambitions • London's best • the lone ranger rides again • lonely the brave • so long, suckers • the long and short of it • not by a long chalk • the long goodbye • in for the long haul • long live the fairytale • long may it continue • long overdue • a long shot • it has been a really long slog • we had a long think about it - maybe five seconds • the long wait is over • no longer against the ropes • made you look • lookin' good • you're looking at a champion • like looking at a diamond from a different angle • looking sharp • things are looking up • we are now looking up instead of over our shoulders • looks a real spark • looks drastic • looks rosier • looks well-organised • Lord of all he surveys • lording it up • I do not do losing • your loss is my gain • from lost cause to cause celebre • that's your lot • I've got the lot • it's a lottery win, it doesn't come around very often • loud and proud • what's not to love • all you need is love • love it • a love letter to the world • love me or lothe me • loved every minute • lovely • lovely jubbly • lovin' it • loving the show • low hanging fruit • luck of the draw • luck of the Irish • you need a bit of luck sometimes • more by luck than judgement • maybe I just got lucky • in my lucky place • lucky streak • a luminary • my lunar landing • luscious • keeps machine rolling • mad for it • no mad Max • the maddest thing • there was no magic • could it be magic • a kind of magic • made of magic • magic • no magic formula • magic moment • magic numbers • magic spell • magical • magical vibes • a magician never reveals their secrets • magnanimous • a thing of magnificence • magnificent • magnificent rise through the ranks • magnifico • magnifique • my magnum opus • bit of a magpie • the main attraction • the main man • a mainstay • takes it mainstream • majestic • Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh! Make 'em roar, make 'em scream • no malarkey • less malarkey, more smarty • mamma mia • mammoth • gets his man • like a man against boys • a man can dream • a man can fly • a man for all occasions • man of steel • man-of-the-match • man-of-the-moment • like a man possessed • a man who can spot a winner • the man with a plan • managed to join the dots • managed to keep a poker face • Manchester City, we're coming for you • manic • I manifested and it came true • manna from heaven • on manoeuvres • puts it on the map • marauded forward • march on • marching to a different tune • marching with pomp and vigour • make my mark • enough to mark me out from the crowd • a marriage made in heaven • the masked avenger • massif • took a massive hit • master craftsman • master of disguise • master of the universe • masterclass • masterful • mastermind • masterpiece • masterplan complete • masters at work • match-fit • match grinner • a match made in heaven • match winner • matchless • you do the maths • it's a matter of time • when it mattered most • maverick • max factor • maximalist • maximum gains • maximum reward • do a maximus • maxxed out • that was the making of me • no mean feat • mean machine • we have to make it mean something • means business • means everything to me • means nothing and everything all at the same time • it means the world • got your measure • that's meat and drink to me • meat and potatoes approach • the medal and bubbly at the finish helps • more than meets the eye • mega • megastar • mein Gott • meisterwerk • mellow • a melting point • memories are made of this • a memory that will last me a lifetime • menacing • on the mend • making do and mend • make do and mend • a mensch • a going-for-it mentality • mentality monsters • merciless march • mercury rising • making merry • the message is loud and clear • not messing about • meteoric • there's method in madness • the Midas touch • mighty fine • a Mike Tyson uppercut • mile high club • miles better attitude • a milestone • all milk and honey • all milk and roses • milked for all its worth • one in a million • a million percent • make mincemeat of you • mind blowing • mind boggling • don't mind if I do • mind over matter • mini me marvel • with a minimum of fuss • mining a rich seam • making a mint • is mint • mint condition • no minus points • mirabile dictu • miracle man • miraculous • a miraculous conception • put out of their misery • had misses as well as hits • the missing ingredient we were looking for • on a mission • mission accomplished • mission critical • make no mistake • go misty-eyed • in the mix • a mixed blessing • mmm • all mod cons • like a modern Red Adair • a modicum of intelligence • got my mojo back • the moment British society and culture changed forever • moment in the sun • a moment that will go down in folklore • didn't give them a moment's rest • momentous • moments that matter • has the momentum of a runaway freight train • take the money and run • money for old rope • money in the bank • monk-like level of focus • a bit of monkey off the back • a monolithic talent • a monster effort • monumental • in the mood • the mood music is encouraging • a moonshot • a moral crusade • on my moral high-horse • the moral of the story • a moral victory • morale boosting • less is more • the mother of all upsets • the mother of all victories • mother of invention • mother-of-wins • we're really motoring now • the Mount Rushmore of the modern game • ain't no mountain high enough • my mountain top • a mouth-watering climax • making my move • move on up • moved to tears • mover and shaker • we've got the moves • just like the movies • moving and shaking • moving on up • I'm Mr Big now • Mr big time • Mr Dependable • Mr Incredible • Mr Motivator • Mr Muscle • Mr popular • all too much • muddling through • look mum, no hands • music to my ears • I'm the MVP • brings me out of myself • gives myself a bit of leeway • like Mystic Meg • nailed the brief • nails my colours to the mast • naked ambition • making a name for myself • got my name on it • put my name on the honours board • got my name on the roll of honour • got my name written all over it • the name's Bond • narrative flipped • a narrow escape • have a nasty streak • the nation is gripped • nation's favourite • a nation's sweetheart • national treasure • I'm a natural • a natural fit • like finding a natural pearl in an oyster • a natural winner • naughty • naughty but nice • necessary but not sufficient • it's now neck-and-neck • I needed to make sure my mind was actually in the race • I needed two weeks to come down to earth again • a needle mover • needs must • don't have any negatives • got the neighbours staring • nerve-shredding • well I never • never a dull moment • never allowed to rest • can never be airbrushed from history • things will never be the same • it's like I've never been away • never been prouder • never-before-seen • we never crossed the line • never done things by halves • never feels like a chore • never felt so satisfying • you've never had it so good • never less than open and honest • we never let our heads go • never lets me down • never lost faith • never lost will to win • I will never measure progress in inches • we have never seen a greater day than this • never settle for second best • never smiled so much • never tell me the odds • a new breed • a new broom • a new captain at the helm • a new dawn • brings a new dimension • it's a new direction • a new era • my new fav • a new high • new kid on the block • new kids on the block • a new lease of life • the new normal • I need new pants after that • new rules Britannia • there's a new sheriff in town • takes us into new territory • a new world order • the next big thing • next rung on the ladder • for my next trick • well nice • gets me on the nice list • nice little earner • a nice one-two • that's got a nice ring to it • that's a nice way to make a living • nice work if you can get it • that'll do nicely • in the nick of time • nicking it • nicks it • nifty • nine days' wonder • to the nines • nixed the deal • nobody can take this away from me • nobody caught wind of it • nobody does it better • nobody's fool • gets the nod • a nod and a wink • none of it happened by accident, only by design • normal service resumed • put our nose back in front • got my nose in front • put my nose to the grindstone • make something out of nothing • nothing but the best is good enough • nothing compares • I'm taking nothing for granted • nothing is better • nothing is enough • there is nothing left on my bucket list • nothing quite prepares you for this • nothing short of genius • nothing to it • nothing to separate contendors • nothing to sneeze at • it's all about the here and now • came from nowhere • nudge nudge wink wink • nullified the threat • number one • still number one in my playbook • number one target • we've got the numbers • a by-numbers romp • the numbers tell a story • numero uno • you've got to nurture talent • nuts about it • really an occasion that deserves a crowd • ode to joy • let off • off and running • lets off fireworks • off like a laser-guided greyhound • really going off-piste • get off scot-free • got it off the ground • off the hook • off the leash • off the mark • off the scale • a bit off the spectrum • off to a flyer • off to a running start • going on the offensive • I don't often do boring • Oh, what a beautiful mornin' Oh, what a beautiful day, I've got a beautiful feelin, Everything's goin' my way • oh blow • oh boy • oh I say • oh look • oh lordy • my oh my • oh my chuffing days • oh my days • oh my giddy aunt • oh my goodness • oh my gosh • oh my word • oh the irony • oh what a wonderful feeling • oh yes, oh yes! • ohmigod • well-oiled machine • OKaaaaay • like okay • I'm not getting old, I'm just getting started • out with the old, in with the new • you are as old as you feel • the old brains trust • it's an old cliche • an old fossil • an old head on young shoulders • you just can't let the old man in • old pals act • like the oldem days • the oldest swingers • oldies but goldies • OMG • omnipotent • I've got it going on • got it all going on • a once-in-a-blue-moon-experience • once in a lifetime moment • once the lights go off, it's full on race mode • got it in one • it is the One • now I'm the one • this one's just giving it up • no one's story is ever written in full • the one and only • getting onside • onto something • oof • ooh ar • ooh la la • ooh missus • oouldn't ask for more • an open and shut case • it's open season • it opened my eyes • an opening gambit • opening salvo • like opening up a box • opens account • that opens the floodgates • operate to a different set of rules • came at an opportune moment • opportunity knocks • opposites attract • ordinary hero • no ordinary Joe • the original (and still the best) • like no other • making others bend to my will • keeps others in my rear-view mirror • an outbreak of commonsense • it came from outer space • outshine • outshone my nemesis • outside the box • an outsider • outstanding • over and done with • all over bar the singing • over before it started • over my glitch • all over by tea-time • I'm all over that • got over the hump • I'm over the moon • over-the-top • over with a whimper • get one over you • overcame adversity • overcame some wobbles • go into overdrive • an overnight star • I was not trying to overthink • ow-zat • made it my own • we own it • own the streets • take ownership of my game • sets the pace • put through my paces • among the pacesetters • packed to the gunnels • packed to the rafters • packing more oomph than your standard player • packs a punch • a page turns today • paid for the patio • paid in full • more than paid my dues • paid off handsomely • paid real dividends • getting paid to spill the tea • no pain no gain • pain relief • paint the town red • paints a rosy picture • paints another masterpiece • paints everything in real colours • might just pan out fine • puts it in the pantheon • that papers over the cracks • par excellence • par for the course • paradise found • paradisiacal • from a parallel universe • parked my tanks on your lawn • parking the bus • look the part • I feel a part of history • part of my DNA • feel part of the furniture • a parting shot • partner in crime • my party piece • all things come to pass • pass credibility test • pass the test with flying colours • no passion, no point • the past is a foreign country • past master • make a path as well trodden as this feel brand new • it's a patient game • gives me pause for thought • it's payback time • you pays your money and takes your choice • pazam! • I'm at peace, I feel this is my calling • peace reigns througout the land • a peach • in peak form • if not peak performance, it was not a bad impression • a pearl • two peas in a pod • peekaboo • peerless • the pendulum has swung in my favour • like Penelope Pitstop • pennies from heaven • the penny's dropped • pent-up emotions • some people are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them • people are going to eye-roll about me • not many people can pull off these moves • people power strikes again • one of the people that makes the earth better • people will want to get their mitts on this • perennial favourite • perfect • a perfect brew • in perfect concert • the perfect fillip • perfect fit • in perfect harmony • perfect in every way • perfect platform • the perfect riposte • perfect ten • perfect timing • went perfectly to script • the performance cf my life • that performance will live long in the memory • we have performed CPR, open-heart surgery and stuck on go-faster stripes • period. End of story • a period of rest and recovery now awaits • the person nobody else wants to play against • keeping things in perspective • keep being a pest • for Pete's sake • petrifyingly good • phenomenal • the phone has been ringing off the hook • a photo finish • phwoar • pick of the bunch • pick of the crop • pick up where left off • picked up the slack • picking up any dropped balls • picks the wheat from the chaff • picture perfect • piece of cake • a piece of history • I want a piece of the action • like the Pied Piper • can't be pigeon-holded • pigs can fly • piledriver • pin sharp • a pinch-me moment • I had to pinch myself • pinnacle of my career • piping hot • it piqued my interest • pitch battle • pitch perfect • pivotal moment • got some pizzazz • take my place among the stars • my place in history is secure • no place like home • take my place with the greats • going places • plain as a pikestaff • plain sailing • on another planet • the planets align • it's all planned out • planned to the ninth degree • plant a commemorative tree • plate-spinning dexterity • take the plaudits • play strong hand • there are those who play the game and those who change it • play the get-out-of-jail card • played a straight bat • played into my hands • I played it by ear • I played my best game • played my trump card • played the innings of his career • played with flaming eyed conviction • player • the player all others bow down to • a player no one wants to play • playing a new ball game • playing British Bulldog • playing catch-up • playing fast and loose • playing hardball • playing it close to my chest • playing it for laughs • playing like a dream • playing more than decent • playing by my own rules • playing on repeat until 2025 • playing the field • playing the long game • playing the percentages • playing through pain • playing to the crowd • playing to the gallery • this pleasant land • what a pleasant surprise • will please the purist • pleased as punch • pleased to draw a line under this • a pleasing thing • it's been a pleasure • plenty in reserve • plenty of substance beneath the hype • plenty to celebrate • plenty to relish • a plethora of riches • I will keep plodding along until I can't do anymore • ploughing ahead • pls like • plugging the leak • a plum role • plying my trade • poacher-in-chief • pocket rocket • poetic justice • now that's poetry • poetry in motion • that's on point • point made • I had a point to prove • pointing the way • a points machine • you don't poke a mad dog with a stick • in pole position • pomp and circumstance • pop goes the weasel • popped a pin in their bubble • pops the balloon • portrait of an artist at work • put positive spin on • how positively lovely • positively ripping • possesses too much firepower • poster girl • one for posterity • a pot of gold • a potboiler • potent • a potential banker • a potential bolter • took potshots • pounces • pour heart and soul into it • pow • power grab • power play • power to the people • powered past • so powerful, religious almost • powering through • a powerplay • practice makes perfect • practice what I preach • praise be • praise the Lord • praiseworthy • pre-eminent • a pre-emptive strike • preaching to the converted • a precarious point • precocious or what? • predictable in my unpredictable • at a premium • prescient • made my presence felt • in the presence of greatness • press home my advantage • pressed my suit • pressed the big red reset button • pressed the nuclear button • can take the pressure • pressure is a privilege • no pretence of socially distanced celebrations • pretender to the throne • pretty formidable • pretty hard shoes to fill • pretty meaty • pretty much all my boxes ticked in life • pretty much carte blanche • with a prevailing wind • you can't put a price on that • priceless • a priceless ruby in the sport's crown jewels • my pride and joy • takes pride of place • in my prime • prime suspect • prime time • prise open • takes no prisoners • another pristine outing • a privilege and honour • it's a privilege to be part of it • prize guy • prized pony • pro grade • a more proactive display • probably need to be scraped off the pavement later on • probably the best thing that could have happened to me • no problem • problems surmounted • still processing my emotions • like a procession • prodigious talent • prodigiously gifted • produced our A-game • produced the goods • profoundly moving • the prognosis is good • quite prolific • come to prominence • promising • proof of concept • propels us forward • proper good • proper graft • a proper night out • properly touching • prosper mightily • that will do me proud • proud as a peacock • proud as punch • proud isn't the word • one of my proudest moments • I like to prove people wrong, I like to prove myself wrong • proved decisive • proved experience is an undervalued asset • proved the difference • proved the scourge • proved tough to break down • proved we are no mugs • proves a point • proves critics wrong • proves my worth • provided extra insurance • proving transformative • pugnacious • pukka • when I have to pull the chips out, everytime I've delivered • a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality • pulled a fast one • pulled an all nighter • pulled myself together • pulled off a coup • pulling power • still pulls in the punters • pulls on the heartstrings • pulls strings • pulsating • on the pulse • pumped up • pumping iron • the punch line • punch the air • punch them in the mouth metaphorically • punching above my weight • punching heavy • being the puppet master rather than the puppet • just pure elation • pure gold • pure magnetism • a purple patch • push back the furniture • when push comes to shove • pushed my body to the limit • pushes a lot of our buttons • not just pushing the envelope but shredding it • I'm no pushover • putting a rocket up them • really putting our backs into it • putting our money where our mouth is • like putty in my hands • pyrotechnics • pyrrhic victory • a quadruple whammy • it's about quality not quantity • quality shouldn't cost a fortune • had no qualms • a quantum leap • quell mutiny • quelle surprise • the quest is over • quick off the mark • quick on the draw • make quick work • quickest off the blocks • quickfire • quids in • not going quietly • quietly confident • all a quiver • like a rabbit out of a hat • going at it like rabbits • a race always ends with a sweaty brow • like a racehorse let out of the stables • racing ahead • a racing certainty • it's rad, it's extreme, and I'm buzzing on it • on the radar • radio silence • all the rage • a raiding party • a rainbow in the dark • all my rainbow on a stormy day • rainmaker • raise a mug • raise my game • raise my standard • raised the bar so high it needs a pilot's licence • raises eyebrows • raises the bar • raising my game • raising the roof • rallied gamely • ram-raider • rampaging • rampant • rams the record books down their throats • ran into danger instead of backing away from it • I ran the show • rapid fire • like raptors from Jurassic Park • rare • rare beast • a rare breed • a rare cachet • rarely shy with my opinion • ratcheting up the rhetoric • rather chuffed • rather lucked out • really rather special • rattles the cage • got a raucous reception • like a ravenous Orca in a sea of plankton • raving about it • raw • with a raw edge • raw passion • a ray of hope • a ray of sunshine • razor-sharp • razzle dazzle • all that razzmatazz • re-emboldened • re-invigorated • reach endzone • reach giddy heights • reached a tipping point • reaching an inflection point • take it as read • you'll read about it in the late editions • read all about it • had not read the script • ready, set, go • not ready for swansong • not ready for the pipe and slippers yet • keeping it real • it's been real • real-bloke braggadocio • a real breakthrough moment • real champion • a real choker • a real curiousity • the real deal • a real diamond • a moment of real enlightenment • it's a real find • gave it a real go • a real looker • a real page-turner • a real pick-me-up • not real really • a real sea change • taken a real shine to it • has real star wattage • real teeth-gritting challenge • a real test of character • realise my true metier • I realised that being me is enough • my reality distortion field • like, for reals • you reap what you sow • reaps rewards • reasons to be cheerful • reasons to cheer • gives me reasons to smile • reasserting my superiority • rebel without a cause • rebounded from ignominy • received rave reviews • a recipe for success • much to recommend it • record-breaker • my record speaks for itself • put the record straight • records are there to be broken • records could fall • recovery effort • like the Red Arrows • red hot • red letter day • this was red meat to me • redeem ourselves • redemption • a redemption of biblical proportions • redoubtable • that redreses the balance • redressed the imbalance • reduced the arrears • reeled in • reem • trying to refine my craft • reflected glory • it's something kind of refreshing • I refuse to be a slave to the system • I refuse to grow up and take life seriously • refuse to lose • refuse to rest on my laurels • refused to cave in • refusing to drive like a grandma • regain composure • regain swagger • regained control of proceedings • reignited our hopes • reigns surpreme • reined-in • take the reins • rejuvenated • relentless • made us relevant again • ever-reliable • relief all round • relief still palpable • relight that fire • remains a golden goose • remains the man to catch • remarkable • remarkable and unremarkable all at the same time • remember girl power? • if you can remember it, you weren't really there • remember my name • renaissance man • renowned • repaid a debt of gratitude • repaired some of the damage • repels a fightback • replused • represents a much sterner proposition • represents a new frontier • reputation blossoms • reputation counts for nothing • rescue mission • rescued from obscurity • resistance is futile • resolute • resolve tested • really resonates with me • a resounding success • the rest, as they say, is history • I rest my case • will have the rest on the run • restored a little pride • restored calm • restores parity • result • what a result • the result is everything • the result was better than the performance • the result was the only positive • the results are in • resurgent • a resurrection from the dead • return of the prodigal son • a return to form • a return to former glories • return to winning ways • returns with a bang • like a reunion • been a revelation • revenge is a dish best served cold • revenge is sweet • revenge mission • revenge with a capital R • revitalised • revived my fortunes • revved up • got the reward I deserve • just rewards • rewrite the history books • rewrites the script • rhapsody in blue • I got rhythm • I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man, Who could ask for anything more? • the rhythm section • rich pickings • in a rich vein • such a rich vein of form • richly deserved • getting rid of dead wood • ridding my own wave of confidence • it's been quite a ride • ride into the sunset • ride my positive wave • the ride of a lifetime • ridiculously talented • riding a wave of euphoria • riding high • riding out a storm • riding the wave • rifled home • it's only right and proper • right as rain • right at home • now in the right ball park • a right bobby dazzler • right call • the right decision in the grand scheme of things • in the right frame cf mind • right ingredients • a right laugh • making the right noise • getting in some right old tear-ups • right on • right on cue • all right on the night • right on the nose • right on track • there is no right or wrong way • on the right page • in the right place at the right time • the right prescription • on the right road • right said Fred • on the right side of history • the right stuff • right the ship • right the wrongs • trying to go right to the line and put my toe over it • quite right too • on the right track • right up my street • has to be right up there • ring the changes • a ringing endorsement • a riot of colour • let rip • rip-roaring • ripe for the plucking • at a ripe old age • on the rise • the rise and rise • rise to the occasion • always rises to the top • a rising star • no risk, no reward • risk taker • rispek • something of a rite of passage • puts on the Ritz • riveting • a riveting game • my road to Damascus moment • on the road to recovery • on the road to riches • roaring success • doing a roaring trade • roars back • rock and roll • rock on Tommy • rock solid • a rocket fired up anyone too comfortable • rocket fuel • rocking • rockstar • like Rocky Balboa • rode my luck • the role for which I was made • role reversal • I'm on a roll • that's how things roll • roll out the barrel • roll out the fanfare • rollicking • rolling in it • rolling it in • rolling on the floor laughing • it's a rolling situation • rolls back the years • a romp • romped to a win • go through the roof • set room rocking • rootin' tootin • rope-a-dope tactics • puts the rose on the back of my cheeks • a rose-tinted view • rough diamond • all-round good guy • a round of applause • my most rounded performance • all rounder • doing the rounds • a rout • go Route One • like something out of 'Roy of the Rovers' • royal flush • we are royalty • royaly entertained • rub-a-dub-dub • getting the rub of the green • rubbing it in • in rude health • rugged resistance • rule-breaker • rule Britannia • our rule is no rules • rule nothing out and everything in • rule the manor • rule the roost • we rule the waves • rule the world • you can run but you can't hide • a run for your money • not run of the mill • run out winner • runaway success • in the running • made all the running • make the running • running wild • runs amok • runs in my blood • runs riot • runs the rule over it • rush of blood • sabre-rattling • sacre bleu • saddles blazing • safe as houses • a safe bet • in safe hands • safe pair of hands • safe passage • no safety net • when all is said and done • who said chivalry is dead? • sailing away with it • saints alive • Saints go marching on • sale of the century • salt of the earth • salvage a point • salvaged from the scrapheap • salves the wound • I want more of the same • we're all on the same page • samurai spirit • it's like Santa Claus is real • Santa's been kind • one of Santa's little helpers • sauntered to victory • savage • save my bacon • saved by the bell • saved the best till last • saves the day • saving face • the saving grace • saviour • saviour of the universe • savour the occasion • savvy • saw it in my stars • I say • can't say I didn't warn you • say no more • if I say so myself • just saying • really saying something • who says Christmas only comes once a year? • says it all, really • does what it says on the tin • scale new heights • if you are scared of your dreams, there is no point having them • scaredy cat • scarey • scenes of wild celebration • scent blood • schadenfreude • scintillating show • what a scoop • what a scorcher • got on the scoresheet • a screamer • screams winner • scrubbed the barnacles off the boat • scrubs up well • scrummy • scrumptious • seal of approval • sealed the deal • sealed with a kiss • seals safety • seals victory • tis the season to be merry • seasoned to perfection • we were out of our seats • second coming • second by second the crescendo rises • second to none • I feel like I've got a second wind in the sport • no secret recipe • the secret sauce • not-so-secret weapon • the secret's out • secure the perimeter, call for backup • secures my place with the elite club • must-see • see an upward swing • see bright side • I can see clearly now • some things you just have to see for yourself • if you weren't there to see it, you wouldn't believe it happened • see it to believe it • you should see me now • see my profile rocket • see the bigger picture • I can see the candle of hope • see the positives • can't see the wood from the trees • see you off • seeds have been sown • seeds of future greatness is there • seeing is believing • seemingly soars to heaven • the like of something you haven't seen before • seen-it-all • been there and seen it all before • seen the big light • it must be seen to be believed • sees the light of day • seismic fault lines • seize my chance • self-deprecating • no sell-by date • selling my soul • I'm not selling myself short • sends fans into delirium • sends shockwaves • sensational • somehow it all makes sense • a sense of occasion • the sense that everything comes from a good place • sent in a tizz • sent into a flutter • sent into a frenzy • sent into raptures • serendipitous • serene progress • serial winner • serious mojo • a seriously, seriously big party • seriously good • served warning • serves notice • settle a score • settled right in and making some noise • I'm in seventh heaven • got it all sewn up • from shabby to chic • shackles are off • shaft of light • let's shake on it • got you shaking in your boots • it is shallow people who not judge by appearances • the Shangri-La • shaping up well • share spoils • sharp-as-a-tack • at the sharp end • a sharp inhalation of breath • sharp shooter • shatters the illusion • sheds light on that • sheer excitement • sheer might • sheer will power • sheesh • came out of my shell • what a shenanigan • we shifted heaven and earth • shifts into gear • shines a light on that • shining a light in these dark times • a shining beacon • a shining example • the shining light • shiny happy people • my ship's come in • all shipshape • shiver my timbers • a shock of cataclysmic proportions • a shock wave • shocked the establishment • shocked to the core • what a shocker • the shoe's on the other foot • shone a light on • a shoo-in • shook off any rust • shoot from the hip • like shooting fish in a barrel • shooting star • he shoots • made it to the shore • short and sweet • gives it short shrift • the short story made long • a short-term fix • makes short work of it • make short work of it • a shot in the arm • a shot in the dark • shot my bolt • shouldering the burden • on the shoulders of giants • in with a shout • something to shout about • show a clean pair of heels • show me the money • show more endeavour • show my full hand • show my heart • show my true colours • show no mercy • a show of strength • show passion • want to show some pride • show steel • show stopping • show what a warrior is like • showbiz personified • showboating • showcased my strengths • showed glimpses of being back to my old self • showed great technique • showed my pedigree • showed them what they have been missing • showing no ill effects • the showing off must go on • showing signs of life • we've shown that together we're stronger than ever • showpiece • shows admirable restraint • shows fight • shows great character • shows how it's done • shows mettle • shows my class • shows my credentials • shows my hunger • shows my ruthless streak • shows that we have skin in the game • shows the way to the top • shows the years of dedication and hard work pay off • shows them what we're made of • shows what it means to me • shows who's boss • shrewd dude • not to be a shrinking violet • haven't shrunk to a challenge • shut down the comeback • shut up, close the door and call me Mary • put on a sick, sick show • kept my side of the bargain • keeps my side of the deal • a one-sided encounter • a sight for sore eyes • a sight worth seeing • in my sights • sign of the times • sign us up • signalled my intentions • signals intent • my signature dish • signed, sealed and delivered • signing off in style • silences packed house • silences retirement talk • silences the critics • silent assassin • silver bullet • a silver lining • silver service • it's a simple game complicated by idiots • simples • simply amazing and amazingly simple • haven't simply blended into the background • you simply can't go wrong with this • simply happy to take the glory • simply the best • since time immemorial • since when have we done logic? • sing hosannas • they'll sing songs about you • sing when you're winning • all singing, all dancing • singing a happy tune • sink teeth into it • we wouldn't sit back and be brow-beaten • made everyone sit up and take notice • sitting duck • sitting pretty • situation normal • six of the best • sizzler • that was skill • made it through by the skin of my teeth • didn't skip a beat • sky-high • the sky is the limit, but we could probably go further than that • sky-rocketing • slam dunk • slams the door • slashdotted • slays the giant • a sleeper hit • sleeping giant • not so sleepy • get a slice of the action • slick • couldn't let it slide • no slouch • slow and steady wins the race • 'slow down' is not in our vocabulary • more slugfest thani sweet and sciense • smacks upside the head • it's no small achievement • small and perfectly formed • small is beautiful • small margins sometimes equal big repercussions • small ripples can make big waves • one small step for man • where the smart money is • smart move • smarter than the average bear • smarty pants • smash-and-grab raid • a smash hit • smashed it • I smashed it • smashed the roadblock • smashing • smashing, plates smashing • smell blood • something to smile about • can smile again • that puts a smile on my face • all smiles • smiles better • smiling assassin • where there's smoke there's fire • one smooth move • smooth operator • smooth passage • snatch a point • this will snatch Grammys • snatch win • snazzy • sneak past • not to be sneezsd at • if I can get a bit of a sniff, I'm usually all right • not to be sniffed at • from snores to roars • snow joke • it snowballed • soar to new highs • soaring Insta numbers • sock it to 'em • sofa so good • I am not going soft in my old age • I'm sold • soldiered on • solid as a rock • a solid bet • a solid choice • solved the equation • solves age-old problem • that's going some • really quite something • on song • this is our song • soothes nerves • I'm sorry, is this actually happening? • sorry, must dash • sorted • sorts this woman out from the boys • sound as a pound • a sound choice • sound judgement • sounds good • southern comfort • those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind • sows seeds of success • have it in spades • spares blushes • a spark has been lit • sparked into life • always want a few more sparklers, a few more rockets • sparkling performance • sparks fly • sparks interest • sparks pandemonium • sparky • nearly spat my tea out • speaks my language • speaks to the demons and determination in all of us • speaks volumes • something special • a special affinity for it • special brew • the special one • has a special place in my heart • special sauce • my specialist subject • quite the spectacle • spectacular • speechless • need for speed • at the speed of light • speedster • spell-binding • the spice of life • spicing up the show • spiffing • spine-tingling • spiritual almost • make a splash • splend-iferous • spoiler alert • given the spoils • sport is about emotion - winning, losing. It's love and hate and every emotion in between • the sport's answer to the Duracell bunny • gives us a sporting chance • the sporting equivalent of Superwoman • spot on • in the spotlight • spreading my tentacles • spreads like brushfire • puts a spring in my step • a springboard • sprinkles some magic dust • sprint finish • sprint out of the gate • a spur of the moment thing • squared our shoulders and led from the front • squarely in my sights • squeaks over the line • the squeaky wheel got the oil in the end • we are all stabbing in the dark • really stacking up • stairway to heaven • stakes my claim • a stalwart • stamp of approval • put my stamp on it • stamp their mark • a stampede • stamps authority • make a stand • stand head and shoulders above the rest • stand proud • stand shoulder to shoulder with the very best • I stand with you 110% • the standard bearer • not standard-issue • still standing • when you're standing on the diving tower without trunks, you'll take anything • standing up to little Napoleons • a standout performance • stands firm • stands out from the crowd • stands out from the pack • a star is born • my star is on the rise • star is rising • my star is still burning bright • star maker • star of the show • star prize • star quality • giving it a star rating • star turn • the star which shone the brightest of all • brings the stardust • stared in positive fashion • stark choice • all stars • stars align • stars in our eyes • starstruck • start at a canter • it's not where you start it's where you finish • everyone has to start somewhere • start spreadin' the news • started brightly • started like an express train • started to cause problems • just for starters • we are not starting already beaten • starting on the right foot • starting to find my feet • makes a statement • a statement of intent • my statistics make compelling reading • here to stay • let's have a stay-at-home street party • a stay of execution • stay on course • I'll stay until someone boots me out • staying power • staying the course • staying true to the brand proposition • stays ahead of the Joneses • steadfast • steady Eddie • steadying the ship • it's a steal • stealing a march • steals every scene she's in • steals the show • a stealthy 'late home from the pub approach' • steams in • stellar • a stellar cast • a step change • take step in my stride • step out of the shadow cast by you • another step up the mountain • stepped up my game • stepping out of the shadows • a stepping stone • stepping up • a sterling opportunity • sterling work • made of stern stuff • put on steroids • it's even Stevens • no need for a stewards' enquiry • stick my boot in • stick to the knitting • sticks out like a sore thumb • stir crazy • a stirring fightback • stirs the pot • stock rises • find my stock rising • stoic effort • I'm so stoked • stoked the fires • stokes the embers • stole the show • no stone left unturned • stone the crows • stonking win • stood the test of time • the only thing that can stop our hero is her own ennui • a one-stop shop • don't stop the music • stop the press • we can't stop until the final whistle goee • only we can stop us • I'll stop while I'm ahead • ain't no stopping us now • stops the rot • stops the traffic • storied careers • takes me by storm • storm has passed • stormed to victory • storming finish • that's my story and I'm sticking to it • the story is still unfurling • a story that is there to be written • keep on the straight and narrow • straight nines • straight outta Crawley • straight sets • straight talking • stranger than fiction • street fighter • street smart • streets ahead • strength in numbers • going from strength to strength • strewth • strictly premier league • strike at the 11th hour • strike it rich • strike me pink • strike oil • we have the strikeforce to do the damage • strikes it lucky • that strikes the right chord • striking a blow • in striking distance • another string to my bow • string up the bunting • strips everything down to the bare essentials • stroke of luck • another stroll • still going strong • strong as a bull • have a strong jaw • only the strong survive • a strong track record • stroppy • struck a vein of gold • struck fear into my opponents • struck gold • strutting her stuff • stuck the boot in • stuck to the plan • stuck tough • the stuff dreams are made of • the stuff you couldn't teach from a Powerpoint • stumble over the line • stumbles to stardom • stunned and amazed • stunner • stupendous • sublime • subsided • substance over style • success has been a long time coming • success is all the sweeter • our success is due to looking at problems the wrong way • success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm • a success story • want success yesterday • sucking it all in • sucks the poision out of the snakebite • suddenly the man to be shot at • made to suffer for my win • suffer with imposter syndrome • suffers no fools • that will suffice • sugar • sugar-coated • gives me that sugary endorphin rush • suits me down to the ground • it's a summation and a culmination • sumptuous • in the sun • sun shines on me • the sun's coming up • like a Sunday roast • it still hasn't really sunk in • on the sunnier side • one sunny day doesn't make a summer • sunny disposition • sunny side up • super dooper • super easy • super-excited • super happy • super-hot • super-massive • super stardom • super sub • super trouper • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious • superfaaaaast • superhero • superhuman • superlative • superstar • supported by a body of irrefutable evidence • supreme routine • take it when it comes for sure • as sure as day follows night • as sure as eggs are eggs • as sure as night follows day • a sure bet • sure-fire winner • sure-footed • makes sure good work does not go to waste • a sure hand at the tiller • I'm not sure these know how to win a game, lads • it's a sure thing • he may not be sure what he wants, but he'll fight to the death for it • surefire • like surfing a massive wave • surge up the rankings • surpassed my expectations • comes as no surprise • surprise • what a surprise • to the surprise of nobody • surprise package • surpriziiiing • surreal • survival of the smartest • survives scare • my swansong • swashbuckling • swatted away • no sweat • made to sweat • sweat blood • the most sweet, saccharine • a sweet and exuberant moment of joy • sweet as pie • sweet dreams are made of this • sweet memories • sweet music • sweet sensation • sweet smell of success • sweet spot • sweet success • sweet taste of victory • the sweetest thing • all sweetness and light and lollipops and rainbows • swells hearts • swept all before them • swept the board • swim against the tide • things are going swimmingly • when he makes it swing, the Barmy Army sings • came out swinging • come out swinging • takes a swipe • switched on • like the sword of Democles • symbolic ascension to the top of the food chain • the symbolism will not be lost on anyone • in sync • ta da • have my tail up • tailormade for me • one take • have what it takes • a talent that comes along probably ever 10 years • a talisman • talk of the town • we talk the same language • now we're talking • talking about a revolution • everyone is talking about me • a talking point • tally ho • no tame tribute act • tapping presistently brakes the stone • on target • a taste of the high life • a taste of things to come • tasty • quite a tasty palate • teach an old dog new tricks • have to teach you to suck eggs • teacup-dropping • Team Crazy • our team isn't just planning to make up the numbers • teams may be better than us but teams will not be braver than us • tear off a strip • always brings a tear to my eye • I tear up • I just teared up • tearing up the rulebook • tears of joy • that tears up the script • tech-tastic • tectonic plates shift • tee hee • tell me about it • tell me more, tell me more • tell you how good I am until the cows come home • telling it like it is • telling it straight • I'm telling my grandkids about this one • I'll keep going until somebody tells me to stop • with a temperature that never drops below gorgeous • a temporary respite • don't like tempting fate • ten feet tall • made it ten times better • a terrific jumping-off point • that Test-match feeling • thank the lucky stars • thank the stars • I can't thank you enough • thank you for the music • thanks for having me • thanks for the memories • and just like that • theatre of dreams • we were there, we were there • got there • put it there • these players would have been a success even if they had lost • they're everywhere. Defying odds. Logic. Reason. The game changers • they're playing my tune • things come thick and fast • through thick and thin • thick as thieves • out of thin air • the thin end edge of the wedge • quite the thing • you think I'm over-egging the pudding • I don't think I'm the finished product yet • they think it's all over • I didn't think there was life outside the M25 • third time's a charm • we got this • This Old Man, knick-knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone • like getting a thorn out of a finger • thoroughbreds • makes it seem as though something's happening when it's not • it's the thought that counts • thought the world of • one out of a thousand • a thousand flowers blossom • like three aces all in one • three cheers • like a three-year-old on a sugar high • threw everything in plus kitchen and bathroom sinks • what a thrill • thrill of the race • thrilled • thrilled to bits • thriller • really thrilling • thrilling cavalry charge • thrilling escape act • thrills and spills • thriving • they can throw the handbags around as much as they like • throwing my weight around • thrown a lifeline • thumbs up • thumping win • thunderbirds are go • a thunderbolt • thundered in • to thunderous applause • thwapp • makes us tick • tick it off my wishlist • tick tick boom • ticked off my bucket list • just the ticket • tickety-boo • tickled pink • tickles my fancy • that ticks all the boxes • ticks all the boxes • tide will lift all the boats • tidings of comfort and joy • some tidy form • a tidy sum • tidy up • tier one status • got out of a really tight hole • keeping it all tight-knit • tightened my grip • Tik Tok famous • tilt at title • like tilting at windmills • it's my time • all time best • time flies when you're having fun • I've got a lot of time for that • all-time great • my time has finally come • the time is ripe • I had the time of my life • in our time of need • having the time to bed in • no time to shrink • time up • time well spent • could not have timed it better • timely and timeless • times it right • the times they are a'changing • it's all in the timing • timing is everything • timing my run • that's the tip of an iceberg • tip top • tipped for the top • tipped the scales • tips the balance • titan • title scrap • titter ye not • you're toast • toast of the team • toast the occasion • today is my lucky day • today London, tomorrow the world • like a toddler on too much sugar • going toe to toe • it's coming together • told you so • not tomorrow. Today • ton up • sets the tone • sets tongues wagging • a tonic • have the tools for the jobs • came out on top • a top, top player • top banana • top billing • top boys • top bulls • top cat • top class • top dog • top dollar • top drawer • top echelon • top end • top flight • top marks • top notch • top o' the morning • top of the class • top of the foodchain • top of the heap • top of the league • top of the medal table • top of the pack • top of the pile • at the top of the tree • on top of the world • top spot • top table • you can't top that • top trumps • top whack • toppled • quite toppy • that's the tops • tops off revival • tops the bill • such a torch bearer • tore up the rules • like a tornado, everything happening at once • tortured genius • a Torvill and Dean type of partnership • tossing the formbook aside • a totally assured performance • totally memorable • find my touch • a touch • touch of class • a touch of pragmatism • makes me feel I can touch the stars • can't touch this • touchdown • touche • I'm most touched • tough as nails • tough as old boots • tough at the top • tough bananas • a tough call • a tough cookie • tough dusters • a tough sell • tough talk • a tour de force • I'm not here to be a tourist • tower of strength • towering performance • towers above them all • go to town on it • got out of traffic • trailblazer • the train keeps rolling • keeps the train on the tracks • a transformation • one to treasure • treasure trove • what a treat • treble-top • trend-setter • trepidation replaced by exhiliration • tres bien • trial of strength • a tribute to the indomitable nature of the human spirit • does the trick • tricks of the trade • have a few tricks up my sleeve • a tricky ascent • if I tried, I couldn't have dreamt of anythkng better • tried-and-tested • tried and tested • tried and trusted formula • trigger happy • all the trimmings • triple A rated • a triumph • triumphed through adversity • no trivial pursuit • a trophy for the mantlepiece • trophy hunter • true ghostbusters • true giant of the game • true grit • a true leader of women • a true marvel • truly, madly, deeply • truly channeling the divine • something truly is afoot • truly revolutionary • trump that • don't like the truth to get in the way of a good story • a truth universally acknowledged • a tug on the heart strings • a tumultuous day • in tune • keeps us tuning in • turbo-boost • turbo-charged • puts a turbulent year to bed • like a turkey shoot • turn a decent profit • what a turn around • turn on the style • all we've got to do is turn up • a turnaround • turned a corner • turned a group of individuals into a team • turned a page • turned into a prince • turned it into an art form • well turned out • turned over a new leaf • turned the tables • turning back time • turning it on its head • turning point • turns back the clock • turns jeers into cheers • turns on the charm • turns science fictionn into reality • turns the screw • turns the tide of history • turns to gold • always turns up for the big occasion • it's all about who turns up on the day • turns up the heat • tut tut, oh, I say • twinkle in my eye • twinkle-toed • do the twist • twist and shout • twist in the tale • twists the knife • what u gonna do? • the ugly duckling turns into a swan • uh-mazing • uh oh • the ultimate accolade • ultimate test • umwavering in our support • unable to lay a glove on me • gives unalloyed pleasure • unassailable • the unbearable weight of massive talent • unblinkered thinking • unbreakable spirit keeps the flame burning • where there was uncertainty. there is certainty • undaunted • under the microscope • kept under wraps • we're so underrated • not undersell the occasion, not overplay it in our minds • so understated • the understatement cf the year • unerring • unflappable • unflinching • unforgettable • unforgettable journey • unheralded • univeral credit due • to universal acclaim • unlikely hero • unlikely lads • an unlikely victory • an unlikely win • an unmatched magician • unmissable • unparalleled • unperturbed • unprecedented • unquestioning fervour of zealots • just unreal • unscathed • unstoppable • unsung hero • the unsung hero's unsung hero • untameable • untouchable • untroubled • the unvarnished truth • on the up • going up • up, up, and away • they don't like it up 'em • takes it up a notch • up-and-at-'em • keeping up appearances • make up for lost time • up for the challenge • up for the fun of the fair • made up ground • going up in the world • go up like a rocket, come down like a feather • up my alley • more up my sleeve • comes up roses • it's come up rosy • keeping up the good fight • won't be making up the numbers • up to my old tricks • up to speed • comes up trumps • one-upmanship • won't be put upon • upped my game • get the upper hand • upsets the odds • upsets the old order • an uptick in performance • on an upward trajectory • upwardly mobile • we gave ur all • urban legend • look at us • useful idiot • ushers in a new day • the usual order of play has been ripped up • the usual suspects • usurps • like V.E. day • va-va-voom • a valiant attempt • vamos • at the vanguard • vaulting ambition • a verbal denial-of-service attack • a veritable feast • vertiginous • will always be very, very close to my heart • the very best • make very good bedfellows • very plumptious • a very slick operating system • vibrant • a victory-at-all-costs mentality • victory came at a cost • a victory for good over evil • a victory for optimism over cynicism • a victory for taking a road trip over parking the bus • victory is assured • was victory ordained from above or merely a coincidence? • victory streak • such vim and panache • vindicated • vindication • vintage • a vintage year • I'm not doing a violin thing but I'm proud of me • it'll go viral • a virtouso display • virtually unplayable • a virtuoso display • a virtuous circle • another visit to the winner's enclosure • viva viva • finding my voice • got my voice back • volte-face • gets our vote • a vote of confidence • vying for the top • I wait for no man • one must wait until the evening to see how splendid the day has been • I can walk 500 miles • like a walk in the park • like walking a tightrope, and somebody gives it a really good shake now and again • like walking a tightrope made of thread • like walking a tightrope without a net • like walking on air • walking the red carpet • a walkover • walks a tightrope • walks her talk • if it walks like a duck • wallop • waltz to the title • what I really, really want • all I ever wanted • wanted man • a war horse • warming to the task • warms the cockles • you were warned • warning klaxon! • warning shot • on the warpath • one to watch • watch this space • a water-cooler expert • as water is to a desert wanderer • like water off a duck's back • a water-tight and robust outfit • watershed moment • wave the checkered flag • wavering at nothing • making waves • wax lyrical • going all the way • I wouldn't have it any other way • set on our way • well on my way • no way, yes way • way better • got my way in a roundabout fashion • the only way is up • way more wow • that's the way to do it • way to go • there's more than one way to skin a cat • this is the way to Wembley • one way traffic • no two ways about that • a wealth of experience • wear my heart on my sleeve • I feel a certain weight of responsibility • a weight off my mind • a weight off my shoulders • wel api • went down well • well well well • gave it the welly required • wer are not going for a jolly-up or a good time • that's how the West was won • having a whale of a time • wham bam • for whatever one sows, that will he also reaps • the wheel of fortune favours us • wheeling and dealing • wheels away • whew • whey-hey • whip-smart • whipped myself into shape • whipping up a storm • a whirlwind • whisky galore • white hot • a white knuckle ride • white tiger • whizz-bang • whizzo • whoa • come on, come all. Whoever wants it can get it • whole again • the whole ballyhoo • doing the whole banana • the whole caboodle • a whole different kettle of fish • going the whole hog • a whole lotta bottle • a whole new ball game • the whole package • the whole shebang • put in a wholehearted effort • whoop • whoop-de-doo • whoopee • whoops, hollers and a standing ovation • whoops a daisy • whoosh • what a whopper • whopping • why-aye do • why I get up in the morning • wide awake • wide-eyed • wields a big stick • gets wiggle room • wild applause • wild card • wild lion • wild one • a wild ride • wilder than my wildest dreams • a must-win • win by a mile • want to win dearly • in win mode • win on points • win ugly • that's a win-win • wind, rain, shine, we've been on the paddock doing the hard work • the wind is changing • a window of opportunity • winds of change • winging it • everyone's a winner • winner • winner by a whisker • a winner with fans • winners all round • winning at all costs • that winning feeling • a winning formula • winning habit • winning hands down • a winning machine • winning pretty and ugly • like winning the lottery • it's wins-day • wins the day • wins the golden boot • wiped the floor with my opponents • a wise move • something to wish for • within reach • within spitting distance • within striking distance • within touching distance • without a hitch • without batting an eye • without compromise • without jumping through more hoops • wizard • the wizard of Oz • woah! • keep the wolf from the door • where the woman wears the trousers • won by a landslide • we haven't won anything yet • I won fair and square • won the mental battle • a thing of wonder • wonder boy • wonder strike • the wonder stuff • wondercrump • some kind of wonderful • the wonderful everyday • most wonderful force for good • it's a wonderful life • puts me in wonderland • woo hoo • a bit woo woo • woohoo • woooh • woosh • my word • the word is out • words can't do it justice • words fail me • made to work • work myself to the bone • a work of art • worked a charm • worked its magic • we worked our socks off • worked ourselves into a position of promise • out-worked rivals • I've worked tirelessly • working our nuts off • working up a sweat • workmanlike rather than flowing • works the angles • works wonders • out of this world • take on the world • sets the world ablaze • sets the world alight • this is my world and you're living in it • world beater • world beating • world class • world domination • world famous • a world first • the world is not enough for me • does a world of good • sets the world on fire • the worm has turned • that's one less thing to worry about • worse kept secret of success • the worst is behind me • worth a bit of a tootle, if not a full-on fanfare • worth a fist-bump • worth every penny • because it's worth it • worth shelling out for • worth staying in for • that was worth staying up for • worth the risk • worth trumpeting about • a worthy winner • like wow • such a wow • wow • wowee • wowzat • wowzers • that's a wrap • got it all wrapped up • wrestle • wrestle control • write another famous chapter • write my name into the history books • it was written in the stars, wasn't it? • written off by all around them • can do no wrong • wunderbar • got the X factor • y-e-e-e-s • yaaay • yabba dabba doo • yahoo • yankee doodle dandy • yay • ye Gods • ye-ha • no more years of hurt • yelped so loud that is set the dog off • yes, it really happened • yesssssssssss We can dare to hope again • not yet ready to blow the final whistle • yipee • yipes • yippee yay • young guns • in the youth of old age • youthful exuberance • a youthful ingenue • youthful promise • yummy • zero sugar, real magic • zip-a-dee doo-dah • zoink • zoo-wee mama

Replying to someone saying “wow”, (or saying “we lost”)

#delete • give yourself 10 points • the 2 minute warning • 2 wrongs don't make a right • 5 - 1 down at half time • an aberration • abhorrent • abject • not able to pull my weight • abominable • not what we are about • in absentia • absolute bobbins • absolute credit to yourself • absolute legend • an absolute monster • absolute rubbish • absolute stinker • at the absolute wire • absolutely apes*** • absolutely atrocious • absolutely frothing • absolutely no recriminations • I'm absolutely not here for it • an abundance of caution • abysmal • accident prone • not so accommodating • there's an accusing set of eyes • you ace'd it • my Achille's heel • an acquired taste • acting fast doesn't mean acting fast and loose • acting up • out of action • we need action not words • adds insult to injury • adds to problems • adds to the intrigue • it's adios to the spoils • there's a lot to admire about that • you have to admire her • much ado about nothing • get taken advantage of • we're not afraid of the darkness, it's what the darkness conceals that frightens us • after a fashion • not again • don't ever do that again • is against the grain for me • wouldn't be against you doing it again • aghast • agonising • agony • it doesn't agree with me • get ahead of myself • you're ahead of the curve • ailing • sets the alarm bells ringing • alas • alas it was not to be • a bit of an albatross • Alexa, play 'Let it Go' • the aliens will be turning up soon • allows more swill to be put in the trough • given an almighty scare • almost a badge of honour • it's almost entertaining • also-rans • I am who I am • amateur hour • amazing disgrace • ambushed • ambushed by cake • amid a flurry of mealy mouthed apologies • we are not amused • anarchy! chaos! • anathema to me • anger erupts • one angry man • angst • annus horribilis • you have a lot to answer for • we want answers • had no answers • an anti-climax • if there's anyone here I haven't insulted, I do beg his pardon • I'm not going anywhere • an apocalypse is coming • apoplectic • I appear, I deceive, I leave • like apples and oranges • I appreciate what you're saying • architects of our own downfall • it's arduous • arduous • need an arm over my shoulder • arm wrestle • I'll arm-wrestle for it • arm wrestling • keep you at arm's length • armageddon • it will take an army of tanks to get me out • what goes around, comes around • ashamed • I won't ask for seconds • asking for trouble • like asking the arsonist to put out the fire they created • asleep at the wheel • asleep on the beat • we got our asses kicked • an atmosphere of despondence • attempt to rebuild • attritional • au contraire • not au fait with that • you have the audacity to say that • not an auspicious start • my authority is now totally shot • look to avenge my defeat • we averted nuclear war • avoid it like the plague • it could and should have been avoided • aw snap • more awake to danger • awash with crystal-ball gazing • the one that got away • not going away anytime soon • the awkward squad • went awry • aww shucks • I've no axe to grind • axed • the axeman cometh • B.O.T.A. Baddest of them all • doing b*gger all • it's baby steps • on my back • put on the back burner • on my back foot • back me or sack me • just want to get back on the horse • have to back-pedal • back to basics • keeps coming back to bite me • back to earth with a bump • it may come back to haunt you in the future • back to square one • back to the drawing board • no backbone • backed myself into a corner • really backfired • backs to the wall • backslapping smugness • took a backward step • we are going backwards instead of forward • a backwater • well bad • a bad attitude • there is no bad blood • no bad blood • bad day at the office • like a bad dream • bad light ends play • bad loser • going through a bad patch • get a bad press • bad to worse • you're a badass • baffled • my bags are packed • bah humbug • I'm bailing out • balderdash • go ballistic • what a balls-up • a balls up • baloney • bamboozled • banana skin • that's bang out of order • banged out • like banging my head against a brick wall • banished from the kingdom • a baptism of fire • like a bar brawl • barbarians at the gate • that's bare annoying • bare-faced cheek • that's bare funny • barely bat an eyelid • barely got a look in • barking up the wrong tree • barrel of laughs • barren run • it puts barriers up • a few bars of the Benny Hill theme tune away from utter farce • basement boys • bats in the belfry • battery critical • battle scarred • battle weary • made me bawl my eyes out • baying for blood • beam me up, Scotty • bear the brunt • doesn't bear thinking about • you're being beastly • well beat • if you can't beat them, join them • beaten by a length • beaten all ends up • keep beating myself up • beauty is only skin deep • you make your bed, you lie in it • a bed of nails • no bed of roses • bedazzled • bedlam • have a bee in their bonnet • no beef with you • befuddled • I beg to differ • began wiht plenty of purpose • beggars belief • beggars cannot be choosers • could this be the beginning of the end • there's no beginning to your talent • I don't begrudge it at all • won't begrudge you an open-top bus ride • behaving like a creep • he's behind you • beleaguered • beleagured • don't believe the hype • I believe we'll win or learn, today was definitely a lot to learn • I believed implicitly this was a work event • things went belly-up • had a bellyful • below mediocre • below my best • below par • bemused • it's not going to benefit anyone • give you the benefit of the doubt • bereft of ideas • I'm beside myself • besmirch my reputation • you're the best • best days lie ahead • best forgotten • my best friend and worst enemy • best glossed over • best in chump-ions league • the best laid plans go badly wrong • not the best look • it is not the best moment for the planet • best of enemies • the best of intentions • it is the best of times and the worst of times • the best team lost • best to let the dust settle • I'll do my best to rectify matters • the best worst thing that ever could have happened • my bete noire • this is a betrayal • things can only get better • must do better • could do better • better luck next time • better safe than sorry • we are better than this • better the devil you know • it's better to give than receive • between a rock and a hard place • beware prophets bearing gifts • not beyond reproach • beyond satire • beyond the cringe • it's beyond the pale • not beyond the realms of possibility • this isn't big and it's not clever • we've really taken a big battering • a big blow • like a big boxing bout but at two different weight divisions • we put on our big-boy pants and get on with it • a big F for fiasco • a big fat zero • too big for my boots • you have a big future ahead of you • big girls don't cry • taken a big hit • it is a big league for big boys • maybe one big leap will come and we'll be right there • a big let down • a big miss • big name casualties • big test • in big trouble • I've got bigger fish to fry • the biggest abdication of leadership • I'm your biggest cheerleader • on your bike • quite the Billy-no-mates • binned • bird brain • that's for the birds • bit me in the arse • bit of an inferiority complex • bit off more than I can chew • don't bite the hand that feeds you • bites the dust • I'm in bits • a bitter blow • bitter end • a bitter pill to swallow • bittersweet • the black arts • black clouds gather • given a black eye • black sheep • black swan events happen • I blame the parents • they would blame the weather on me of they could • I don't blame you • what the blazes • bleak times • blech, that's awful • a blemish on my record • bles yu • blighted • won't make a blind bit of difference • blinded by the light • blindsided • on the blink • a blip • there will be blood • that makes my blood boil • blood-letting • we have blood on our hands • bloodbath • bloodied, but unbowed • bloodied and bruised • a blooper • a blot on the copybook • a blot on the landscape • blown a gasket • blown away with such relish • blown hot and cold • blown it • blown off course • blown out of proportion • blown out of the water • blown up disastrously • blows a fuse • blows a huge hole in my hopes • that blows my chances • that blows your socks off • a blubbery mess • gives us the blues • blunder costs dear • blunderland • blunt-edge trauma • bit of a blur • like a boat without a rudder • doesn't bode well • bodged it • a body blow • you have to put your body on the line • bodyblow • bogged down • boiling over • bombshell • like a Bond villain • bone up and persevere • boneheader • bonkers • boo hoo • boo if you want • boo! Hiss! • boo! hiss! • boom and bust • going 'boom bang-a-bang' • given the boot • borderline cheating • what a bore • a bore draw • boring drivel • on borrowed time • botched • it gives us both nightmares and dreams • you get both siders of the coin • doesn't bother me in the slightest • bottle it • bottled off stage • bottom of the heap • there's bound to be hiccups along the way • you bounder • the bovver boys are back • take a bow • not a bowl of cherries • bows out • you're box office • like a boxer hanging on the ropes, conceding one hit after another • like the boy that cried wolf • boys will be boys • no-one likes a bragger • brain fart • brainless • put the brake on • you are going to need a brand new pen to sign all the contracts waiting for you • some brass neck • brassed off • put a brave face on • give me a break • breaks hearts • breathing down my neck • always the bridesmaid, never the bride • a bridge too far • bring in some reinforcements • we will have to bring our A-game • Brits behaving badly • broke ground that should remain unbroken • bruised and battered • bruising defeat • a brush off • give a brush-off to that • brushed aside • brutal reality • brutally exposed • I'll have to buck my ideas up • the buck stops here • buckle in the heat of the limelight • buckling under the pressure • I'm a buffoon • I was not built for this • like a bull in a china shop • no one is bulletproof, no one is indispensible • bum deal • it's a bum rap • bummer • bumps along the road • bun • a bun fight • a bit of a bungle • the bunker is collapsing • burdened by the weight of expectations • buried head in the sand • burn the boats • burned a few bridges • burned brightly before fading into obscurity • really burnt • burst the bubble • won't bury them alive • like buses, both errors came along at once • bust my a** • a bust up • busted • a busted flush • Buster Keaton has nothing on me • butt of all jokes • butterfingers • a butterfly stitch on a gaping wound • I'll button my lip • I can't buy that • buzz off • c'est la vie • cack-handed • a cacophony of boos • a cad and a bounder • calamitous blunder • calamity • call 999 • call a halt • call for clarity • I'll call it a day • call it quits • somebody call maintenance • call the cops • call the midwife • call the sheriff, let's shut this place down • the call was out • calling last orders • calls for a united front • calls for some rabble rousing • keep calm and carry on • calm yourself • my campaign has flatlined • cancel Christmas • cancelled • you cannont be serious • I just cannot catch a break • cannot hide my disappointment • capitulated • captain chaos • Captain Crasheroony Snoozefest • car crash • you're such a card • a cardinal sin • keeping my cards close to my chest • my career is being flushed down the toilet • be careful what you wish for • carnage • carry me home • carry on regardless • I'll carry the can • cartoon villain • I'll keep making my case • no case for the defence • a case of after the Lord Mayor's show • a case of mutually assured destruction • a case of one step forward, two steps back • another case of what could have been • cast into outer darkness • cast into the wilderness • casts a cloud • casts a pall over it • casts a shadow • that lets the cat out of the bag • catastrophe • catastrophic • still to catch fire • caught cold • caught flat-footed • caught in the crossfire • caught napping • caught offside • caught on the hop • caught short • no cause for alarm • cause for concern • caused ructions • causing London fog • causing us to have kittens • a cautionary tale • to my chagrin • chalk-and-cheese rivalry • not always champagne and roses • put the champagne on ice • champs to chumps • a chance gone begging • not a chance in hell • is there any chance none of you saw that? • we have to take our chances • chances are virtually zero • chances were few and far between • all change • some things don't change • things can change • change a fuse or put a penny in the meter • a change is gonna come • changes must be made somewhere, somehow • changes nothing • chaos doesn't come close • chaos reigns • it is not chapter and verse • that chapter of my life is closed • just character building • charlatan • chasing other dreams • chastening experience • have to have a chat with myself • che sacrilegio • check-mated • in checkmate • what a cheek • cheeky monkey • I won't be cheering for it • cheesed off • chequered time • cherry picker • chew it over • something to chew on • the chickens have come home to roost • chief tormentor • how childish • chill blast of reality • chill out • take it on the chin • have to put my chin up • every choice is a loss • will have some choice words • chokes on stage • all that chopping and changing • choppy waters • chucked overboard • chucking me on the railway tracks • chump • circle the wagons • a clarion call • a class A circus • trying to claw my way back into the game • I want to clean up the mess • a clear and present danger • clear as mud • a clear case of reductio ad absurdum • clearly an ass • not so clever • clever • clever clogs • clickbait • we're not only climbing mountains now, we're building them • clinging on • clipped my wings • clobbered • sets the clock back • not even close • so close and yet so far • close but no cigar • in cloud cuckoo land • cloud on the horizon • like clouds without rain • a clown in charge of a circus • clowns • the clowns have esacaped the circus • clueless • clutching at straws • I'll get my coat • cock and bull story • a code red warning • codswallop • out in the cold • cold comfort • got cold feet • given the cold shoulder • going cold turkey • collapse • collateral damange • on collision course • got the collywobbles • the comeback will be greater than the setback • quite the comedown • a comedy of errors • got my comeuppance • common as muck • a bit complacent • no complaints • complete idiots • complete lottery • a complete non-issue • complete surrender • completely reprehensible • it's complicated • computer says no • not conducive to the atmosphere • I am conflicted • confounded • confused messages • congrats • congratulations • you can't connect the dots going forward, you can only connect going back • conned • consider a course correction • I'll consider my future • consigned to the dustbin of history • took some consolation • a conspicuous failure • a constant battle • a constitutional crisis • made a contest of it • continually chasing my tail • contrasting fortunes • some contretemps • Control-Alt-Delete • a conundrum • a convenient fiction • that's how the cookie crumbles • cool your boots • a cop-out • cornered • that's going to cost a pretty penny • might be costly • coulda woulda shoulda • keeping my counsel • out for the count • don't count your chickens • will not countenance playing like that • counting the cost • counts for little • the coward's way out • cowerin timorous beastie • I won't crack the whip • cracking under pressure • the cracks begin to show • crafty so-and-so • won't let it cramp my style • who gives a crap • crash landing • crash out • crass • it makes me want to crawl under a rock • crazy, crazy low • still crazy after all these years • cream-crackered • a creativity problem • credit • give credit where it's due • crest-fallen • that's not cricket • crime sometimes does pay • it's criminal • cringeworthy • crisis-hit club • crisis? what crisis? • criticised from North to South Pole • came a cropper • at cross purposes • we'll cross that bridge when we come to it • a cross to bear • in the crosshairs once more • at a crossroads • my crown slipped • cruel blow • it's a cruel world • crumbs from the table • crush my dreams • crushing loss • cry blue murder • don't cry for me • cry foul • cry me a river • don't cry over spilt milk • a crying game • for crying out loud • a crying shame • a bit like a cuckoo entering the nest • cue the backlash • a cul-de-sac • culpable • not my cup of tea • curious and curiouser • curse strikes again • and the curtain slowly falls • curtains for us • a curve ball • cut a frustrated figure • cut adrift • cut an agitated figure • cut down a peg • cut down to size • does not cut it • have to cut my cloth accrdingly • cut short • cut-throat • cut to ribbons • cut to shreds • cut your coat according to your cloth • cuts both ways • that cuts no ice • a cynical case of rinse and repeat • no d***heads • dad's army • a Dad's Army operation • it's daft • a dagger through the heart • giving you daggers • dallied • damaged goods • dammed if I do, dammed if I don't • dammit • I don't give a damn • a damp squib • puts a dampener on proceedings • damsel in distress • a damsel in distress • will not be dancing around the Christmas tree with delight • dangerous as hell • a dark day • I am going dark for a bit • went into a dark hole • in a dark place • dark side of the moon • really dark times • a dark underbelly • it is darkest before the dawn • the darkest hour • darn • dashes hopes • just isn't my day • had my day • I'm taking it a day at a time • I'll take it day by day • my day will come • daylight robbery • my days are numbered • dazed and confused • I'm dead • dead and buried • dead cat bounce • dead in the water • dead man walking • a dead rubber • not dead yet • a deafening silence • might be a deal-breaker • wasn't dealt the greatest of hands • death by brownie • a death spiral • in its death throes • debilitating • decidely dicey • decimated • decks stacked against me • declare an emergency • ever-decreasing circles • deep panned • in deep trouble • in deep water • deepens woes • every defeat should be viewed as a crisis • defeatist • defending the indefensible • getting defensive • defiance • defies logic • it was definitely heart in the mouth • the definition of missable • deflated • deflating • dejected • delusions of grandeur • my demise has been greatly exaggerated • demoralising • in denial • denigrating the game • puts a dent in it • dents hopes • deny them the oxygen of publicity • depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go! • that's not my department • derailed • a dereliction of duty • derided • a dertrimental impact • desecration • you deserve a medal • you deserve your moment in the spotlight • we got what we deserved • deserved more time • everyone deserves a second chance • it's despair for us • desperados • desperate Dan • in our desperate hour of need • things are desperate not serious • desperate times call for desperate measures • despicable • destiny had other plans • dethroned • devastated • devastating • what the devil • the devil is in the detail • devine retribution • diametrically opposed • not a dicky bird • diddums • died on my arse • what difference does it make? • will be a different animal next time • that's different gravy • still difficult now to process • as difficult to fathom as the Eurovision Song Contest • difficult to gauge the reaction • I'll dig in my heels • dignified to the end • dignity is parked at the door • a dilemma • take a dim view • one dimensional • dimwit • dire consequences • in dire straits • a dirge • dirty, rotten scoundrel • disappearing act • disappearing up its own fundament • disaster zone • disasterclass • disco diva • discombobulating • I've disgraced myself • disgruntled • disgusting • disjointed • dismal • dismantled • a dismantling • dispiriting • my displeasure is clear • disquiet emerging • a bit disrespectful • don't diss me • dissension grows louder • doing a disservice • distraught • ditched • ditherer-in-chief • divides opinion • divorced from reality • dizzy heights and crushing lows • have it all to do • just too much to do • no can do • in the dock • is there a doctor in the house? • the dog ate it • the dog ate my homework • like a dog chasing its tail • it's a dog-eat-dog world • in the dog house • that dog is not going to hunt • a dog's breakfast • what a dog's dinner • it's a dog's life • wasn't much of a dogfight • dogged resistance • doggerel • going to the dogs • you are a doll • should have done better • done more backflips than Simone Biles • done sweet FA • done up like a kipper • I'm not done yet • a doofus • we're doomed • doomsday scenario • doomsters and gloomsters • one door closes and another opens up • doors slam in my face • still is a doozy • I feel like a dope • I'm a dork • a double-edged sword • double fault • it's double standards • double trouble • if in doubt, wash your hair • doubted myself • doubting Thomas • dour game • going down • out but not down • going down a dead end • takes me down a peg • down and out • goes down fighting • down in the dumps • down in the mouth • going down like nine pins • down on my luck • down the pan • go down the Swanee • put it down to experience • down to the bare bones • down to the wire • did not go down well with the traditionalists • will not go down without a fight • downbeat • downcast • a bit of a downer • will not get downhearted • downtrodden • downward spiral • a drab game • dragged from pillar to post • dragged kicking and screaming • dragged myself into the mud • dragging my feet • dragging my heels • drags as all down • need to drain the swamp • draining the joy from the game • dramatic dip in form • we've got to draw a line in the sand • draw a veil over that • drawing a blank • won't be drawn into mind games • dreadful • can still dream • dream over • dreams can't be bought • dreams shattered • all dressed up with nowhere to go • drew the short straw • you drive me spare • driven to despair • driven to distraction • drives me mad • it's driving me nuts • driving us all down a never-ending one-way street • a drop in the ocean • dropped a clanger • dropped batons, disqualifications and red flags • dropped me right in it • dropped the ball • dropped the disco ball • dropping like flies • some of the dross being served up • drove through a red light • drowning in our own complexity • drowning my sorrows • dry-as-dust • in a dry spell • dry your eyes • duck and cover • ducking the issue • a dud • that's duff • duffer • a duffus • dug myself into a deeper hole • dull and dreary • dull as dishwater • dumb and dumber • dumbfounded • dumbing down • dumped on from a great height • dumped out • duplicitous • dust myself off • dyed-in-the-wool • dystopian • it's early days • an early exit • an early finish • you've earned it • my ears are burning • easier said than done • it would be easier to get rocking horse poo • not so easy • easy come, easy go • easy for us to drop our heads • only ever easy in theory • as easy on the eye as seeing your grandparents French kiss • not an easy ride • it's too easy to put two and two together and make five • an easy touch • I'll eat a little humble pie • I'll eat my words • ebbed and flowed • eclipses me • it's been an education for all of us • eek • will take quite a lot of effort to mend fences • don't put all your eggs in one basket • an ego thing • give it the elbow • so electrifying and so nauseating all at the same time • the elephant in the room • an elephant trap • an embarrassment • embattled • emotionally draining • came and emptied the tanks • empty gesture • less than enamoured • encore • coming to an end • it's not the be all and end all • there's no end in sight • the end is near • it's the end of a chapter but not the book • at the end of my tether • end of the road • at the other end of the spectrum • end of the world • end of the world as we know it • end up as an 'Also Starring' in the end credits • it all ends in tears • ends not with a roar but a squeak • enfant terrible • engage brain before opening mouth • engage panic mode • an enigma never really unlocked • enough is enough • entering the twilight of my career • entering unchartered territory • it doesn't entirely fly • like an episode of Wacky Races • erred on the side of caution • error-strewn • et tu Brute • I'm an eternal optimist • everybody knows what I am capable of • everyday is a winding road • I gave everything • we did everything but scored • you have been everything I thought you would be and more • not everything is golden • everything is missing • everything that could go wrong did go wrong • everything that is wrong in modern day society • still everything to play for • you want everything under the sun • everything went out of the window • not exactly a barrel of laughs • exasperated • you've excelled yourself • there's more excitement in Morecombe on a Friday night • no excuses, nip it in the bud • made my excuses and left • exhaled like punctured balloons • exhibit A, the main offenders • an existential crisis • get exit done • exit stage left • don't expect hearts and flowers • we experienced a rapid, unscheduled disassembly • I've got some explaining to do • exposed soft underbelly • an expression of great remorse • an extinction-level event • extremely regrettable • in the eye of the storm • many would give their eye teeth to achieve that • my eyebrows did raise a full quarter inch • eyeing a rematch • took my eyes off the ball • I went into this with my eyes open • I could do it with my eyes shut • maybe we all need to get our eyes tested • went into it with my eyes wide open • it's an 'F' for failed • facade crumbles • face day of reckoning • face harsh questions • face it with some trepidation • face the devil of a job • face the wrath of • face up to hard truths • face up to ugly truth • facing a tide of criticism • facing my Waterloo • we're facing the biggest challenge of my generation • a fading star • they want us to fail • fail fast, learn quick • fail my audition • would fail to pull the skin off a rice pudding • failed to clear my lines • failed to get the blood flowing • failed to make the grade • failed to turn up • failing time and again to lance that boil • failing to get to the bottom of it • fails to take off • failure to add up to the sum of our parts • failures of leadership • faint hopes all but extinguished • have faint praise • a fair amount of rough and tumble • a fair cop • fair play • there are no fairtytales in sport • keep the faith • fake news • fall apart • it's not how you fall down, it's how you get up • fall down the rabbit hole • fall flat on my face • fall from grace • the fall guy • fall like dominoes • the fall of an icon • fall off the wagon • fall on my sword • fallen angel • fallen at the first fence • fallen at the last hurdle • fallen giants • fallen idol • fallen off my bike • fallen on deaf ears • like falling off a cliff-face • falling star • falling by the wayside • falling through the cracks • a fallow period • falls away • falls foul • falls into the 'click to skip' category • falls short • false dawn • a false economy • a false start • faltering • familiarity breedes contempt • famous last words • famously hard to impress • fans the flames • you'll go far • so far, so bad • far-fetched • far from blameless • far from convincing • far from my best • far from perfect • far from the promised land • far past my pay grade • they've been so far past the line, the line is a dot to them • what a farce • farcical • a farrago • not so fast • you're fast kid • fat chance • the fat is in the fire • that's a fat lot of good to me • a fat waste of space • Father Time hasn't been kind • a faux pas • this isn't doing me any favours • not fazed • fear and loathing • I fear we have not heard the last of him • feast like gremlins after midnight • fed up to the teeth • don't feed the beast • don't feed the trolls • feeding on a carcass that doesn't have much meat left on it • feeling blue • feeling flushed • feeling like I'd had my stomach ripped out • a feeling of deja vu • feeling sick to the stomach • feeling some niggles • feeling sorry for myself • feeling the chill • feeling the pinch • feeling the strain • not feeling worthy • feels like my powers have gone away • feels like the last days of Rome • feels like the Titanic going down • feels like the whole world has fallen in • feels very close to the bone • I need to be two feet into this or two feet out • fell hook, line and sinker • fell like a pack of cards • felt ungrateful • femme-fatale • a Fiat Panda to a Ferrari • fickle • fiddlesticks • I don't give a fig • like 'Fight Club' • we'll fight fire with fire • we have to fight tooth and nail • fighting a losing battle • fighting a rearguard action • fighting for our futures • fighting like rats in a sack • don't give two figs • you've had your fill • final blow • the final brain cell has finally shrivelled and died • the final straw • another fine mess • finger of blame • finger pointing has just begun • got my fingers burnt • fini • to finish first, first you have to finish • we're not the finished article • I'm not finished yet • finito • you're on fire • firing blanks all round • if at first you don't succeed, try try again • like a fish out of water • a fish rots from the head dowen • fisticuffs • take five • I'll fix it pronto • fizzled out • a flaccid performance • flagging spirits • keep the flak flying • I am such a flake • in a flap • flapping with all the conviction of a damp tea towel • a flash in the pan • flashy • flat as a pancake • flatlining • flattered to deceive • flipping everyone's circuit breakers • flirted with special without ever coming close to wooing it into bed • you're flogging a dead horse • a flop • it's all flotsam and jetsam • flown into a storm • flown the nest • fluctuating fortunes • fluff my lines • flummoxed • flushed down the drain • flustered • like a fly in the ointment • flying close to the sun • foiled again • not just follow like sheep • following the herd • a food fight • food for thought • no fool like an old fool • more fool me • fool us once shame on you - fool us twice shame on us • a fool's errand • fool's gold • foolhardy • foolish in the extreme • taking us for fools • well, I'll go to the foot of the stairs • this is not a football competition • a two footed tackle • just a footnote in history • forbidden fruit • the Force is weak with me • forced to admit defeat • forced us to think on our feet • forces of darkness • forgive and forget • forgotten man • forgotten men • not forgotten we are in the entertainment business • forlorn • you've got form • out-of-form • my form has cratered • not my forte • we did not have fortune on our side • fortune was against me • forwards going backwards • foul up • found wanting • must not let the fox into the hen house • out-foxed • fragile • frankly my dear, I don't give a damn • feel a bit of a fraud • fraught with danger • frayed fingernails • freak-out • went into freefall • need fresh blood • fresh blow • fretful • I no friends • given a fright • fright night • you put the frighteners on • frightens the living daylights out of me • a fringe figure • frit • we have to front up • a frosty reply • as frothy as a cappuccino • frozen out • frustrating stop-starty period • out of the frying pan and into the fire • full amateurs • do a full-bodied cringe • the full gamut of emotions • full marks • you're full of it • full of praise • full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing • doesn't always give the full picture • full respect • I'll have a full stop at the end of that • I'm fully present • fumbling around in the dark • that's not fun • fun's over • a funeral march • not funny • it's a funny old game • funny old world • not fussed • you're the future, kid • I was the future once • gaffe • galling • if you're not really in the game, they will eat you • a game attempt • the game is up • it's a game of groans • it's a game of two halves • the game that goes wrong • a gang of reprobates • garbage in, garbage out • I feel like a gatecrasher at my own party • gazumped • all gear, no idea • we will have to gear up, tool up • another couple of gears for me to go into • I could not have been more generous • a genius of her own making • gives what he gets • ghastly • a ghost from the past • look of the ghost of Christmas past • a ghost ship drifting • got a ghost to expel • it's a ghost town • like a giant pointless bollard you see around a deserted motorway • gibberish • gifted it to you • the gig is up • you go girl • it's this kind of thing that makes me glad to be semi-conscious • isn't all glam and glitz • a glass half-full • a glimmer of hope • all that glistens is not gold • gloomy tunes • not some glorified school sports day • takes the gloss off • gloss over it this time • we'll gloss over that • gloves back on, keep fighting and go again • glum and glummer • glumming home • a glutton for punishment • no go • got my goat • gobbledygook • God bless • god forbid • what in God's name • how the gods fail • the gods were against us • and so it goes • the golf course beckons • going, going, gone • now it's all gone, and we know it's not fun • gone AWOL • gone beyond parody • gone down with the ship • I've gone ga-ga • all gone haywire • gone in a flash • gone off the boil • gone OTT • gone pear shaped • gone potty • it's all gone skew whiff • not gone to plan • it's all gone to pot • gone with the wind • who you gonna call? • I'm not gonna cry myself a sob story • that's all well and good • good 4 U • good call • you're a good egg • just not good enough • good for you • you're doing a good job • not a good look • good move • a good mug of tea in the hand is worth any number of wins in the bush • good-natured booing • good on you, mate • good riddance • good sport • one can have too much of a good thing • all good things come to an end • too good to be true • do-gooder • for goodness sake • it's goodnight from me • goody two shoes • I'm such a goof • we're goosed then • you gorra laff • don't take that as gospel • you gotta take some swings and misses • grab it from the magic money tree • grab your pitchforks • grand larceny • you're grandstanding • taken for granted • put me out to grass • grass could be greener • the grass is always greener on the other side • a grave error • a graveyard • a great flouncer • not a great look • the great Might-Have-Been • no great shakes • great train robbery • greatest days in rear-view mirror • greedy pigs • all Greek to me • green with envy • greeted by a cavalcade of boos • the gremlins are doing their nasty work today • it's a grey day • grim • a grim foreshadowing of struggles to come • a grim portent of what's to come • grin and bear it • I'm not the Grinch • grinch spoils party • come to a grinding halt • get a grip • gripped by the orthodoxy of managed decline • groans and gasps • groggy • gross • grotesque • ground control to Major Tom • ground down • ground into the dust • a ground-swallow-me-up moment • ground to a halt • have some ground to make up • grounded • that's grounds for divorce • in the group of death • a grovelling apology • grow up • grown men were in tears • no grudge • grudging respect • gruelling • gruesome • mustn't grumble • let my guard down • less guillotine, more death by a thousand tiny cuts • not guilty, your honour • guilty as charged • a gulf in class • gullible fool • gulps • gunning for it • gut-wrenching • gutted • not me guv • not guys you want to be in the trenches with • giving me a lot of gyp • hacked off • all hail • keep your hair on • makes my hair stand on end • a hair's breadth from winning • a hairball • a hairy moment • half-arsed • half-baked • half-cocked • a half-hearted approach • half the suitcases packed • halfway bad or halfway good? • hammer blow • hammered • like on a hamster wheel • we're hamstrung • you've got to hand it to you • do not hand out success like lollipops • with one hand tied behing my back • do you need a hand? • handbagged • handbags at dawn • handed a harsh lesson • handle with care • it's out of my hands • we've all got our hands full • hands it to them on a platter • hands off • all hands on deck • we can go hang • hang fire • should hang our heads in shame • hang up my gloves • hanging by a thread • hanging in the balance • I've been hanging off the edge of a cliff for forty years • hankies at the ready • hapless • it couldn't happen to a nicer person • not a happy camper • happy now? • a hard act to follow • a hard ask • feel hard done by • no hard feelings • no hard feelings for 400 yards • hard going • hard knock • hard lessons to learn • a hard luck story • a hard man to please • hard times are here • hard to be all things to all people • hard to get my head around • hard to stomach • a hard winter ahead • now the hard work begins • must try harder • the harder they fall • hardly fitting the script • hardly pulled up trees • does more harm than good • harramphing • a harrowing experience • harsh reality • hasta la vista • had a hatful of chances • hats off to you • haunting failures • comes to a head • need to have my head examined • head for the exit • you're doing my head in • head is in the clouds'  • bit of a head-on collision • headache for me • made into a headbutt or worse • heading for a fall • made the headlines for all the wrong reasons • heads are rolling • heads have dropped • have our heads in our hands • put our heads on the block • heaps pressure on • hear a pin drop • I hear what you're saying • I hear you • it's about not taking things too much to heart • a heart-in-the-throat situation • your heart is certainly in the right place • heart-rending • heart-stopping • heart-wrenching • heartbreaking • the heat is on • heaven forbid • heaven help • heavy artillery is needed • heavy demands • a heavy price to pay • made heavy weather of it • what the heck is going on? • got the heckles up • that gives me the heebie-jeebies • a heinous crime • a heist • held at a red light • being held to a higher standard • held to ransom • what the hell • all hell breaks loose • going to hell in a handbasket • to hell with it • hellishly tough • my hellraising days are over • we need all the help we can get • when other helpers fail and comforts flee. Help the helpless, oh, abide with me • helpless • look here • get me out of here • from hero to zero • hero turned villain • heroics in vain • hesitant • not hewn from the same unrelenting rock • what the hey • hey dude • hey-ho • hey ho • hic! • you can't hide behind a rock and pretend it's not happening • hide my light under a bushel • have the hide of a rhino • another hiding • there's no hiding place • high and dry • it's not all high-fives and fist pumps • high voltage • hightailing it in the other direction • a highway to nowhere • it's hilarious • a hill start • give him a bit of space afterwards, you want to let people go through their own thoughts • I've taken the hint • can't take a hint • hit a bit of a flat patch • we've hit a brick wall • hit a bum note • hit a rough patch • like being hit by a truck • hit and miss • hit bump in the road • hit for six • hit like a ton of bricks • hit the rocks • I'm going to hit the roof • hit the skids • hit the wrong note • hits boiling point • hits different • hits the buffers • hits the deck • hitting the wall • hogs limelight • hogwash • hoist with his own petard • couldn't even hold down the day job • hold fire • I won't hold it against you • hold it right there • put on hold pending better conditions • hold steady • hold up • don't hold your breath • hold your horses • hold your nose • holds a gun to my head • get in the hole • if you're in a hole, stop digging • we're in a hole now • holed under the waterline • holed up in my bunker • no holiday • a holiday from reality • holier-than-thou • a hollow victory • like a Hollywood disaster movie • a Hollywood horror story • don't try this at home • no home comforts • the honeymoon is over • a honour to be there • honourable discharge • an honourable man in dishonourable times • a bit of a hoo-ha • hoodwinked • I don't give two hoots • hope for a speedy recovery • hope is the last thing ever lost • hope some semblance of normality will resume • I hope the haters find a convenient rock to crawl under • to go from hopeful to helpless so quickly was chilling • hopeless • keep our hopes alive • hopes dashed • hopes snuffed out • hopes stutter • hoping to pull something out of the bag • hopping mad • a hornet's nest • horrendous blunder • like a horrible onion. You start peeling it back and you cry more and more • horror show • the horse has long bolted • you can take a horse to water, but you oan't make it drink • horses for courses • a hostage to fortune • hot and bothered • hot on your heels • a hot potato • in hot water • on the house • Houston, we have a problem • a howler • howls of protest • more huff than puff • huffed and puffed • huge chasm opens up • a huge twat • hugely admired from afar • what a hullaballoo • we're human beings at the end of the day • we were humbled • humbling • humiliated • got the hump • hung out to dry • hungover games • the hurt goes on • hurt us big time • hype train at a stop • put on ice • they are idioms. No brains. Empty brains • a bit iffy • ignominious • ignorance is bliss • just ignore her • ill-considered • an ill-fitting end • ill-gotten gains • ill-starred • ill wind blows no good • like an immature little child • you have to look at what is immediately in front of you • the impact of increased headwinds • imploded • an impossible and odious position • it's impossible to get the lid on • imposter • less than impressed • impressive • need to improve, and fast • didn't get a look-in • inauspicious • incandescent with rage • takes incompetence to a whole new level • incomprehensible • an incy wincy bit fast • inept • the inevitable growing pains • inexplicable • inexplicably downing tools • not infallible • infamous • infamous dropper of verbal napalm strikes • infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me • inflicted more self-harm • my influence is waning • like an ingrown toenail • feel so insignificant • insipid • about as inspirational as a leaky bucket • instantly forgettable • instrumental in my downfall • an insult to my dignity • insulting people's intelligence • my integrity is beyond question • intergalactic incompetence • not invited to the dance • not invited to the party • the IQ of a turnip • irks me • irredeemable • irresponsible crusty • that is just how it is • it is what it is • you have to take it as you find it • get itchy feet • jack of all trades and master of none • jaded • jam tomorrow • jank • a jarring end • jaw dropped to the floor • je ne regrette rien • not jealous at all • Jekyll and Hyde • in jeopardy • jettisoned • jinxed • get jitters • a job and a half • the job's yours, see you on Monday • you're just a Johnny-come-lately • what a joke • no joke • the joke's on me • you're joking • it's not going to make a jot of difference • the journey is the reward • a journeyman • no joy • a joy to watch you • joyless • a juddering halt • you can't judge a book by its cover • a judo move • go jump in a lake • jump ship • you jumped the gun • I'm not jumping out of the bath to watch that • it's a jungle out there • the jury is out • the jury will remain out until the road closures are announced for the victory parade • like Keystone Cops • not put the kibosh on it • a kick in the b-s • a kick in the proverbials • a kick in the teeth • couldn't kick snow off a rope • I need a kick up the bum • you kicked me when I was down • kicked my butt • kicked on rather than wilted • kicked out • got a kicking • just kicking the can further down the road • no kidding • who are you kidding • all the kids are bummed out • the kids are running rings around me • it nearly killed me • killjoy • out of kilter • kiss and make up • kiss it goodbye • the kiss of death • a kite blowing in a hurricane • a klutz • I'm knackered • brought to my knees • don't get your knickers in a twist • on a knife edge • like taking a knife to a gun-fight • the knives are out • the knives will be sharpened • a knockback • knocked a shade off track • knocked for a loop • knocked off my perch • knocked the stuffing out of me • I don't know how you sleep at night • all I know is that I don't know anything • know-it-all • know nothing • you know nothing, you know everything • seem to know nowt about owt • you don't know the half of it • I do not know what the future holds for me • we don't know what we're doing • I didn't even know where to run • well, what do we know? • KO'd • la tragedia • too laborious • lack a winning mentality • lack belief • lack of a killer instinct • a lack of acuity • a lack of ambition • a lack of conviction • no lack of endeavor • a lack of fire • lack of invention • lack of muscle • lacked clout • lacked the nous • lacking Blitz spirit • lacking in desire • lacklustre • lacks a dash of brimstone • lacks bite • lacks its usual flavour • lacks sparkle • you have lady luck on your side • a bit lah de dah • laid low • lame • lame duck • let me lament my cruel fate • lamentable • much lamented • landed badly • it was one lap too many • taken with a large pinch of salt • largely damage limitation • the lark descends • we're in the last chance saloon • last effort felt 'Mickey Mouse' • the last line of defense • last man standing • the last nail in the coffin • will the last person to leave please turn the lights off • last roll of the dice? this is not a game of snakes and ladders • last waltz • made a late call • a bit late to the game • the latest misfire • latest twist in this saga • you have to laugh • you've got to be having a laugh • laugh now, cry later • if you don't laugh you'll cry • no laughing matter • laughing stock • the law of diminishing returns • lax • lay off • went down like a lead balloon • could take a leaf out of your book • a leaky start • a lean patch • learn some home truths • learn that at our peril • learn the hard way • we're going to have to learn to live with it • I've learned to embrace it • it's about taking the learning • learning on the job the hard way • leave means leave • leaves hopes up in the air • leaves me blanked • leaves plenty of room for doubt • leaves us flailing • leaves us sweating • leaving wounds that are just too deep to fully heal • led on a song and dance • left a sour taste in the mouth • left empty-handed • left floundering • left for dust • left fuming • left in a spin • left in little doubt as to the eize of the task ahead • left in the lurch • left little to the imagination • left me a sense of grief • left mentally drained • left myself open to question • left on the shelf • left shaking my head in disbelief • left shouting from the sidelines • we have left the building • left by the side of the road • left to kick our heels • left to pick up the pieces • left trailing in your wake • left us on tenterhooks • left with his tail between his legs • haven't got a leg to stand on • give you a leg up • like a lemon • a lesson to us all • lethargic • keep a level head • level not so high • level pegging • a bit of a liability • liar! liar! pants on fire! • licking my wounds • keep a lid on it • there lies the rub • life always happens, all at the same time • life at the bottom • life is ups and downs and this was more down than up • life isn't all beer and skittles • life by misadventure • a life not fully lived • made life uncomfortable • life's hard • must lift us out of our stupor • lifted my foot off the pedal • not taking it lightly • lights a fire under us • lightweight • a likely tale lad • limited options • it's not all limousines amd five-star hotel suites • a limp display • we limp from crisis to crisis • limping badly • limping on both feet • out of line • having to do lines after class • won't linger long in the memory • lions led by donkeys • not listening to reason • listless • a litany of errors • too little, too late • a little bit jammy • feel a little bit long in the tooth • little Britain • a little fishy • a little hot under the collar • maybe this is a little jolt that we can't get ahead of ourselves • a little presumptuous • little room for manoeuvre • a little the worst for wear • you live and learn • if you live by it, you'll get burned by it • if you live by the sword, you've got to be willing to die by it • they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom • livid • living in a fool's paradise • living like a vampire • living my worst life • living off scraps • a load of all cobbles • a load of hot air • got loads of legal votes. Bad things happended which our observers were not allowed to see • like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted • at loggerheads • London Bridge is falling down • a lonely symphony • a long and winding road • for as long as it takes • long been a mystery why • it's going to be a long day • need to take a long look in the mirror • one long misery fest • been so long on the backfoot, I walk with a limp • a long way back • a long way short of where we need to be • looked ponderous • all looked rosy • someone I always looked up to • looking askance • looking for a reaction • not looking good • looking grim • looking over my shoulder all the time • I'm not somebody who looks around the corner for the cavalry, we have go to get on with it • looms large • we're out of the loop here • a loose cannon • Lord knows • don't lose heart • lose my rag • loses crown • I'm losing it • I'm losing my grip • on a losing streak • losing together, winning together • at a loss • loss of momentum • a loss of moral compass • all is not lost • get lost • a lost cause • lost deposit • lost fear factor • lost for words • lost in space • lost in the crowd • lost in thought • lost in translation • I lost it • lost its lustre • lost my get-up-and-go • lost my halo • lost my marbles • lost our heads • lost our weather vane • lost the dressing room • lost the impetus • lost the plot • lousy, man • a love-hate relationship • love it or loathe it • a low blow • low life individuals • take the low road • we mustn't lower our guard • at lowest ebb • lowest of the lows • my lowest point • lowly • luck runs out • your luck's in • lucky beggar • lucky devil • lucky for some • lucky you • ludicrous • with a lump in my throat • we were lumpen • some lumpiness and bumpiness is to be expected • the lunatics are taking over the asylum • out to lunch • don't take it lying down • mad as hell • it's a mad world • how maddening • you're made • maelstrom • maestro • magic goes wrong • you've got the magic touch • no magic wand • a major bone of contention • it's a major boo-boo • makeshift • malaise is spreading • what a malarkey • a man has to know his limitations • man overboard • man up and get on with it • a man who is tired of London, is tired of life • need to manage 'hard' better • this has been manipulated, man • a marathon not a sprint • marches to the top of the hill and then marches down again • got my marching orders • having a 'mare • the Marmite game • the mask has slipped • your mastery of the darker arts • no match for me • a match made in hell • a matter of deep regret • what does it matter? • matters not a jot • maximum respect • be that as it may • mayday, mayday • mayhem • a 'me me me' attitude • what do you mean 'stop digging'? • just wasn't meant to be • you seem to be measuring up the curtains • you always meet twice in life • a melee • meltdown • we're nearly men • when men perceive themselves to be gods, they turn into beasts • have mercy on us • mere triffles • a mere whippersnapper • not the merest hint of a chip on my shoulder • I find merit in that • like a merry-go-round • what a mess • messed up big time • messes with my head • met my match • it's too meta for us • a metaphorical shrug of the shoulders • a Mexican standoff • you're taking the mick • a mickey-take • feel miffed • how the mighty have fallen • from mild to wild • there's miles on the clock • milking the system • been through the mill a bit • a million miles off • not in a million years • a millstone • all in the mind • mind will have to rule heart • it's a minefield • I'm the Ministry Of No Fun • minnows • minor quibble • minus nul points • need a miracle • I'm not a miracle worker • mischief maker • miscued • miserable failure • misfiring • misguided • a mishap • missed a trick • missed an open goal • a missed chance • missed gilt-edged chances • missed opportunities are better than not contending • missed opportunity • missed the boat • missed the bus • missed the cut • misses the point • went missing • missing in action • mission impossible • mistakes, I've made a few • mistakes happen • there are no mistakes in life, only lessons • a mixed bag • mixed emotions • mixed messages • a mixed picture • mixed success • won't go moaning and groaning • mock-heroic • made a mockery of • a modern day version of Scrooge • a modern King Canute • the moment has finally come to seek professional help • we all have moments of self-doubt • mon Dieu • you're in the money • money down the drain • money talks • monkey business • I don't give a monkey's • no monkeying around • from monsters to midgets • monstrous • a moot point • moral dilemma • morally bankrupt • morally indefensible • can't do any more • you really should get out more • more's the pity • moribund • morning-after regret • mortified • mortifying • going through the motions • making a mountain out of a molehill • have a mountain to climb • a mountainous task • all mouth and no trousers • move along please • move hastily on • we need to move on as our boat sailed a long time ago • I'm going to move to Mongolia and live my life as a goat farmer • we have to move with the times • moved the goalposts • mud-slinging • that muddies the waters • we'll muddle through • muddying the waters • mull it over • mum's the word • mumbo jumbo • what a muppet • it's a murky business • you're on mute • muuuuuum • find myself in a real funk • only got myself to blame • doesn't quite have the mystique that it used to • naa then • nagging doubt • nail-biting • you nailed it • naive • no names, no pack-drill • nasty gal • a nasty piece of work • a national scandal • natives are getting restless • naturally jar • that's the nature of the beast • came to naught • you're on my naughty list • on the naughty step • too much navel-gazing • naysayer • ne'er-do-well • so near, yet so far • a near death experience • near to the knuckle • gets it in the neck • needlessly conceded • negatively impacted • nein, nein, nein • is neither here nor there • neither side has covered itself in glory • not on your nelly • a nerve-jangler • nerve-racking • nerve-wraching • never • never a rose without a thorn • it'll never catch on • never fear • was never going to end well • we've never had it so bad • I should never have touched it with a barge pole • never kick the hornet's nest • you never learn as much from a good gig as a bad gig • it was never meant to be taken seriously • you never miss your water till your well runs dry • it never rains but it pours • I never said it would be easy • never say die • we never seem to make life easy for ourselves • I will never work in television again • new low • no new messiah is to be found • a new one on me • it's news to me • next man up • next slide please • a nice guy who played too much American football without a helmet on • nice one • night to forget • nightmare • nightmare before Christmas • nincompoop • njoy • noble intentions • nobody cares till everybogy cares • nobody say a word to anybody • nobody wants to touch it with a 10 feet pole • nobody's perfect • non-plussed • a non-point activity • a non-starter • a nonce • I'm having none of it • nonplussed • a nonsense • noooooooo • put my nose out of joint • taken a nosedive • noses put out • I have nothing but admiration • got nothing for my troubles • nothing has gone well • nothing is off the table • nothing lasts forever • I had nothing left to give • is nothing sacred? • nothing short of scandalous • nothing surprises me anymore • nothing to be scared of • nothing to gain, everyting to lose • I have nothing to hide • I have nothing to lose. I have everything to gain • nothing to report • nothing to see here • nothing to write home about • nothing's up, nothing's concerning me. I'm playing with a smile on my face • do not enjoy the notoriety • nous is thin on the ground • going nowhere • nowhere in sight • nowhere to hide • nul points • a numb feeling • this is it, my number is up • numbers do not lie. We've had difficulties • the numbers don't add up • it's a numbers game • numbers game doesn't add up • what a numpty • nutmegged • nuts and bolts need to be tightened • obdurate • obliterated • obnoxious • observers were not allowed into the counting rooms. We won • like an obstacle course • this has obviously not been ideal • odd one out • odds are stacked against us • a one-off • off-colour • an off day • went off in a huff • come off it • off key • off-kilter • I need to get off my rear • put me off my stride • an off-night • must take off our blinkers • off-putting • went off-script • off target • I'm off the case • like you're off the charts • you're off the Christmas card and present list • takes it off the menu • off the pace • off the rails • off the top of my head • off with his head • get off your high horse • you're off your trolley • no offense • offer an olive branch • like someone offering you a million pounds but shooting you soon after • less is often better than more • oh brother • oh dear, oh dear, oh dear • oh oh no • oi oi • no oil painting • it's OK to come out from behind the sofa • an old adeversary • that old chestnut • old enemies, new tricks • the old guard is coming to an end • older and wiser • ominous signs • omnishambles • you're having me on • once bitten, twice shy • onslaught • the onus is on me • oochya • open outrage • like an open wound • that opens a can of worms • that opens Pandora's box • optimism in the extreme • an orchard of bad apples • out of order • you make us look ordinary • ossify • at each other's throats • going where others have gone • ouch • it ought not to be allowed • we only have ourselves to blame • all but out • taken out • outclassed • outers • outfought and out-thought • outgunned • the outlook is bleak • outlook is cloudy • outmuscled • outplayed and outfought • this is outrageous • let's take this outside • outside my comfort zone • I'm outta here • you have me over a barrel • over and out • get over it • over my dead body • in over my head • over the hill • all over the place • all over the shop • it isn't over till it's over • not over yet • get over yourself • overhauled • overly harsh • overstayed my welcome • overstepped the mark • overwhelmed • overworked and underpaid • you owe us, big time • we all owe you a debt • an own goal • my own harshest critic • put our own house in order • not having it all my own way • my own worst enemy • taking the 'p' • taking the p*** • a p***-take • go pack • I'm not packing it in • I've paid good money • I feel the pain • a pain in the neck • a painful experience • painted into a corner • not all your paintings are perfect • what a palaver • a pale imitation • a pale shadow cf myself • pales in comparison • a pandemic of apathy • pandemonium • don't panic • panic stations • panned by critics • panto villain • a bit of a pantomime • a pantomime villain • we are pants dowm by the ankles • keep your pants on • a paper-thin line-up • paralysis through analysis • pariah • that's part and parcel of playing • if you want to be part of the circus, you have to put up with the clowns • a particular Achilles heel • a particular lowlight • parts that refuse to click • we've had the party. Now it's time for the hangover • the party is over • party pooper • the party's over • this too shall pass • pass me the Xanax • didn't pass muster • I'll pass the buck • it doesn't pass the sniff test • passe • passes into the memory • passive • it's in the past, it already happened • well past my best • well past my prime • past my sell-by-date • patchy at best • pathetic • patience is a virtue • would try the patience of Job • the patience of the boardroom will run out • patsy • make me pay • pay a high price • you get what you pay for • pay for wasted chances • I'll pay the penalty • pay ultimate price • paying our direspects • maybe I peaked too early • peaked too soon • pegged back • give people an inch and they'll take a mile • people are going to be jumping out of windows • people are trying to make up stories for clicks • some people have too much time on their hands • we want people to be queuing up outside • we want people to bring their friends and they want to stay and come back for more • a perfect soap opera • the perfect storm • perfidious Albion • in peril • a perilous moment • a permacrisis • petered out • petulant • phone home • phoney • something of a phoney war • more pick 'n' mix than a full meal • like picking out the brightest part of the sun • what a pickle • a picture of inconsistency • pie in the sky • went to pieces • made a pig's ear of that • a pig's tail of a game • piggy in the middle • piles more misery on • piles on the agony • piles on the pain • piles on the pressure • been pilloried • at a pinch point • this ping-pong approach • I've just been on pins and needles • pipe down • a pipe dream that was doomed from the start • a pipedream • pipped to the post • pipsqueak • pistol whipped • we were not even on the pitch • pitiful • the pits • this is no place for a child • try plan B • we have to plant the trees, plant the seeds • a lot on my plate • plausibly deniable • have to play a waiting game • won't play ball • play second fiddle • well played • you've played a blinder • played like donkeys • players are not robots • you're one of those players I hate to love • playing a bit of a supporting role • playing a bit-part • playing a cat and mouse game • I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order • playing Russian roulette • playing silly buggers • playing whack-a-mole • you're playing with fire • PlayStation set to be the only action for me • you can't please everyone • can't please everyone all the time • my pleasure • still have plenty to play for • plenty to ponder • just a plodder • the plot thickens • we just have to keep ploughing our furrow • plucking ideas out of thin air • keep pluggin away • went down the plughole with a good gurgle • plumb depths • plummeted like a stone • plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose • out of pocket • no one has ever been as poetic in failure • at the point of no return • point taken • we're not pointing fingers • a pointless exercise • a poisened apple • a poisoned chalice • poisonous • like a poke of a stick in the eye • pole-axed • poles apart • in your pomp • poppycock • poses a difficult quandary • poses threat • don't possess unshakeable self-belief • pour me a whisky • pours oil on the fire • I'll keep my powder dry • all the power, none of the responsibility • powerless • a PR nightmare • a few prangs, perhaps, but car crash? Never • a prat of the highest order • pray that your gain isn't entirely our loss • precious little room for sentiment • precious little wriggle room • prefer to focus on the positives • premature • prepare to shoulder your share of the bargain • no one can prepare you for it • preposterous • I'm prepping • that's your prerogative • press the panic button • pressure is on • not pretty • pretty fraught • pretty peeved • pretty ropey • it's pretty shoestring stuff • prickly • pride comes before a fall • just primadonnas anyway • a primal scream • a prince of darkness • try to get priorities right • I'm probably too old to change now • problematic • problems mount • professional moaners • what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but forfeits his soul? • Project Fear • prolonging the agony • promised the world and everything to everyone • promising the moon but delivering nothing but hard cheese • the proof is in the pudding • we have our 'pros' too • you did us proud • proud to be bottom of the list again • much to prove • proved a mirage • proved I'm human after all • proved my undoing • proves elusive • it proves we are only human • provided precious little incident • provides a sterner test • a psychological blow • a public relations disaster • puerile • all out of puff • I need to pull my finger out • need to pull our socks up • pull the other one • come on, pull the other one • pulled the wool over my eyes • pulling my hair out • like pulling teeth • pulls rug from under me • pulls the plug • pulse point • pummelled • a bit of a pumping • punch drunk • like a punch on the nose • like a punch to the guts • a punch up • we got punished • the punishment far outweighs the crime • pure self-destruct • in purgatory • pushed to the wall • pushed towards the exit door • pushed you all the way • you're pushing the boat out • a putrid performance • like putting the cart before the horse • pygmies • a quagmire • quaking in my boots • in a quandary • queer as folk • questions must be asked • many questions still remain • more questions than answers • have questions to answer • no quibbles, no ifs, no buts, no excuses • quick, send in the clowns • like quicksand • quiet apocalypse • quietly shunted into the long grass • quirk of fate • not a quitter • raargh • we're not even in the race, we're not a horse, we're a pony • my race is run • a race to the bottom • the race was mine to lose • we weren't at the races • on the rack • go to rack and ruin • I'm going to rage • rage against the machine • rage and anger • rain stops play • rains on the parade • I'll raise a glass to you • ramshackle • ran ourselves into the ground • rancid • rank and rotten • rapscallion • rarely seen getting out of second gear • I don't give a rat's ass • rather forgettable • I'd rather watch paint dry • like rats deserting a sinking ship • rattled • raucous squakus • raw and chaotic • a raw deal • out of reach • reached a nadir • read the riot act • ready to hit the ground from day one • I'm ready to take the bullets • get real • a real gut punch • a real handful • a real inspiration • a real low point • a real mauling • a real menace • we've had a real rough trot • will the real you stand up • reality check • every reason to feel aggrieved • recalibrate your expectations • a recipe for disaster • reckless • a recurring nightmare • red card • red faces all round • a red flag • a red herring • red mist descends • need to rediscover the eye of the tiger • reduced even the hardiest among us to a blubbering wreck • reduced to a mumbling wreck • reduced to rubble • reeling • refusenik • just refuses to die • have regressed • our regret only lasted as long as it took to get out of the headmaster's study • no regrets • so many regrets • I don't do regrets • regrets, I have a few • a regular bugbear • reign over • relegated to being no more than a bystander • relieve me of my duty • must reload my ammo • remain grounded • I remain philosophical • remain upbeat • remains a sore point • reopen old wounds • repeated blow-ups • repeats the tired formula • reported for careless driving • reports of my death are greatly exaggerated • my reputation has been damaged beyond repair • requires addressing and redressing • to the rescue • someone, reset her password please • resigned to my fate • respect • take the rest of the day off • the rest of us get naff all • in retreat • return to the bad old days • revelling in my demise • reversal of fortunes • reverse-Midas touch • reverted to type • the reviews have been mixed • a revolving door • not any rhyme or reason • that's a bit rich • take for a ride • we can ride this out • ride your luck • rides on my coat-tails • it's just ridiculous • a ridiculous distraction • riding roughshod • riff-raff • we need to right a few wrongs now • you've got the right idea • made a right meal of it • put me right off my stroke • in a right old state • keep right on to the end of the road • did not give us quite the right optics • right out of luck • I look a right plonker • the right to be wrong • gets right up my nose • ring rusty • put me through the ringer • rings a little hollow • ripped to shreds • the road I might have taken • road to hell • the road to hell is paved with good intentions • on the road to ruin • roadworks ahead • robbed • like robbing Peter to pay Paul • rock bottom • don't rock the boat • rocked • it's not rocket science • like one of those rockets that has fulfilled its function and will now be gently re-entering the atmsphere and splashing down invisibly in some remote and obscure corner of the Pacific • on rocky ground • a rocky ride • rocky road • rocky spell • make a rod for my own back • roger and out • you roll with the punches • rolled over • Rome wasn't built in a day • a rookie mistake • no room at the inn • room to improve • on the ropes • the rot has set in • rotten apple • rotten to a core • you rotter • rough justice • a rough ride • take the rough with the smooth • we're going round in circles • going round the houses • roundly booed • row back • a royal pain in the proverbial • you're rubbernecking • rubbing me up the wrong way • rubbing our eyes in disbelief • you're rubbing our noses in it • rubs salt in the wounds • rudderless • a rude awakening • rue another exit • rue missed chances • rue missed opportunity • that's ruffled some feathers • in ruins • one rule for them and another rule for us • don't rule me out • rules are not so much being bent as reimagined entirely • a rum business • a rum do • that's rummy • you can't run a bulldozer over that • run aground • run for cover • run for the hills • run for the lifeboats • run into a ruckus • run its course • run out of gas • run out of legs • run out of road • run out of rope • run out of steam • run ragged • always run the manual • just run under my bed • given a runaround • does a runner • we're all running around like headless chicken • running into trouble • a running joke • running me into the ground • running on empty • running on half-empty • running out of ideas • running out of time • running scared • a running sore • the runt of the litter • rusty • a s*** show • sack the board • a sackable offence • we're getting sacked in the morning • sacrificial lamb • sacrilege • sad farewell • a sad indictment of society • sad times • no one is safe • who said life was fair • we salute you • much of the same • same old story • not quite on the same wavelength • the sands of time are running out • sanguine about it • ain't getting no satisfaction • I don't give a sausage • I need saving from myself • and so say all of us • they say that nice guys finish last • I wouldn't say we're in a hole. It's a little bump • they say you can't buy happiness • I don't like the saying keep your friends close and enemies closer. I want my enemy on a different planet • you scallywag • scamper down a rabbit hole • what a scandal • does me scant justice • made a scapegoat • given a scare • scaredy-cat • scares the bejesus out of me • scarred for life • the scars will run deep • scary stuff • a scattergun approach • schemer • school of hard knocks • schoolboy errors • keep schtum, hoping it will all blow over • scrap it • on the scrapheap • scrappy • scratch my head • a few scratches, if not a full-on bloody nose • scratches the surface • sometimes I just want to scream • screwed down • screwed up • I'm scuppered • all at sea • still searching for answers • second banana • second best in all departments • second-rate • secrets unravel • you can't be what you can't see • won't ever see eye to eye • see if we can get another goal and nick it • I see myself more out than in • see red • a see-saw game • see the error of my ways • can see the funny side • can see the upside • see you in court • see you oh the other side • we're seeing the same old hand-wringing and excuses • like seen a ghost • seen everything life can throw at you • seen it all and wished I hadn't • seen the quality control drop • seething • a self-confessed control freak • self-inflicted wounds • don't be selfish • everyone has a sell-by date • send back to earth • send out an SOS • send them to Coventry • sending me round the bend • sends me into a tailspin • sends me round the twist • sends shivers down my spine • it'll all make sense in the end • a sense of pessimism growing among the fanbase • a sense of prolonging the inevitable • sent into exile • sent packing • sent to the sin bin • sent to war with no gun • you serpents of doom • settle down • a seven-layer taco dip of hell • a sh*t show • shabby • puts me in the shade • got shafted • more than you can shake a stick at • shake our heads in despair • shaken and stirred • shaken up • shaky • on shaky foundations • on shaky ground • shambles • this isn't a shambles, it's so much worse • shambolic • puts me to shame • you have no shame • shame on you • shameful • sharks are circling • shedding a tear • shedding crocodile tears • a sheep in sheep's clothing • sheepish • sheer folly • shell-shocked • shellacked • let's just shelve that • shenanigans • on shifting sands • the shine has rather gone off • that ship has sailed • the ship is listing • being shirty • shock, horror • shock and awe • a shock to the system • shoddy • go on, shoo, go on • all shook up • shooting from the lip • shooting the messenger, can never destroy the message • short-changed • the short end of the stick • short of ideas • well short of what is required • short on laughs • short shelf life • shortchanges everyone • shot ourselves in the foot • shot to pieces • shoulders blame • still in with a shout • shout it from the roof • shout-outs to you • given the shove • no show • show tough love • show your workings • what a shower • shown the exit door • showoff • shows lack of respect • shows utter contempt • shrouded in mystery • shuddering at the prospect • came to a shuddering halt • have to shuffle my pack • shut the door • shutting up shop • sick and tired • sick as a dog • sick as a parrot • a sick bucket • sickening • sidelined • there are always two sides to every story • a siege mentality • out of sight, out of mind • I got what I signed up for • the silence is deafening • silence is golden • silence speaks louder than words • given the silent treatment • can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear • it's a silly game isn't it • silly rabbit • silly sausage • simmers but never boils • simply have to deal with it • it's a sin • sing your praises • we'll sink like stones • sink to new depths • sinking feeling • a siren song • makes the siren sound • a Sisyphean task • something doesn't quite sit right • sitting this one out • all sixes and sevens • there is no one-size-fits-all response • size may not be everything • I skedaddled my arse straight out of there • skeletons hiding in the cupboard • put skids under • skittled • skiving off • skulduggery • my sky fell in around me • slackers • slammed from all corners • slap across the chops • a slap in the face • slapdash • slapstick • slated by the critics • a sledgehammer to crack a nut • I could do it in my sleep • sleep on it • let sleeping dogs lie • will give me sleepless nights • sleepwalking to disaster • slight bewilderment • want to sling my bloody hook • let it slip • given the slip • let slip a lead • there's many a slip between cup and lip • slipped down the pecking order • slipped from my grasp • on slippery ground • it's a slippery slope we're on • slipping out of my fingers • sloooow • sloppy finish • on a go-slow • bit of a slow burner • slow hand clap • slow starter • slugging it out • sluggish • slumming it • small change • small fry • small potatoes • smart-aleck • out-smarted • still smarting • smarty • smashed into smithereens • I'll keep smashing away • I smell a rat • need smelling salts • smile is wearing a bit thin • it's not all smiles and roses • just smoke and mirrors • we were smoked • smoking ruin • snafu • at snail's pace • you snake • snatch defeat from the jaws of victory • snookered • a snoozefest • there's a snowball's chance in the Amazon • quite sobering • makes for sobering reading • a sobering thought • social media is awash with condemnation • put a sock in it • sod it • sod's law • soft centre • soft-pedalling • a soft touch • sold down the river • been sold short • you've sold your soul to the devil • something's got to give • somewhat laboured performance • going for a song • will soon be cast aside • soon unravelled • soooo 2018 • sore loser • sorry, not sorry • sorry, we haven't a clue • sorry after the event • can't feel sorry for ourselves • I am sorry for the pain I have caused • a sorry saga • a sorry state of affairs • sorry sweetie • so sorry to hear that • it's all sort of in one ear, out the other • sort ourselves out • out of sorts • the souffle hasn't risen • soul destroying • soul searching • sounded the death knell • sounding like a broken record • in the soup • sour grapes • it's going south • sow seeds of doubt • space oddity • spanked • have to find a spark again • can't speak too highly of you • speaks like a man whose suitcase is never fully packed • need to go to Specsavers • spectre looms large • a spectre of my former self • we are a spent force • spilt the milk • spinning out of control • spiral out of control • that's the spirit • spirits in danger of sinking • spitting bullets • spitting mad • spluttered and stuttered • don't spoil it for others • spoiled cry babies • spoiling tactics • spoils the party • spoilt rotten • spooked • it's sport. This is not a movie. The script is not written • spot of bother • no spring chicken • spurns a golden chance • squandered an excellent chance • a square peg for this round hole • squeaky bum time • squeezed out • squirming • stage fright • as stale as a smoker's curtains • as stale as last night's ale • stalled • I didn't stand a chance • stand tall • can't stand the heat? Stay out of the kitchen • we have to stand up and be counted • I could do that standing on my head • standing on the brink of a precipice • star comes crashing down to earth • staring at the screen with furrowed brow • staring down the barrel of a gun • staring into the abyss • stark reality • don't start a blame game • if you start at the top, there's only one way to go • we didn't start the fire • in a state of flux • stating the bleeding obvious • our status here is undiminished • should we stay or should we go • stay tight-lipped • steady • steady now • steady on • steady on, old bean • don't steal my dreams • steals my crown • steamrollered • steered the ship onto the rocks • can't stem the tide • do you want to step outside? • a step too far • always two steps forward and one step back • it's a stich-up • stick 2 fingers up • I'll stick to my guns • sticking my two pennies in • a sticking plaster on the same old weeping wound • sticks and stones • really sticks in my craw • sticks in your mind like a splinter under your fingernail • a sticky situation • you're on a sticky wicket • all stiff upper lip • stiffens my resolve • stifling play • sting in the tail • stings like wasps concealed in strawberry jam • stinks you pretty hard • it's a stitch-up • taking stock • stodgy affair • stole my thunder • makes my stomach churn • can't stomach it • stomach turning • stone cold • a stony silence • been stood down • I should have stood my ground • stop, police! • you will stop at nothing • stop being a mean • stop playing games • stop playing the clown • stop seeing everything in black and white • stop thief • stopped me in my tracks • storm brewing • storm clouds gather • storm in a teacup • storm in the kitchen • go straight to jail • strange times • stranger things have happened • the straw that broke the camel's back • less street-righting man and more sofa-fighting man • need to be more street-wise • give me strength • strength through adversity • stretches credulity to breaking point • stricken • striken • no stroll on the beach • strong arm tactics • will make me a stronger person • in a strop • struck the woodwork • struggled for fluency • struggled to gain a foothold • struggling to gain traction • stuck in a groove • stuck in a rut • stuck in a thicket • stuck in first gear • stuck in harm's way • stuck in limbo • stuck in neutral • stuck in red zone • stuck in the mud • stuff and nonsense • stuff it • a stuffing • stumped • stung into action • stunned into silence • stupefying • I like your style • style over substance • sub-standard • subdued • subpar • not so subtle • I don't do subtle • as subtle as a brick • as subtle as a sledgehammer • success has many fathers but failure is an orphan • might succumb • succumbing to a fear of missing out • sucked into trouble • sucker for punishment • a sucker punch • this sucks • suffer at the hands of it • suffer burn-out • don't suffer in silence • not suitable for family viewing • I'm not a sulker • sully my reputation • don't let the sun go down on me • the sun has passed midday • you can't enjoy the sun if there is no rain • sun sets on it • sunk • sunk under the parapet • sunk without a trace • ain't no sunshine • not all sunshine and roses • super envious • not super positive • super unfortunate • I'm sure it will get better, it can't get any worse • surely some mistake? • surely you jest • surface tension • surplus to requirements • I'm not surprised by anything you do anymore • like being surprised by Christmas • surrendered in meek fashtion • a bit suspect • I suspect foul play • a lot to swallow • one swallow doesn't make a summer • swallow our pride • sweaty palms • not so sweet • swept aside • swept under the carpet • I can't swim • just keep swimming • swings and roundabouts • put to the sword • a sword of Damocles • sympathy is int short supply • the tail wagging the dog • that take's the biscuit • a tale of anguish • what a talent you are • tales of the unexpected • we need to talk • all talk, little action • I talk a different game than I play • talk is cheap • talkers not doers • a tall order • don't be a tall poppy • there's too much tall poppy syndrome in that • a tame end • what a tangled web we weave • it takes two to tango • it's tanking • I have a target on my back • what in tarnation • tarnish my reputation • tarnished • tarring us all with the same brush • taken to task • wasn't to everyone's taste • a taste of our own medicine • in tatters • taxi! • all out at tea • I would not want that for all the tea in China • the tea leaves are not well arranged • more tea vicar • they don't teach this at school • a teachable moment • teacher's pet • can't be a team that has a day off • another tearful exit • tearing our hair out • there will be tears before bed-time • no tears were shed • don't tease me • you're a teddy-bear inside • teetering on the edge • teething problems • doesn't tell the whole story • I'm telling my parents • I'm telling my whole class • temper, temper • temper expectations slightly • tempted to jack it in • ten-a-penny • tense times • a tentative start • tenuous at best • a tepid performance • the terminus point • terrible • we are terribly disillusioned • terrified of my own shadow • it comes with the territory • terrorised • testing times • a thankless task • thanks but no thanks • thanks for nothing • how does she do that • did I not like that • not my theatre of operations • don't go there • we've all been there • these challenges aren't going anywhere soon • these trying times • on thin ice • thin on the ground • quite thin stuff • and another thing • I think I cared too much • you think I'd crumble, you'd think I'd lay down and die? • I think I'm going to cry • I'll have to think long and hard • if you think that's the answer then you haven't understood the question • I think the best thing is a few weeks in the sun on a beach • I don't think the nosebleed is coming just yet • we have to think this is the start of something great • I think we all learnt something today • who do you think you are? • when you think you've exhausted all possibilities, remember this, you haven't • I can't go on like this • a thorn in my side • thou doth protest too much • I feel as though I am sitting alone in a field of tumbleweed • thought I had seen just about everything • just when I thought things could not get worse • a thrashing • I need to thread the eye of a needle with the lights off • threadbare • throw a cartwheel • throw away golden chance • throw cold water on it • throw in the sponge • I'll throw in the towel • throw me a bone • they did not just throw me under the bus, they reversed the bus back over me • don't throw the baby out with the bathwater • throw the kitchen sink at it • throwaway moment • throwing a wobbly • throwing away money like confetti at a funeral • like throwing good money after bad • throwing my toys out of the pram • you're throwing shade • throwing teacups at dressing room walls • they are throwing us around like a used doll • you've thrown down the gauntlet • thrown in at the deep end • thrown off balance • thrown off the scent • thrown out of whack • thrown to the lions • thrown to the wolves • thrown under the bus • throws a spanner in the works • throws logic to the floor • throws me into a tizzy • thrust on the horns of several problems • thumped • thwarted • tied myself up in knots • time changes everything • time for a cuppa • it will take time for us to gel • it's time for you to wind your neck in • time has blunted our bite • my all-time hero • time is a healer • time is not on my side • time is running out • it's time to bail out • Time to be rrank • time to draw stumps • no time to dwell on it • it's not the time to lose your nerve • it's time to pull together • time to reflect • time to say goodbye • it's time to wake up from that slumber • a timely reminder • a timely side-eye • timeout • a tinge of disappointment • tinkering around the edges • tip our hats • tired excuses • a bit tiresome • here today, gone tomorrow • toe-curling • you toe rag • went toe-to-toe with you • makes my toes curl • we're in this together • toil and trouble • toiled for scant reward • well told off • takes its toll • tomfoolery • tommorrow the sun will shine whether we lose or win • tone deaf • tongue-tied • toothless • you can't put toothpaste back in the tube • top of my bucket list is to make a bucket list • you're top of the pops • at the top of your game • topped and tailed • all topsy-turvy • it tore me up inside • tore up the handbook and flushed every page down the toilet • torn apart • torpedo's it • having a torrid time • we're a tortoise not a rabbit • tosh • I don't give a toss • like tossing a coin • tossing grenades into news cycles • a total betrayl of trust • made a total bollocks of it • total rhubarb • a total turkey • out of touch • touch and go • a tough act to follow • a tough ask • a tough day at the office • had a tough examination • a tough gig • tough going • tough it out • tough luck • a tough nut to crack • a tough proposition • tough times don't last, tough people do • much tougher tests ahead • toxic • it's a toy-eat-toy world • trade blows • I traded a Ferrari for a Twingo • I traded a Rolex for a Casio • much traduced • trail has gone cold • train wreck • trampled all over • the trap door swings open • I got trapped in that fear mode • trash talk • travelling in the wrong diredction • a travesty • my in-tray is packed • such a treacherous time • feel like I'm treading water • treat triumph and disaster as two impostors • treated like second-class citizens • like a tree falling in the forest • trials and tribulations • you're a one-trick pony • trickery • tried to re-invent the wheel • we tried to squeeze the lemon as much as we possibly can to get every single drop • have we tried turning it off and on again? • a trifle • a trip hazard • trip myself up • there is triumph and there is heartache • trouble and strife • trouble at mill • trouble at sea • trouble flares • there's trouble in paradise • trouble in toyland • troubled waters • a troublesome time • trounced • what a trouper • a bit of a trudge • true Brit • truly shocking • in you we trust. Now. Then. Forever • the truth will out • didn't even try • tsk tsk • tucked up good and proper • take a tumble • tunnel vision • I don't give a tuppenny damn • turgid game • turmoil • a turn for the worse • take a turn for the worst • may turn out to be a bullet dodged • turn the other cheek • like trying to turn the QE2 • want to turn the situation around • turned a blind eye • turning in her grave • turns me into a martyr • turns my mood murderous • turns sour • turns the air blue • that turns the lights out • 'twas ever thus • in the twilight zone • twists and turns • more twists and turns than a giant pretzel • more twists than your yoga workout • like a twitching zombie • the tyres were finally let down • the ultimate mug's game • take umbrage • umming and aahing • unable to turn that early impetus into victory • unbelieveable • in unchartered waters • uncomfortable truth • unconscionable • unconvincing • uncool • under a cloud • under false pretences • under fire • under heavy fire • taken under my wing • under no illusions • come under scrutiny • under siege • under the pump • under the weather • under threat • underachieving fancy dans • undercooked • I won't undergo a psychological transformation • didn't understand the assignment • underwhelming • come undone • unenviable position • unfathomable • unfazed • I've got unfinished business • an unforced error • unforgivable • an unfunny joke • the unhappiest of hunting grounds • unhappy to see you again • unholy mess • unimpressed • united we stand • is unlikely to be enough • unlikely to convert the unconverted • unlucky things • unmitigated disaster • has not been an unqualified success • unseemly exit • unsettling • as unsettling as a dog in a tutu • unspeakable • come unstuck • unsustainable • unthank you • unthinkable • you couldn't make it up • no let-up • we gave up • give it up • up a creek without a paddle • up against it • an up-and-down player • has me up in arms • up in flames • up in smoke • still up in the air • what goes up must come down • not up my own bottom enough • I gave up on landing a triple salchow ages ago • put up or shut up • come up short • a set-up that stinks • don't give up the day job • gives up the ghost • keep up the good work • up the spout • have some making up to do • not up to scratch • not up to standard • not up to the job • like being two-one up with 10 minutes left to play and subbing your best defender • we can't keep up with the Kardashians • up your game • upended everything • an uphill battle • we shall not look upon your like again • upped the anxiety levels • we've had our ups and downs • upset the apple cart • upstaged • upstart • not uptight about it • use it as fuel to improve • more than useless • the usual saccharine fluff • utter bilge • an utter disgrace • utter piffle • what utter rot • utterly unacceptable • you are so vain • valedictory • no more valid than the football predictions of Paul the Octopus • vandalism • a vanity project • vanquished • vapid • vary, vary injurious • veering off course • vented my fury • vepid • very, very well deserved • a very British scandal • very grounding • there are some very hard yards to come • very peculiar • very upside down • a victim of my own success • video nasty • this is a violation • violins, please • visceral • visibly ill at ease • voting with their feet • the vultures are circling • wag an accusing finger • wait up • waiting for the tide to turn • wake up • need to wake up and smell the coffee • a wake up call • wake up with a cold sweat in the night • waking nightmare • no walk in the park • walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and you'll never walk alone • like walking on eggshells • I feel a bit of a wally • on the wane • wanted to prove you're down with the kids • don't need a warm, fuzzy cuddle • warning signs begin to flash • won't wash • wash my hands of the affair • all washed up • a washout • what a waste • I will not waste any more negative energy • waste of energy • what a waste of money • wasted • wasteful • wasting away • watching from behind the sofa • like watching the Cybermen on Doctor Who • water under the bridge • wave the white flag • like waving a red flag in front of a bull's face • it doesn't have to be this way • do it your way • the only way is exit • it's your way or the highway • on our way out • it's a two-way street • no way through • I like the way you move • wayward • go weak at the knees • weak sauce • wears the badge of 'yo-yo' • we can weather the storm • weighed down • weighing up my options • you're welcome • all is not well • wet behind the ears • wet noodle approach • whacked • I don't give a what • whatever • whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger • whatever happens, happens • out of my wheelhouse • wheels are coming off • the whiff of cordite • whingeing poms • whipping boy • the whisle has blown • go whistle • white as a sheet • a whitewash • who's that tripping over my bridge? • whodunnit? • for whom the bell tolls • why so serious? • why the long face? • something wicked this way comes • wide boys • wide of the mark • like the wild west • the wilderness year • gives me the willies • willingly start an argument in an empty room • some you win, some you lose • won't win any Miss Originality contests • a no win situation • you win some, you lose some • you can't win them all • takes the wind out of my sails • a wind-up, right? • puts the wind up me • out on a wing • it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts • a winter cf discontent looms • a wipeout • wipes the smile off my face • wisdom is being questioned • it's not wise to fall out with someone who knows where the bodies are buried • I wish I had more time • wish we weren't here • wishful thinking • we have to look within ourselves and not over our shoulder • like going into a witness protection programme • at my wits' end • out-witted • a wobbly start • woeful • woefully short of options • woes were compounded • that's woken me up • a women's work is never done • you won the war, now you must win the peace • made me wonder when the locusts would arrive • wooden spoon • not out of the woods yet • a word of caution • took the words right out of my mouth • that won't work • have our work cut out • made to work hard • a work in progress • the work of the devil • have work to do • we are working on trying to turn each screw • we're still working through that one • what in the world • the world at your feet • just what is the world coming to? • a world gone mad • the world turned upside down • worlds apart • worlds collide • worn to a thread • not worried but wearied • no worries • if you worry you die. And if you don't worry, you die anyway... So why worry? • like worrying about overpopulation on Mars • could do a lot worse • I've had worse days than that • they don't worship at my altar • the worst is still to come • my worst nightmare • worst things happen at sea • because you're worth it • not worth the paper it's written on • worth your weight in gold • a bit worthy • a wounded animal • a wounded opponent • the wounds are raw, it will take time for the scars to heal • still wrapping my head around it • wrecked it • like a wrecking ball • wrestled to the floor • a wretched run • put through the wringer • you write me off at your peril • don't write me off yet • a bit of a write-off • the writing is on the wall • you couldn't have written it • don't get me wrong • a wrong 'un • at the wrong end of a couple of results • wrong end of the stick • wrong-footed • WTF? • an Xmas stuffing • yar, big up • give you a yard, you take a mile • yawning gaps • it's not the years, it's the mileage • a yellow card for you • yesterday's man • we're not there yet • a bit much and yet not enough • a yo-yo team • here's to you • there's not going to be another one like you • youdunnit • when we were young • we were young and stupid • it's a young man's game • young offenders • yuck • zero, zilch, nada • we didn't have a zip about us • zonked • a Zucherpunch • zut alors

Saying “get ready”

it's a 2 man job • 24 hours to save the world • abandon hope all ye who enter here • abide with me • all aboard • go above and beyond • absolutely everything is standard • absolutely gagging for a game • I'm going to be absolutely glued • accept no substitute • access all areas • the acid test • act well your part; there all the honour lies • action = life • do not adjust your set • advance booking required • our most advanced version of the game has landed • the adventure starts here • don't be afraid • what would you do if you weren't afraid? • against the clock • something for all the ages • go ahead • ahoy, me hearties • ahoy and avast • aim for the sky • aim for world fame • aim high • on the air • alight here • allez, allez, allez • go along for the ride • it'll be alright on the night • amazing starts here • make America great again • you're amongst friends • the only thing you can do is to be here now and present • no annual price rise, no contract • anything can happen • anything goes • anything is possible • anytime is a good time • anytime's the right time • be there or be aquare • just around the corner • no ask is too big • some assembly required • assume the lotus position • assume the mantle • the atmosphere is electric • go on the attack • attention please • available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs and wakes • avast me hearties • let's be 'avin' you • to avoid seasickness, look at the horizon • be awesome • awesome is for everyone • we've got your back • back at the wheel • back in the day • back in the real world • back in the saddle • put your back into it • back on stage • back to the grindstone • back to the here and now • no baggage, no history, no fear • we're having a bake off • get the ball over the line • let's get the ball rolling • make out like a bandit • bang the gong • set the bar low • barriers are there to be knocked down in life • go into bat • batten down the hatches • let battle commence • battle lines are drawn • battle of Britain • a battle royal • battle stations • let's do the beach • don't beat around the bush • beat the crowd • beat the street • we won't be beaten on price • something beautiful is happening • beaver away • get bedded in • it's beer o'clock • it's beer time • get a couple of beers - Dutch courage • get the beers in • before social media and mobile phones changed everything forever • look before you leap • let's begin at the beginning • about to begin the opening ceremony • beginners welcome • the beginning is a very good place to start • go behind enemy lines • get behind it • all the best • only the best • best bib and tucker • the best game you won't have heard of • the best is yet to come • now at our best price • best served shared • be the best version of you • best wishes from all of us here • bets are off • you have no better incentive • you'd better shape up • a big ask • big brother is watching • big budget, big stars, big expectations • a big clash of styles • go big game hunting • big love to our players • the big man is about to sing • the big match • the big reveal • it's big shoes to fill • big timers and mis-timers, play it your way • the biggest game is inside your head • all the biggest names are here • bingo but louder • this is bingo but not as we know it • bish bosh, less dosh • another bite at the cherry • black box fitted • a blank canvas • blink and you'll miss it • block all exits • a Blockbuster game in the age of Netflix • blow away the cobwebs • blow that horn, daddio • bolder not older • boldly going where no one has gone before • to boldy go • bon voyage • bonne chance • there's no booking fee • you were born for this • you're the boss • be the boss • boss it • brace yourself • take the brakes off • it's make or break • break a leg • break a sweat • break the glass in emergency • break the ice • bring it on • bring me sunshine, in your smile; bring me laughter, all the while • bring me to life • bring on tomorrow • bring the zing • bring your A game • bring your own booze • let's get Britain moving • the British are coming • a British cultural institution • go for broke • brush up your manners • buckle up • if you build, they will come • build back better • build the suspense • bums on seats • butterfiles in my stomach • by royal appointment • bye bye boring, hello exploring • your call is important to us • call of duty • you call the shots • call the tune • a call to arms for our time • calling all units • cancel anytime • this is your captain speaking • cards on the table • take care • careless talk costs lives • the carrot is there for everyone • you carry the hopes of a nation • a cast of thousands • cast your net wide • when the cat's away the mice will play • if you want a catch, try the fish aisle • catch 'em whilst they're fresh • catch them before Hollywood snaps them up • the thing that causes the rumbles and makes your tummy go funny • challenge your limits • champing at the bit • where there's a chance, there's always a chance • you only get one chance to make a first impression • a chance to shine • all change • be the change • you can check out, but you can never leave • check this out • cheer we go • like cheering on the Eggheads against the underdogs • cherish every second • try to cherish this experience • go out, chest out • chewing the fat • child on board • make some ching ching • chips are down • chocks away • chop, chop, hurry • it's chucking out time • clash of icons • clash of the titans • keep it clean • clear the decks • clear your throats and stand by • climb aboard my magic carpet • climb every mountain, ford every stream • clock is ticking • the clue is int the name • it's a coach party today • coffee stop • get your cogs going • let's get comfy • get the competitive juices going • complete with video-game dinky donks • your computer just got better • it's your concert platform • no conferring • everyone may contribute their own small grain of sand, their own small gesture of love • take control • take the controls • what's cooking? • I'm in your corner • courage, honour, pride • it's about being courageous • crack on • go crackers • let's get cracking • crank it up • cross the t's and dot the i's • crunch time • cry 'God for Harry, England and St George' • I have a cunning plan • we the curious • curtain up • cut the crap • cut the ribbon • cut to the chase • D Day • daggers drawn • shall we dance • you dancin'? • dare to leap • dare to win • one dark and stormy night • a date with destiny • take on the day • make the day count • let the debate begin • decision day • take a deep breath • deep deep concern • take a deep-dive • demands your undivided attention • in the departure lounge • destiny in your own hands • it's do or die • one to die for • make it or die trying • be the difference • dig deep • dig for victory • dig your feet in • let's not dily daly • come dine with me • dinner is served • let's get dirty • no dish, no box, no fuss • no dither, no delay • dive in head first • divide and rule • it's doable • the doctor will see you now • get it done and then get it good • the doors are ready to swing open • on the double • if you go down into the woods today • down the hatch • get down to the nitty gritty • down to work • into the dragon's den • here be dragons • the drama everyone's talking about • drama from first note to the last • dream big • dream big, play small • dream on • any dream will do • dreams can come true. But not the one where you're abducted by aliens • dreams can come true. But not the one where you're naked at work • get the drinks in • the drive to win is like fire. It can keep you warm, but it can also burn you down • you're in the driving seat • drop everything • get your ducks in a row • another eagerly awaited showdown • one of the most eagerly awaited tear-ups • I'm all ears • keep your ears peeled • take it easy • wasn't easy, we got there in the end • go get 'em • embark on a bright new future • set the embers glowing • embrace your inner Yorkshire • emotions simmer just beneath the surface • empires may crumble and governments may fall but we carry on • en garde • engines running • England expects • entering that element of the unknown • let me entertain you • the entrails have been consulted • an epic adventure from yoor sofa • escape the ordinary • et maintenant • et viola • something for everyone • give it everything • everything is new • everything or nothing at all • do no evil • an example to us all • excitement is on the cards • just the excuse I need • no excuses • exercise caution - take it for a walk twice a day • expect fireworks • expectations are high • we are expecting big things • experience amazing • no experience necessary • express yourself • go the extra mile • we're into extra time • extraordinary starts now • eyes forward • the eyes of the world are on us • keep your eyes peeled • let's face the music and dance • failure is not an option • not for the faint hearted • fake it, 'til you make it • a fanfare please • it's fast or last and we don't do last • fasten your seatbelts • I'm the fat controller • fate is in your own hands • feel the fear and do it anyway • if you fear the unknown, then you fear life itself • feast your eyes • feathers will fly • feeling lucky, punk? • are you feeling lucky? • feeling naughty? • get your feet under the desk • get your feet wet • fight like animals • you have a fight on your hands • fight then on the beaches • come out fighting • a fighting chance • a final shot • a finale to sever nerves • the finalissima • fingers crossed • fingers on buzzers • let's finish this • fire it up • fire up the engines • like that first day back at school feeling • first things first • the flag has gone up • take a flight of fantasy • fling open the windows • take the floor • fly me to the moon • come fly with me • focus on the job in hand • focus on the now • follow the beat • follow your dreams • follow your nose • no more fooling around • foot down • may the force be with • don't forget the cucumber sandwiches • form an orderly queue • fortune favours the brave • something of a free hit • there's no such thing as a free lunch • make a fresh start • keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer • would you like fries with that? • fudge it • full throttle • full Zoom ahead • just for fun • it's fun, fun, fun • fun for all the family • when the fun stops, stop • the future is bright • go gal • this is not a game • get in the game • each game a cup final • every game live • it's game time • let the games begin • take a gander at this • the gang's all here • let's have a gas • gather the gals • get in gear for the long road ahead • geed up for a fight • of its generation, for all generations • go-getters, time to go get • giddy up • gird your loins • girls just wanna have fun • let girls play • get your gladrags on • go for glory • glory awaits • glory calls, destiny backons • the gloves are off • give it a go • here we go • go, go, go • the get-go • get set go • God willing • godspeed • let's get going • a golden opportunity to add to your bulging trophy cabinet • Goliath vs Goliath • be good • be a good egg • every good idea starts with a blank page • now for the good news • good old-fashioned service with a smile • on the good ship • good things come to those that wait • good things happen every time you play • good to go • it's good to talk • goodbye gravity • goodbye serious • gooooo • grab and go • grab it by the coconuts • grab it by the scruff of the neck • grab it with both hands • grab life by the gigabits • grab the arm of your chair • grab your goggles, slip on a lab coat • grabs your attention from the beginning and never lets go • the grand depart • grasp the enormity of your chance • keep on the grass • one great big adventure for all the family • great expectations • great moments are the work of many • great oaks from little acorns grow • you're greedy for it • groundhog day • a grudge match • no half measures • get half price for the rest of the year • the hand of the future beckons us all forward • can you handle this? • hands dealt • let's get our hands dirty • it's in your hands now • in the hands of the gods • all hands to the pump • hang in there • get the hang of it • hang on to your seat • no hanky panky • make it happen • this is happening • happy in party central • more than happy to oblige • go hard or go home • keep your head down • head for the hills • get a head start • going head-to-head • give us the heads up • let the healing begin • comes with a health warning • hear ye, hear ye • you heard it here first • a hearts and minds battle • things could get heated • a hefty shove-off from the bank • hello tomorrow • I'm at the helm • here to help • the highlight of the game is when it ends • hippies use side door • more history to make • hit fast forward • hit refresh • hit reset • hit the ground running • hit the road • we're having a hoedown • do the hokey cokey • don't hold back • hold fire on that remortgage application • hold my beer • hold nothing back • hold on for dear life • hold on tight • hold on to your butts • hold the hand rail • hold the mayo • no holds barred • a homage-paying remake • I'll be doing the honours for the next few minutes • hop on • hop to it • hope for the best • hope springs eternal • hope this helps • hoppity hop • no horse-play • from the horse's mouth • your host with the most • hosting the great and good of the game • hot off the press • in the hot-seat • things are hotting up • it's hotting up • get out of the house • it's a huge gamble • hunker down • go hunting for gold • I'll have to hurry you • this is going to hurt • this will hurt • no if's, no but's, no maybe's • go all in • incredible is in reach • this may induce drowsiness • to infinity and beyond • the intermission is over • an invitation to dance • you are not an island - you are part of something far far bigger • issue a rallying cry • just do it • make the most of it • we're on it • let's get to it • you can do it • the job I always coveted • in every job that must be done there is an element of fun • I have a job to do • no job too big or too small • join our congregation • join the adventure • join the conversation • join the crew • join the movement • join the quiet revolution • joking aside • it's about the journey, not the destination • let the journey begin • a journey into space and time • a journey shared • a joy to be with you • judgement day • go for the jugular • kick on • it's all kicking off • not just for kids • go for the kill • it won't kill you • will keep kitty entertained for hours • knock, knock, who's there? • knock yourself out • be in the know • know the score • you won't know what hit you • you know you deserve it • knuckle down and get on with it • into the labyrinth • ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kings and queens • ladies first • it's Ladies' Day • lambs to the slaughter • give it large • one last dance to go • a last ditch attempt • one last flip of the coin • one last push • one last shot • a last throw of the dice • will have you laughing in the aisles • I'll lay out my wares • lead the charge • lean in • leap at the opportunity • take a leap in the dark • leap into action • we won't leave anyone behind • take it or leave it • leave no stones unturned • leave your inhibitions at the door • don't get left behind • do more not less • take it to another level • a level playing field • take the lid off • would I lie to your • life's short: make a fool of yourself as much as possible • lift the bonnet • let there be light • light my fire • light sabers at the ready • light the blue touch paper • lights, camera, action • it's lights out • limber up • into the lion's den • listen up • a litmus test • every little helps • little margin for error • a little of what you fancy does you good • little things can make all the difference • live and upfront • live at the London Palladium • I'm live in the studio • live large • live life on the edge • live life to the max • live life without boundaries • it's only live once • live your life like you're going to die young • live your life like you're on the run • look lively • there's loads more • lock, stock and two smoking barrels • lock up your daughters • let's do London • London's calling • long have I waited • long story short • a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away • bit of a longshot • no looking back • it's not all about looks • we like it loud • it won't be a love affair • a no-love-lost showdown • make love not war • for the love of the game • you're going to love this • try your luck • don't lull now • more magic • the magic begins • there's magic inside • my maiden voyage • mamma mia, here we go again • man the ramparts • marks, set, go • massively high stakes • it's match point • take matters into your own hands • maximum pressure • two men fighting over a comb can be entertaining • so here it is merry Christmas • this is a message from the government • middle please umpire • do something mighty • your mileage may vary • mind the gap • one minute to midnight • misadventures from your sofa • don't miss a beat • in the mix • mix things up • mobiles are set aside, television goes off, and everything stops • this is the moment • your moment is made • the moment of truth • it's not just about the money • I'm in the mood for dancing • it is a moral crusade, or it is nothing • it's your move • move fast and break things • be moved • get moving • here's mud in your eye • a nation expects • a nation of milky tea drinkers • where the nation plays • put your necks on the line • needs no further introduction • never climb a mountain wearing dancing shoes • as you've never heard it before • never lose sight of your dreams • never say never • it's never too late to be a hero • you'll never walk alone • I'm new, please be nice to me • out with the new and in with the old • new balls please • new season, new beginning • go next level • next on the jukebox • next stop • nice to see you, to see you nice • a night with the stars • nobody's going to give it to you • make some noise • enough of the nonsense • no nonsense • normal service resumes • nostalgia alert • all or nothing • we come with nothing and can leave with everything • nothing comes free • nothing is set in stone • nothing to lose • nothing ventured, nothing gained • nothing you can't conquer • nothing's off limits • your numbers make amazing happen • an oasis of calm • make an occasion • and we're off • set off on the best possible note • we are oh so ready • in with the old • for old times sake • let's get it on • once again this vast nation will come to a standstill • once more unto the breach dear friends • once upon a time • take one • one for all and all for one • onwards and upwards • open as unusual • open for business • let's open proceedings • open sesame • all options on the table • keep all options open • order, order • go all out • this gets an outing • take over the mike • it ain't over till the fat lady sings • over to you • pack the tissues, bucko, you're on a one-way ticker to Tear Town • pack your bags • it's a paella and pizza night • parents, look away • be a part of it all • party hard • party like it's 1999 • party like it's plan B • let's get this party started • party time • enjoy now, pay later • if you're not paying for it, you are the product • give peace a chance • in for a penny, in for a pound • people may doubt you but you can do it • it's a people thing • the perfect game about everything and nothing • the perfect ride guaranteed • performing with a live orchestra • here's one I perpared earlier • phones off, laptops closed • I can't pick a winner • pick up the baton • pick up the pace • let's put you in the picture • more pilgrimage than mere visit • pistols at dawn • pit your wits • pitch in • pith helmet and butterfly net not required • plan for the worst, hope for the best • plate it up • come out and play • play at full blast • all to play for • play has no limits • play it again Sam • play it like it's 1am at Fabric • play like life depends on it • play like the world depends on it • play offense • play us out boys • it's who you play with • play your cards right • more playing, less paying • playtime's over • please be kind • please do not disturb • please sir, I want some more • pleased to be of service • it's a pleasure to keep you company • get with the plot • the plot is thinner than bad soup • pluck up courage • take the plunge • plutonium-level high risk • on the podium • pop corn at the ready • a popcorn game with a brain • keep the positive energy • so many possibilities • what could possibly go wrong? • no need to post puppy videos • pound out that PB • more power to your elbow • power up • pray silence, please • prep your tech • prepare for impact • prepare for take-off • prepare for turbulence • prepare to bite your nails • prepare to run the gauntlet • prepare to stomp your feet • prepare to suspend disbelief • present and correct • let the presses roll • no pressure • pressure is for tyres • the pressure is turned right up to the max • the price is right • at prices you won't lose sleep over • prick up your ears • proceed with caution • project freedom • I can't promise to play Santa • as promised from the outset • this is not a prototype • we'll do you proud • you have it all to prove • don't pull any punches • pull out all the stops • pulse racing • pump up the volume • keep your purse happy • no quarter given • quit talking and start doing • a race against time • the race is on • the race to save the world • a race to the finish line • the only race where the finishing line catches you • racing you • into the raging sea • let it rain • come rain or shine • raise hell • raise the barometer • raise the portcullis • raise the stakes • raise the temperature a bit • ramp it up • raring to go • reach for the stars • reach for the stars, you might get the moon • read my lips • always read the label • don't read too much, do what you do • ready, steady, go • ready and waiting • ready for kick off • ready for the big time • all set, we're ready for the off • get ready for war • ready or not, here I come • are you ready to be moved? • ready to rock and roll • ready to rumble • ready to take aim • ready to trip the light fantastic • ready when you are • ready whenever you are • a real crucible for talent • find your rebel yell • I cannot recommend it too highly • let's reconvene • red, amber, go • red alert • no referee, no game • release the lion from its cage • relishing the prospect • relive the glory days • relive the good old days • with renewed vigour • your reputation is on the line • I don't take requests • can't resist a challenge • resume hostilities • rev it up • rewrite the rules • let's ride • let it ride • I'll be riding shotgun, but there's room on top • right, you girls ready? • right here, right now • do the right thing • get right up close • let it rip • rip up the rule book • all rise • rise and shine • rise to the challenge • the road is clear • the road is wide open • the road to freedom is never an easy one • road to the stars • we're going on a road trip • let's rock and roll • rock around the clock • rock on • rock on, binge on, game on • we will rock you • get on the rocket ship • roll up, roll up • roll up your sleeves • roll with it • keep rolling • a Rolls-Royce of a revival • no room for error • room service • be in the room where it happens • I'm rooting for you • let's go round again • round up the troops • let the rubber hit the road • it would be rude not to • no more rules • run into the fear of what the game is • run like the wind • run with it • keep on running • take a running jump • saddle up • safely does it • go safely everyone • safety first • safety measures are set • the only thing that can be said with any certainty is that absolutely nothing is or can be certain • we set sail • everyone's in the same boat • give same-old a shakeup • Santa stop here • savour every note • say cheese • don't say I don't spoil you • say it loud • say when • they say: the more you put in, the more you get out • who says you can't? • school's out • the score is empty, you fill it with notes • scrub up • scrum on down • search for the hero inside yourself • take your seats • make every second count • seconds out, round one • I'll let you into a secret • the secret of getting ahead is to get started • let's see how it all plays out • if you can't see it, you can't be it • there's more to see than can ever be seen • you ain't seen nothing yet, folks • as seen on tv • seize the day • seize the initiative • seize the moment • seize the opportunity with both hands • don't sell out • at your service • let's settle this • shake a leg • shake it baby • come as you are - all shapes and sizes • sharpen their claws • shine on • shoot for the moon • shoot for the stars'  • another shot at silverware • put your shoulder behind the wheel • don't all shout at once • shouting at the television is not enough • put on a show • the show goes on • the show has started • the show must go on • show no fear • show us your moves • show your support • showdown • showtime • set our sights • are we all singing from the same hymn book? • single but ready to mingle • sink or swim • don't sit on the fence • don't sit on your hands • sit tight • are you sitting comfortably? • skate where the puck's going, not where it's been • get your skates on • what's the skinny? • the sky's the limit • sleep when you're dead • sleepers awake • slide out of snooze mode • no taking it slow • slug it out • you snooze, you lose • let's get social • get your socks on • put the sofa against the door • have a sofa fest • coming to a sofa near you • let's get this soiree started • I'll be your soloist tonight • be someone • someone's woe must go • somewhere over the rainbow, way up high • go on my son • speculate to accumulate • no speed limits • spill the beans • take it for a spin • splash the cash • go on, spoil yourself rotten • we don't sponsor football teams • this isn't just sport, this is everything • put on the spot • spread a little magic • spread your wings • spring into action • spurred into action • be there or be square • square the circle • squash that sombero • set the stage • the stakes could not be higher • I'll set out my stall • stand and deliver • don't stand on ceremony • standby • start a new chapter • start from scratch • let's start over • start the final countdown • we'll start where we left off • your starter for ten • starting a revolution • starting as I mean to go on • starting from ground zero • starting orders • the starting pistol fires • starts drumbeat • it starts with you • the status quo is not an option • stay alert • stay alert, protect cake, save loaves • you stay classy, San Diego • stay exactly where you are • do stay seated • stay tuned • step forward • step into the ring • step on the gas • step to it • step up a gear • step up to the mark • step up to the plate • stepping on out • stick around • stick or twist • stick your head above the parapet • if you've got the stomach for it • what's stopping you? • let the storm rage on • story time • let's get straight down to business • straight to the point • straining at the leash • a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet • strap yourself in • don't stray far • stream fearless entertainment • now streaming • stress less • strike up the band • strike while the iron is hot • no strings attached • it's sudden death • a sudden-death decider • no sudden moves • let the sunshine in • superheroes work here • surf's up • surrender to the chaos and see what's on the other side • the suspense is terrible • switch on • sworn to secrecy • synchronise our watches • all systems are go • all systems go • yours for the taking • let's talk shop • talk the talk, walk the walk • all tall tales and chit chat welcome • things are about to get tasty • tax those grey cells • don't tear the pants out of it • tee off • tee up • ten years in the making • the test of all tests • testing one two one two • thank you ladies and gentlemen, first frame • thanks for being with me • there will be some theatre • go for them • put theory into practice • get in there • put yourself out there • will they, won't they • be in the thick of it • think beyond the horizon • think big • think bigger than results • I think it might get ugly • think like a chess grandmaster • think outside the box • don't think twice • get your thinking cap on • let's do this • so it's come to this • the thrill is in the find • thrillseeker • throw caution to the wind • throw everything at it • a ticket to paradise • a ticket to ride • tickets please • tickle your pickle • we may be some time • this is your time, your moment, your now • time and tide wait for no-one • it's time for a workout • it's time for extraordinary escapades • time for new horizons • the time for promises is over • the time has come to start counting down • time is money • time is of the essence • time is of the utmost essence • time is running out • time is very short • have the time of your life • a time to be bold • it's time to break the taboos • time to finish the job • time to get off that sofa and grab a bucket of popcorn • time to get suited and booted • it's time to give back • no time to lose • it's time to play • time to pull the trigger • time to sober up • time to weigh anchor • time waits for no man • time's ticking • tinkle the ivories • tissues at the ready • the title is up for grabs • all together, all for free • all together now • together we can • together we thrive • it's going to be a top night with plenty of bants • touch wood • trainers on, let's go • all of your training has led to this • tread carefully • a treasure hunt • go on, treat yourself • I have treats instore • no tricks, just treats • a trip back in time • trot on • I trust all is well • trust your gut feeling • the truth will set you free • give it a try • tuck in • tune in • turn on, boot up, jack in • turn up the volume • made in the UK. Sold to the world • the ultimate line-up • the ultimate one-stop-shop • under the microscope • let's get underway • let's get underway without fanfare • unfollow the rules • be unforgettable • unleash your inner hero • unleash your voom • unlock your potential • unwind your body clock • no let up • get up, stand up • get up and running • get up close and personal • are you up for it? • up for laughs • up for the fight • up sticks • up the ante • let's up the pace • up the tempo • up tools • up your street cred • use it or lose it • use some elbow grease • use your loaf • with all the usual banter • the usual hive of activity • variety is the spice of life • venture forth • venture from your lair • a voyage cf discovery • the wait is over • wait with bated breath • waiting in the wings • it waits for no one • wake up at the back there • another walk down memory lane • walk on the wild side • walk the walk • let's waltz • don't go wandering off • I wanna dance with somebody • make it what you want • who wants to be a millionaire? • going to war • on a war-footing • get warmed up • you have been warned • watch the birdie • watch us revolutionise social • watch your step • do it like everyone's watching • where there's a will, there's a way • it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it • way to go • who is the weakest link? • take the week off • put out the welcome mat • just wha the world doesn't need • whatever it takes • whet the whistle • whet your appetite • which way now? • take it for a whirl • who's in? • whole world watching • why not dream? • why wouldn't you? • all on a no win, no fee basis • it's win or bust • if you win this on home soil you could get a kinghthood • wind up the gramophone • wine, women and song • it's wine o'clock • on a wing and a prayer • winner takes all • wipe the slate clean • wish upon a star • without more ado • you'll need your wits about you • my word is my bond • let's go to work • the world is your oyster • all the world's a stage • worth a dabble • worth a flutter • well worth a look • worth a punt • worth the wait • take the wraps off • write your own story • no wrong answers • yes you can • yesterday's home runs don't win today's games • it could be you • let's be having you • be young, scrappy and hungry • young man, there's a place you can go, young man, when you're short on your dough • give youth a chance • give it some zazz

Saying “relax”

don't go 100 miles-an-hour. Relax • giving 24 hours of daylight. Relax • enjoy 5 minutes of bliss • like an 80s aerobics workout. Relax • achieve whole harmony • add a don't to the to-do list. Relax • add a little sparkle to your day. Relax • add a touch of colour and relax • add lustre to this day. Relax • feel like after a yoga class • go after the slow-burn and relax • you should look after yourself more. Relax • allow your mind to return to the cradle and relax • allow yourself time to feel all your feeling. Relax • I for one am checking out. Relax • ama-Zen. Relax • amble in and relax • an amusing trip to planet silly. Relax • annoyed by your neighbour's yappy dog? Relax • an antidote to life at the coal-face? Relax • be the antithesis of a healthy living warrior. Relax • a kind of arm around your shoulders. Relax • armchair explorer? Relax • aspiring yogi? Relax • get away • get away from it all • get away from the madding crowd • take away the stresses and strains of the day • back in calmer water. Relax • we'll get you back on the road. Relax • get back under the duvet and relax • let's back up a moment. Relax • a bad headspace to be in? Relax • bad sleep hygiene? Relax • get the balance right. Relax • a balm for uncertain times. Relax • balm to the soul. Relax • banish any negative thoughts • banish the bah humbug • banish the blues • banish the cares and toils • barely afloat in an ocean of anxiety? Relax • bask in the sunshine • do battle with your inner saboteur. Relax • beach, eat, drink, dance, repeat. Relax • beat a retreat • beats baking another loaf of sourdough. Relax • take a beau tox. Relax • and so to bed. Relax • bed down and relax • be in the best head space. Relax • you'll feel better for it. Relax • get into a better frame of mind. Relax • better sleep starts here. Relax • better times ahead. Relax • a better work-life balance without standing on one leg. Relax • go beyond the familiar • big yourself up. Relax • bigger than you. Find meaning in a messy world. Relax • be a bit silly for silly's sake. Relax • blah, blah, blah. Relax • enjoy a moment of bliss • bliss out and relax • enjoy some blissful peace • blow away the morning dew • blow the budget. Relax • for a blues busting boost, relax • give your body a chance to breathe. Relax • find a bolt hole. Relax • bored s***less? Relax • born mild. Relax • don't bottle it up. Relax • enjoy some bottled sunshine • don't box yourself in. Relax • your brain is in for a treat. Relax • brain orgasm? Relax • brain overload? Relax • give yourself brain space. Relax • put the brakes on. Relax • like a brand new day. Relax • have a break • take a break • break away from the routine. Relax • take a break from hostilities • take a break from the rodeo of life. Relax • break out tiddlywinks and relax • break the cycle. Relax • enjoy a break without breaking the bank. Relax • need a break? Relax • at breaking point? Relax • enjoy a breath of fresh air • breathe deep and relax • breathe easy and relax • breathe out • breathe slow and relax • take a breather • create some breathing space. Relax • like a bright, bright sun-shiny day. Relax • all things bright and beautiful. Relax • look on the bright side • brighten the darkness • brighten up your day • brighten your mood • make things brighter. Relax • brighter times are on the horizon. Relax • bring coherence to the incoherent. Relax • bring colour back to your life • bring logic to the illogical. Relax • bring order to chaos. Relax • bring out the best in yourself. Relax • bring out your best self. Relax • bring peace to your soul and relax • bring some therapy to your corner of the planet. Relax • bring the pace down to a slow glide • the bringer of peace. Relax • bringing a little sunshine in the rain. Relax • bringing the sun out. Relax • with built-in social distancing, relax • like when the bus arrives just before it starts to rain. Relax • got busy-itis? Relax • let busy take a backseat. Relax • just go with the buzz. Relax • California dreaming. Relax • find your calm • keep calm, drink tea • calm, exhale. Relax • keep calm and carry on • be calm as a courgette • calm down • like a calm mill pond. Relax • calm the mind and soul • enjoy a calming distraction • relax with a capital R • go carbon-neutral and relax • let all your cares melt away • keep things casual. Relax • catch your breath • celebrate life • a chance to reset. Relax • change tack. Relax • change your mind, not your sneakers. Relax • get charged up in 5 minutes. Relax • chasing rainbows? Relax • like a cheeky midnight snack. Relax • someone to cheer you on when you are feeling down and out. Relax • cheer yourself up • cheer yourself up and relax • a cheering thought. Relax • cherish the small things and relax • chill • chill out • take a chill pill. Relax • chillax • at our most chilled. Relax • keep a chilled head. Relax • so chilled out, we are horizontal. Relax • keep your chin up. Relax • enjoy a chinwag. Relax • feel chipper. Relax • choose brighter. Relax • clear away the clouds • keep a clear head • clear out the clutter and relax • clear the air • if you're climbing the walls then relax • clock off for the moment. Relax • close your eyes, clear your mind, try to visualise nothing. Relax • create a cocoon cf calm. Relax • come in from the cold • it's cold cutside, come on in. Relax • in need of a cold shower? Relax • go cold turkey. Relax • collapsed in sunbeams. Relax • colour me happy. Relax • colour your senses and relax • take comfort • comfort and joy abound • like a comfort blanket, relax • relax in the comfort of your own home • enjoy the comfort zone • as comforting as a cup of hot tea or a bacon sandwich - relax • complete peace of mind • now for something completely different. Relax • connect on a deeper level. Relax • contemplate life's big questions • enjoy a moment of contemplation • continue the bliss and relax • set the control for a relaxing time • set the controls to complete calm and relax • cooking comfort food • keep your cool • enjoy a moment of cool • be cool as a cucumber • cool down • be cool like Fonzie • cool off • cool your jets. Relax • cosier than a pixie's pocket. Relax • as cosy as chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Relax • cosy up and relax • cozy up • if you're cramming when you want to be jamming. Relax • cruise into the sunset • now at cruising altitude. Relax • get your culture fix. Relax • cuppa on, biscuit tin lid off. Relax • curl up into a ball and relax • cut loose • cut some slack • cut the drama. Relax • dance through life • in danger of floating away, believing the hype? Relax • dare to be yourself. Relax • make your day. Relax • every day better. Relax • keep the day going. Relax • if the day has thrown a curve ball. Relax • when your day is done, relax • make your day merry and bright • if it's been one of those days, relax • days are long and years are short? Relax • de-fuzz and relax • de-stress • debrief and relax • decenter and relax • decidedly good for your sanity. Relax • decompress and relax • deep down happy? Relax • make a dent in the sofa. Relax • you deserve every happiness in the world. Relax • destination fun. Relax • take a detour. Relax • detox • detox and retox • dilly ding, dilly dong. Relax • dim the lights and relax • disconnected or too connected? Relax • discover your inner light. Relax • dismount your trusty steed and relax • disover new elements of yourself and relax • dissolve yourself and relax • dive deeper. Relax • a doctor a day keeps the normal away. Relax • donnez-tu un break. Relax • doodle away • take things down a gear • take things down a notch • down tools and relax • enjoy some downtime • no drama just Karma • drift off and relax • drift through and relax • driven mad? Relax • let's dunk in. Relax • let the dust settle • enjoy an early pint and relax • ease away the stresses of the day • ease away your cares • ease off • ease off the cares of the day • ease the strain • ease the tension • ease through and relax • at ease! Relax • take it easy • be easy • go easy, please. Relax • easy as a Sunday morning. Relax • well easy wellness. Relax • eat, drink and be merry. Relax • eat pray love. Relax • take the edge off things. Relax • on the edge? Relax • elevate yourself above everyday existence • find the elixir of life. Relax • embrace it, face it, escape it. Relax • embrace the art of doing less. Relax • emotionally coasting? Relax • let the emotions out. Relax • at the end of play, relax • endless sunshine. Infinite possibilities. Relax • enroute to normal. Relax • ensure a soft landing. Relax • let us envelop you in a great big hug. Relax • relax and escape • the escape committee is convened. Relax • escape the news cycle. Relax • escape the noise. Relax • escapism squared. Relax • an everyday getaway. Relax • don't let everything fall apart. Relax • let everything go • make everything seem more doable. Relax • everything stops. Relax • everything will work out just fine. Relax • evoke the British bulldog spirit • an existential project. Relax • do you experience regular anxiety? Relax • explore more colours and textures and grow as a human being. Relax • take an extended hiatus. Relax • extract yourself from those mind-forg'd manacles. Relax • do a factory reset. Relax • always set fair. Relax • has your family a history of heart conditions? Relax • do the Fandango and relax • feeling fine, glass of wine. Relax • feeling insecure? Relax • feeling spaced out? Relax • feeling washed out? Relax • in your feelings? Relax • get your feet back on the ground. Relax • put your feet up • if you need a fillip, relax • fists clenched in frustration? Relax • take five • enjoy five minutes of mindfulness • if you're flagging, relax • float on by and relax • float through the day, like on a gentle breeze. Relax • go with the flow and relax • get into 'flow' • flowing like a cool stream on a hot day. Relax • fly into the sunset, relaxing • fly solo and relax • focus on the moment and relax • food for your soul. Relax • take your foot off the accelerator and relax • forget the ups and downs of the day • forget the worries of the world • don't forget to breathe. Relax • forget your cares • take forty winks. Relax • Frankie say relax • frazzled? Relax • let your freak flag fly. Relax • don't freak out. Relax • feel free and easy • free of gymtimidation. Relax • free your mind. Relax • try a less frenetic way. Relax • feel fresh. Relax • let some fresh air into that stuffy room. Relax • less than fresh? Time for a pitstop. Relax • freshen up and relax • fresher than an Arctic skinny dip. Relax • get some fuel for the tank. Relax • be full of good cheer. Relax • it's fun, if you can stomach all the cheese. Relax • gambol along • take some gardening leave and relax • gaze, consider, contemplate. Relax • gaze into your infinity mirror and relax • geek out. Relax • generate that Friday feeling • as gentle as a lamb with mint sauce. Relax • go gentle into that good night. Relax • enjoy a gentle massage • enjoy the gentle touch. Relax • go gently and relax • like a glass half full. Relax • glide through still waters • glide through the next five minutes • get your glow on. Relax • glued to your screen? Relax • let go • let it go • go into goblin mode. Relax • feel like you've gone on holiday. Relax • let's feel good. Relax • feel good as new. Relax • a good book and a glass of something lovely. Relax • get the feel-good factor. Relax • good for the soul. Relax • you're in good hands, relax • so feel-good it should be dispensed as an NHS booster. Relax • in need of a good rest? Relax • good vibes only. Relax • good vibrations. Relax • grab a box of chocolates and relax • grab life with both hands. Relax • grab some Stella and Walkers crips and relax • the grey matter is turning to mush? Relax • go to ground. Relax • ground yourself • we will grow again. Relax • grow slow. Relax • take the grumbles out and relax • guaranteed to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. Relax • let your hair down • put the handbrake on • hang loose • hang ten and relax • a happier new you. Relax • happiness does not wait. Relax • find happiness in simple things. Relax • find your happy • if you're happy, clap your hands. Relax • be happy and relax • happy Hammock Day. Relax • feel happy inside • hark back to when stuff was less serious. Relax • harmonise your rhythm with your inner balance. Relax • let harmony prevail • keep your head and relax • need some head-scratching and reflection? Relax • get your head straight. Relax • our health is our wealth. Relax • health isn't confined to your medicine cabinet. Relax • health isn't for a rainy day, it's now. Relax • want to be healthier and less stressed? Relax • really hear yourself. Relax • if the heat is too much, relax • heavy is the head. Relax • hello sunshine. Relax • something to help the medicine go down. Relax • help work off the day's travails. Relax • hibernate away and relax • like an Himalayan yoga retreat. Relax • hit a wall? Relax • hit the mute button and relax • hit the pause button • hit the power-down switch • hit the sack and relax • don't hold it all in. Relax • let us hold your hand. Relax • so you've been holed up for a while, relax • make yourself at home • enjoy some home comforts. Relax • your home from home. Relax • home is where the heart is. Relax • give it a few hours. touch grass and breathe and let it go by. Relax • how's the low-carb ultra-marathon training goind? Relax • a hug for us all. Relax • hug life • get some hug therapy. Relax • hunker down • put hurry on hold. Relax • a hymn to togetherness. Relax • be ice-cool and relax • If you're not confused, you're not thinking straight. Relax • ignore negativity • are you important? Relax • take it all in • indulge in some me-time • indulge yourself • as indulgent as a bathtub of Baileys. Relax • find your inner clown. Relax • find inner harmony. Relax • find inner peace • find your inner strength. Relax • just an innocent time. Relax • make inside feel better • let us inspire you. Relax • an interative ecspe rrom. Relax • iron those worry lines out of your forehead. Relax • jazz things up. Relax • join the Good Times tour. Relax • join the great getaway. Relax • join the New Hope Club. Relax • join the sing-a-long. Relax • try JOMO, Joy of Missing Out. Relax • take a journey from darkness to light. Relax • juggling a lot? Relax • set the juice loose. Relax • kayak in a wave of syrupy sentimentality. Relax • keep an even keel • put the kettle on and relax • kick back and relax • be kind to yourself. Relax • less is more, unless it's kindness or sleep. Relax • did you know yoga shrinks the brain areas involved in fear and anxiety? Relax • go large. Relax • like a large delicious slice of cake. Relax • enjoy the last of the summer wine • laugh it off and relax • laughing together is life. Relax • you have to lead with happiness. Relax • learn to laugh in the darkness. Relax • leave your busy day behind • leave your woke-ometer behind and relax • take things leisurely • level up and relax • levitate and relax • lie down and relax • you only get one life. Relax • put life back into later life. Relax • get your life back on track. Relax • the life begins again tour. Relax • life doesn't wait and neither should you. Relax • let life flow. Relax • life is for living. Relax • life is good. Relax • life is longer than you think. Relax • life is too short. Relax • life isn't a dress rehearsal. Relax • like a life raft keeping you afloat. Relax • keep life simples. Relax • make your life tapestry a bit richer. Relax • life's a beach • life's better when you relax • one of life's simple pleasures. Relax • don't lift a finger. Relax • lift the heart and relax • lift your mood • lift your spirits • lift yourself out of your melancholy. Relax • light a fire under you • there's light about to shine through all the dark clouds. Relax • a light for the world. Relax • enjoy some light-hearted relief • light the candles and relax • lighten the load. Relax • lighten the mood • lighten up • everyone has a limit. Relax • be a little brighter inside • how about a little jollity? Relax • enjoy a little light relief • little moments that matter. Relax • get a little shut-eye. Relax • little things make big days. Relax • it's the little things that make the world go round. Relax • live bolder, live better. Relax • live for art. Relax • live happy. Relax • live in the moment. Relax • when you live in the present, the sun is never far away. Relax • live in the present and relax • live it up. Relax • live life in the slow lane. Relax • live life living. Relax • live life on a shoe-string. Relax • live the life of Riley. Relax • you only live twice. Relax • live your best life. Relax • live your best possible life. Relax • well, do you want to live? Relax • your local energy provider. Relax • lonely as a cloud? Relax • are you lonesome tonight? Relax • for long days and long nights, relax • like looking at a cow for 5 minutes. Relax • looking to kill some time? Relax • don't looks inwards. Look outwards . Relax • keep in the loop and relax • if you're at a loose end, relax • loosen up • lose yourself • lose yourself in the moment. Relax • lost in the woods? Relax • feel the love • go low key • lower your blood pressure. Relax • enjoy a lullaby relaxing • luxuriate • you've got to be your main priority. Relax • a manifesto for misfits. Relax • marinate in the good feeling • relax to the max • max-out • go for maximum headroom. Relax • enjoy a moment of meditation • meet the moment. Relax • mellow out • this will have you on the mend. Relax • take a mental break • mentally disconnect and relax • let your mind go for a wander • every mind matters, so relax • take your mind off your woes. Relax • mindful strolling not mindless trolling. Relax • mindfulness on your mind? Relax • mine's milk no sugar. Relax • keep yourself out of mischief. Relax • enjoy some mischief. Relax • miserablist? Relax • is your mojo a no-show? Relax • be in the moment. Relax • the moment is now. Relax • relax (or your money back) • money can't buy happiness. Relax • mooch around and relax • your go-to mood booster. Relax • keep your morale up • has your motivation gone into hibernation? Relax • get your motor running • don't move a muscle. Relax • Move the body, move the mind, move the soul. Relax • Mr Happy, spreading smiles. Relax • if ever we needed it. Relax • everyone needs a bit of nurturing right now. Relax • let go of negative energy and relax • are you of a nervous disposition? Relax • never give up, rise up • find your new different. Relax • try making some new friends or just relax • get a new lease of life • next stop a brighter day • like a nice, well-worn pair of tweed slippers. Relax • have a nice day. Relax • for a night in that feels like a night out, relax • relax and nod off • if it's non-essential, it's essential. Relax • normal is boring. Relax • nurture your soul. Relax • enjoy an oasis of calm • go off-road and relax • let off steam • go off the chain. Relax • get things off your chest. Relax • out of office? Relax • it is OK not to be OK. Relax • put the omph back in your life • overscheduled? Relax • an overture to the land of smiles. Relax • be your own best friend. Relax • make your own magic. Relax • go on your own personal, rent-free holiday in your mind. Relax • take the pace down another notch • take a page from the wellness playbook. Relax • panto ain't just for Christmas. Relax • let's park that for a minute. Relax • relax the parts other games don't get to • give yourself a pat on the back. Relax • go the path less trodden • be patient. Ride the wave. Relax • peace and love. Relax • find peace in your heart • peace of mind comes as standard • peace out • it's peaceful here. Relax • penchant for a lie-in? Relax • put some pep in your step • need pepping up? Relax • find the perfect antidote • perfect escapism • perfect your downward dog. Relax • feel the perfect zeitgeist • persuade yourself the world is a gentler, kinder place. Relax • put your phone on mute and relax • get a pick-me-up • a piece of ancient stillness. Relax • pig out. Relax • it's Pimm's o'clock. Relax • take yourself to another place • a place to think. Relax • like playing a didgeridoo. Relax • do as you please. Relax • plump it up and relax • like a positive jab in the arm. Relax • feel positive vibes • pour oil on troubled waters • pour yourself a cup of something delicious and relax • pour yourself something cold and relax • pour yourself something lovely and relax • do yourself the power of good. Relax • give power to yourself. Relax • power up. Relax • enjoy some powerful medicine for your spirit and soul • prenez un grip. Relax • prepare to hit the Land of Nod. Relax • press the escape key • press the relax button to the max • no problem. Relax • get proper relaxed • provide refreshment to the soul. Relax • pull down the shutters and relax • pull in and relax • pull the plug. Relax • let us pull you into our magic circle. Relax • purge the poison. Relax • purveyors of humble elixir. Relax • a quantum of solace. Relax • enjoy some quiet contemplation • quieten your mind • raise a smile. Relax • raise a toast to yourself and relax • a ray of light. Relax • re-balance yourself • re-centre your focus • re-energise and relax • re-inspire and relax • re-vitalize yourself • reach a happy place. Relax • ready to walk out on your life? Relax • be your real self. Relax • take yourself to another realm • reboot and relax • recalibrate and relax • recharge and relax • recharge your batteries and relax • reclaim your life. Relax • recline and relax • reconnect with who you are. Relax • need some recovery time? Relax • rediscover your spirit of adventure. Relax • from reeling to healing. Relax • how refereshing! Relax • refocus and relax • refuel and relax • regain a sunny outlook • regroup • relax • be still and relax • be all you can be. Relax • too much is too much. Relax • let it out. Relax • there's only one you. Relax • we are more than one. Relax • just do you. Relax • as out-there as it gets. Relax • do something for you. Relax • relax? There's a book for that or just relax • have a relaxed lounge-about • release the wiggle. Relax • remember, tomorrow will be a good day, so relax • reprogramme yourself. Relax • respect your sweat. Relax • enjoy a moment of respite • rest assured. Relax • rest easy • rest gently • take the rest of the day off and relax • rest up • rest your cerebral cortex • take a restorative break • restore elegance and purpose to the bleakest day. Relax • restore your spirits • restore your zen • if you're revising when you want to be socialising. Relax • revive your senses • revivfy and relax • get revved up. Relax • reward your BBQ's patience. Relax • rewild yourself. Relax • rewire your brain and relax • ride out the storm • go out in the right kind of fettle • keep the right side of cynical. Relax • we're right there with you. Relax • find the right vibes • all will be right with the world. Relax • go the road less travelled • roll back the years • roll out the yoga mat and relax • room to bloom. Relax • rummage through the cupboards for a biscuit and relax • run a hot bath and relax • if you've been run off your feet, relax • go for a run? Just relax • don't be in a rush, relax • you don't have to rush around at 100mph. Relax • don't rush your fences, relax • take a sabbatical. Relax • find safe harbout. Relax • a safe haven in difficult times. Relax • create that safe space. Relax • salaam. Relax • find sanctuary • create a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the world. Relax • satisfy your wonderlust • say cheese. Relax • take the scenic route. Relax • schmooz and relax • score Zen out of Zen. Relax • go in search of yourself. Relax • had your seaside chips stolen by a pigeon? Relax • tis the season to be jolly. Relax • enjoy a second life • a kind of secret indulgence. Relax • see a fresh take on life • can't see a way forward? Relax • see a whole new world • I can see clearly now. Relax • see life with rose-coloured spectacles. Relax • see the big picture. Relax • see the light. Relax • seek out something different • seek refuge and relax • seeking a better work/life balance? Relax • seize the day. Relax • it's all about self-care and self-love. Relax • try to be more selfish. Relax • send yourself off to the land of Nod. Relax • make it make sense. Relax • find yourself in every sense. Relax • let us serenade you. Relax • make serene progress • let serenity wash over you • serve with a cuppa and crumpet. Relax • settle back and leave the rest to me. Relax • settle back and relax • settle in and relax • settle into a comfy chair and relax • shalom. Relax • share the love. Relax • let it shine. Relax • shine brightly • a shipping forecast for the metaphorically lost at sea. Relax • shoes off, laptop down. Relax • on a short fuse? Relax • show your glow. Relax • show yourself some love • get some shut-eye. Relax • shut off the negative voices and relax • simmer down and relax • simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Relax • simply be • sit back and relax • sit this round out. Relax • sitting in the pouring rain with soggy chips and mayonnaise? Relax • skip along like a carefree child. Relax • slay the beast of boredom • sleep baby sleep. Relax • because your sleep matters. Relax • sleep on it. Relax • sleep tight. Relax • sleepy-head? Relax • sling a hammock and swing in it. Relax • go slow, go happy. Relax • slow down and be here now. Relax • slow down and relax • slow down the pace to a decadent amble and relax • slow is good • slow right down • enjoy a slower pace of life. Relax • a slump in your energy level?. Relax • slump on the sofa and relax • small talk saves lives. Relax • give us a smile love. Relax • get a smile makeover. Relax • take your smile off pause • put a smile on your face • feel smiles better • keep smiling • when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you. Relax • enjoy a smooth landing. Relax • smooth off any rough edges and relax • smooth out those wrinkles. Relax • smooth the path ahead and relax • smooth your way and relax • as snug as a bug in a rug. Relax • snuggle up • like a soft cushion, relax • soft pedal and relax • softly, softly. Relax • find solace • solace for the soul. Relax • somersault right back up • soothe your brow • soothe your shattered nerves • like a soothing root-centric broth. Relax • enjoy a soothing sojourn • just sort of freewheel. Relax • sort your head out. Relax • sound mind, sound body. Relax • soup for the soul. Relax • a source cf calm. Relax • space to breathe. Relax • no spandex required. Relax • spend a little less time in stress-ville • spend a restorative 5 minutes • spend some quality time relaxing • spend time doing diddly squat. Relax • spice up your mood • keep yourself spiced up • spinning plates? Relax • keep your spirits up • spoil yourself. Relax • spread the love • spread your wings and relax • put a spring in your step • spruce things up. Relax • start charging your batteries • stay appy at home. Relax • stay focused • stay off Instagram for a bit. Relax • stay positive • stay sane when the world has gone mad. Relax • stay up all night • it's staycation season. Relax • staying in is the new going out. Relax • like a steaming hot chocolate on a chilly day. Relax • step back for a few minutes. Relax • go one step beyond • this will have you in stitches. Relax • relax and take stock • stop being fizzy busy • stop trying to cram 100 things into one day. Relax • keep on the straight and narrow. Relax • strapped for cash? Relax • try a stress-buster • take your stress levels down • don't stress too hard. Relax • a stroll for the soul • just kind of let stuff happen. Relax • do you suffer from high blood pressure? Relax • don't suffer in silence. Relax • we're all going for a summer holiday. Relax • like a summer's day. Relax • summer's saved. Relax • here comes the sun. Relax • the sun bursts through. Relax • let the sun shine. Relax • sun's out! Relax • sunlit upland pastures ahead. Relax • it's always sunny here. Relax • support your local endorphin dealer. Relax • not sure where your head is at? Relax • take a surprise vay-cay. Relax • no surprises. Relax • surround yourself in a warm glow. Relax • suspend the mayhem. Relax • sustenance is on the way. Relax • swan around • swap the spa for a spar. Relax • swap your lounge for a lounger • enjoy a moment of sweet Karma • enjoy a sweet lullaby • for a sweeter everyday, relax • swiped out? Relax • switch off all the alerts and relax • switch your mindset and relax • tail up. Relax • talk less, smile more. Relax • enjoy some tea and sympathy • from the tempest into the sunshine • take ten • ten bells and all is well. Relax • think happy thoughts. Relax • think inside the box. Relax • think of higher things and relax • think outside the box • think positive and life longer. Relax • be out of your thoughts for a while. Relax • throw away your anxieties • keep things ticking over. Relax • enjoy some me time • time for a sharp Brexit? Relax • time for another hot chocolate or herbal tea. Relax • time for bed. Relax • too much time on your hands? Relax • take time out • like time slows down. Relax • take the time to check in with yourself. Relax • it's time to get busy doing a little less. Relax • time to get smooth • it's time to monotask. Relax • time to reflect. Relax • it's time to revive • take time to smell the roses. Relax • it's time to take a new path. Relax • tired of feeling tired? Relax • enjoy some TLC • like a toasty bubble-bath. Relax • here's to today. Relax • if today has managed to run off with you, relax • a todo list as long as your arm? Relax • just the tonic. Relax • tootle along and relax • top up your glass and relax • enjoy total tranquillity • get in touch with your inner cowboy. Yee-ha. Relax • get in touch with your inner kid. Relax • when the going gets tough, have a nap. Relax • transcend boundaries. Relax • let me transport you to a better place • transport yourself elsewhere • be transported back in time. Relax • tread lightly. Relax • have you tried drinking camomile tea? Relax • take a trip down memory lane. Relax • let your troubles float away like helium-filled balloons. Relax • make your troubles seem so far away. Relax • tune into your senses and relax • tune to the deep and ever-present beauty in ourselves • turn grey days blue • turn it up to the max. Relax • turn on cruise control • turn the thermostat to cool and relax • turn up the sunshine • turn up the sunshine. Relax • turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch. Relax • make the TV redundant. Relax • unbox yourself. Relax • uncork the summer • under stress and overwhelmed? Relax • unfunk yourself • unhappy with your work-life ratio? Relax • unleash the power within. Relax • unwind • unwind with a capital U • let up • come up for air • set up in style. Relax • get up to speed at speed. Relax • up with joy and down with the drab. Relax • feel uplifted. Relax • take an uplifting, transformative journey of a lifetime. Relax • look at the upside and relax • vitamin H (holiday) deficiency? Relax • wake me up if I snore. Relax • like waking up for work and realising it's a saturday. Relax • walk a different path. Relax • take a walk to the paradise garden • go walkabout. Relax • walking on custard? Relax • wallow for a while • feel warm inside and relax • warm the cockles of your heart and relax • warm the soul • warm yourself from the inside • warms you through like putting the radiators on. Relax • watch the world go by • like watching paint dry. Relax • still waters run deep. Relax • enjoy a wave of positivity • enjoy something on your wavelength • wear life lightly. Relax • take the weight off your feet. Relax • be a wellness warrior. Relax • WFH fatigue? Relax • whatever life throws your way, relax • whenever you lay your head. Relax • whip up some guacamole and relax • make yourself whole again. Relax • put a wiggle in your stride and relax • wind down • relax in the wind-down zone • may the winds be gentle. Relax • woke it up, baby. Relax • a word to the wise. Relax • work off the day's malaise • feel a world away. Relax • a world away. Relax • in a world of days that blend together, relax • world off, coffee on. Relax • if the world seems to be shifting off its axis then relax • in a world where digital bin juice threatens to overwhelm us, relax • in a world where you can be anything, be kind. Relax • if the world's a little blurry, relax • don't worry, be happy. Relax • don't worry. Relax • worse for wear? Relax • wrap up warm and relax • enjoy wraparound warmness • be at one with yourself • find your Zen • put it to the zest. Relax • get in the zone • zone in internally. Relax • zone out • zoom out and step into radical self-acceptance. Relax • are you Zoom'd out? Relax • zzz-zero in on some shut-eye. Relax

Saying “join in”

absence makes the heart grow fonder • we'll accommodate your every whim • admission is free • get in ahead of the herd • everyone is an alien somewhere • I won't take no for an answer • answered a siren call from a mermaid • we're not going anywhere without you, pal • back at your old stomping ground • come back better • back for good • you're back in town • back to blighty • if you can't beat em, join em • this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship • the best part about leaving is coming back • best seat in the house reserved for you • best seats in the house • better late than never • it's better to wear out than rust out • bidding you welcome • birds of a feather, flock together • book your table now • check your brain at the door • all we want for Christmas is you • compliments of the season • let me congratulate you on your good taste • a cordial welcome • have a day pass • don't delay • dip your toe in the water • I'll be your drafting buddy • enrol now • enter the destroyet • entrance is free • in esteemed company • everybody hates FOMO • if you're not there, you don't exist • there's no expiry date on having fun • do yourself a favour • take that first step • you'll fit in perfectly • I've got front-row tickets • g'day mate • good to have your company • good to see you • so good to Zoom you • a goodly welcome • grown ups go free • be our guest • guten tag • hello stranger • a hero's welcome • hola • hop on board • I hope I find you fit and well • hope the world is treating you well • hope you're holding up well • howdo • howdy doody • howdy partner • hurry up slowcoach • come on in • join our shindig • join the anti social club • join the cast • join the club • join the queue • join the wolf pack • join the world tour • you be the judge • jump the queue • go on, you know you want to • a late appearance at the party • London calling • take London head on • long time no see • looking to climb the greasy pole? • you're looking well • lovely to have the pleasure of your company • give us the lowdown • lured out of retirement • you'd be mad not to • it's a two man job • a marquee move • the more the merrier • don't miss out • don't miss out on all the fun • not to be missed • we've missed you • all that's missing is you • now or never • never too late • just enjoy the occasion • what's occuring? • an offer you can't refuse • come on over • be part of the conversation • passport not required • we come in peace • take a pew • take your place in the great circle of life • you haven't got plans, have you? • when more of us play, all of us win • play me and save me from extinction • not played? you haven't lived • there is a player in everyone • please be seated • princess on board • pull up a chair • let's get reaquainted • a recent convert to the cause • let's renew our aquaintance • you do you and we'll do the rest • return to the crease • return to the fray • right on time • rise and shine • roll out the red carpet • a rousing reception • wouldn't be the same without you • get your sea legs • I've been keeping the seat warm • take the shilling • give it a shot • don't be shy • you've been sorely missed • sorry mate, we're at capacity - try the ministry of sound • don't stand on the sidelines • step inside • test the lie of the land • test the water • thank you for stopping by • thanks for accepting my invitation • thanks for swelling our ranks • thanks for swelling the gallery • throw your hat into the ring • we've got you a ticket and saved you a seat • a ticket reserved for you • no time like the present • you're in for a treat • I'll be very honoured if you will join us • walk-ins welcome • the warmest of welcomes • wassup bud • everyone's welcome • welcome along • welcome home • welcome on board • welcome to the fun factory • welcome to the silly squad • welcome you with open arms • whadup • you've got to be in it, to win it • to win the lottery, you've got to buy a ticket • it'll be worth your while • wotcher • just for you

Synonyms for “eccentric”

absence makes the heart grow fonder • we'll accommodate your every whim • admission is free • get in ahead of the herd • everyone is an alien somewhere • I won't take no for an answer • answered a siren call from a mermaid • we're not going anywhere without you, pal • back at your old stomping ground • come back better • back for good • you're back in town • back to blighty • if you can't beat em, join em • this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship • the best part about leaving is coming back • best seat in the house reserved for you • best seats in the house • better late than never • it's better to wear out than rust out • bidding you welcome • birds of a feather, flock together • book your table now • check your brain at the door • all we want for Christmas is you • compliments of the season • let me congratulate you on your good taste • a cordial welcome • have a day pass • don't delay • dip your toe in the water • I'll be your drafting buddy • enrol now • enter the destroyet • entrance is free • in esteemed company • everybody hates FOMO • if you're not there, you don't exist • there's no expiry date on having fun • do yourself a favour • take that first step • you'll fit in perfectly • I've got front-row tickets • g'day mate • good to have your company • good to see you • so good to Zoom you • a goodly welcome • grown ups go free • be our guest • guten tag • hello stranger • a hero's welcome • hola • hop on board • I hope I find you fit and well • hope the world is treating you well • hope you're holding up well • howdo • howdy doody • howdy partner • hurry up slowcoach • come on in • join our shindig • join the anti social club • join the cast • join the club • join the queue • join the wolf pack • join the world tour • you be the judge • jump the queue • go on, you know you want to • a late appearance at the party • London calling • take London head on • long time no see • looking to climb the greasy pole? • you're looking well • lovely to have the pleasure of your company • give us the lowdown • lured out of retirement • you'd be mad not to • it's a two man job • a marquee move • the more the merrier • don't miss out • don't miss out on all the fun • not to be missed • we've missed you • all that's missing is you • now or never • never too late • just enjoy the occasion • what's occuring? • an offer you can't refuse • come on over • be part of the conversation • passport not required • we come in peace • take a pew • take your place in the great circle of life • you haven't got plans, have you? • when more of us play, all of us win • play me and save me from extinction • not played? you haven't lived • there is a player in everyone • please be seated • princess on board • pull up a chair • let's get reaquainted • a recent convert to the cause • let's renew our aquaintance • you do you and we'll do the rest • return to the crease • return to the fray • right on time • rise and shine • roll out the red carpet • a rousing reception • wouldn't be the same without you • get your sea legs • I've been keeping the seat warm • take the shilling • give it a shot • don't be shy • you've been sorely missed • sorry mate, we're at capacity - try the ministry of sound • don't stand on the sidelines • step inside • test the lie of the land • test the water • thank you for stopping by • thanks for accepting my invitation • thanks for swelling our ranks • thanks for swelling the gallery • throw your hat into the ring • we've got you a ticket and saved you a seat • a ticket reserved for you • no time like the present • you're in for a treat • I'll be very honoured if you will join us • walk-ins welcome • the warmest of welcomes • wassup bud • everyone's welcome • welcome along • welcome home • welcome on board • welcome to the fun factory • welcome to the silly squad • welcome you with open arms • whadup • you've got to be in it, to win it • to win the lottery, you've got to buy a ticket • it'll be worth your while • wotcher • just for you